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Loved this episode. Vishal Bharadwaj is one of my all time favorites. Really liked the new year's and farah khan episodes too. Unfortunately the Zeenant Aman episode is gonna bore me to tears. 

Sonakshi-Easily the most underrated contestant on the show. Her performance was heavenly. Probably my favorite performance of the night. It sucks how much she gets sidelined compared to other contestants. A very well deserved MBD. Mere Rang De was just pure blissful singing. I loved it. 

Chirag-Not bad compared to Chirag standards. Surprised there was no MBD. Really liked Mein Phir Bhi Tumkho Chaunga. Chappa Chappa was also good. Considering the judges' lukewarm reception, he may be out the door. It's between him and Kavya at this point. 

Kavya-Liked Kabira but Darling was just bogus. Sanchari's rendition was so much better in my opinion. Kavya will be in the bottom again but votes may edge her out over Chirag which is sad as I feel she should go before Chirag goes. 

Senjuti-Didn't like her first performance but O Saathi Re is her best performance of the season. That was the most pristine singing I have ever seen this season. Every syllabus and every word was so crystal clear. Senjuti is quickly establishing herself as a judges favorite and I think she will be the 1st runner up of the show. 

Shivam-Tremendous performance by Shivam. That last high note section was just pure blissful. OMG. One of his best of the season easily. Give Shivam some more votes people lol

Mast Magan by Bidipta and Rishi was good

Vineet and Chirag were ok. 

Shivam and Senjuti were really good. Got me dancing. Shivam was the MVP of that duet. 

Also Shivam and Senjuti>Rishi and Bidipta>Vineet and Chirag singing wise

Predicting it to come down to a close race between Chirag and Kavya. Thinking Chirag goes tomorrow but we will see. 

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Don’t want chirag to go. They would not have invited his sister in just to kick him out tomorrow 🤷🏻‍♀️Either Kavya or navdeep let’s see

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One of the best episodes of the season. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Sonakshi - She was just fantastic once again. Deserves to be in Top 3 at least. One thing I am liking here that they are giving her different songs to perform and not limiting her to only Lata Ji classics. 

 Chirag - First song was better. Overall a good performance.

Kavya - Consistency may be a problem with her but she is truly versatile. 2 completely different songs were performed very well by her.

Senjuti - First song was good but O Saathi Re was heavenly. What a beautiful rendition! Definitely her best for me. 

Shivam - I think he did well. At some places he was brilliant but he could have done even better in my opinion. 

Duets were also very entertaining. 

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So there is going to be double elimination and there are rumours that it's Kavya and Vineet. Kavya, not surprising but Vineet getting eliminated is little surprising. I thought even if he doesn't perform that well he will be in finale at least goven his past reputation. Let's see. 

Posted: 11 months ago

Oh Vishal Dadlani singing that little portion of Beedi. I think he can totally rock this song. 

Posted: 11 months ago

Vineet over Navdeep that's crazy. But then again he seemed disinterested in the show since his father's death. Kavya's elimination is a long time coming. Glad to see Chirag scrap by. I think the fans really like him and his singing was pretty good this week. 

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I finally watched today after missing two weeks.

I missed Sonakshi’s performance, I hope to be able to catch a glimpse of her performance soon.

Chirag - he really needs to open his mouth and sing. It sounds like he’s mumbling, albeit musically! His performances were average at best. I personally preferred his second performance, though it was one of the weakest renditions of this song I’ve heard.

Kavya - just when I was warming up to her, she sings these two below par songs. I can safely say these songs were the worst of todays episode. Kabira was still tolerable, but her second song was bad. Hope she leaves this week.

Senjuti - her first song was weak by her own standards. It wasn’t a bad performance at all, but she’s sung so much better in the past. Her second performance was very good; she deserved all the appreciation she got.

Shivam - terrific performance. It’s such a brilliant song, and anybody that sings it already gets brownie points for me. It seems like Shivam can never disappoint. I can safely say that this will be one of the best performances this season.

Rishi and Bidipta - they’re magical together, it’s so enjoyable listening to them. They complement each other well. I see them reaching atleast the top 5 (thanks to the love angle the PH is trying to create and their fab singing).

Shivam and Senjuti - I love beedi jalaile and they sang it really well. Shivam was outstanding, maybe slightly more than Senjuti. The last I remember this song on Indian Idol, I was disappointed (Manya abd Revanth).
Was so happy, I have a good rendition to remember now.

Vineet and Chirag - this performance of Chirags was better than his competitive performance. They both sang well. Vineet was technically almost perfect but still I think Chirag sounded better. 

I do hope Kavya is eliminated tomorrow; but I think it’ll be Chirag. I’d be shocked if Vineet gets eliminated. While I don’t want him to win, he doesn’t deserve to go out so soon

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