Atlast adhik has turned into anupama BOT

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Posted: 5 months ago

How do anupama and shahs do it?

Whoever comes in contact with any family member no matter how abusive Shahr are to them,  they turn into shah bots or anupama bhakts 

And these are highly educated people not some 10th pass anupamas too

First was anuj kapadiya kissing shahs assess and taking insults from shahs and anupama 

Than Mukku fell for vanraj shah and shah family but got saved because of viewers objecting 

Than kinjal turned into shahs and vanraj papa bakth and anupama bot 

Now adhik has turned to Shah bot and anupama bakth and thinks pakhi is a kid and so misbehaving 

What potion do these ppl give all this high class rich educated US returned that they turn them into Bots or bakths? 

Anupama can open business and see that potion would be super hit syrup? BOT syrup or Zombie syrup 

Adhik is not calling his sister who brought him up as mother as mummy

But calling this cunning lady anupama mummy - whats secret of recipe i want to know?

Adhik is not listening to barkha who fed him clothed him educated him for 30 years bbut calling anupama as Maaaaaaaaa - ufff ummm maaa

After anuj kapadiya one more bakht of anupama and shahs in kapadiyas - this is true stockholm syndrome from adhik 

I want to ask anuj question to anupama - kaise kar lethi ho tum ye sab anu? 

why anupama goes to shah house everday without fail  - to plan and plot with shahs especially vanraj how to control kapadiyas and anuj and adhik to benefit shahs and their 3 kids

From USA to iceland to afrikan tribes no divorced wife will go to ex hubby house so much 

Forget humans even fighting lion lioness tiger tigress i mean animal couples who separated will not meet ex hubby so much in life ever woh bhi nayi partner or hubby ke saath rehte hain saath dethi hain nahi hubby ka uske extended family ka 

Have you seen serengetti forest lioness if outside male come to attack or threaten their hubby or their family kids(even if kid is not their child)  3 to 4 lionness girls will join together aur attacking lion ka beda gharg kar denge (even though attacking male lion is powerful can kill them) and here this anupama, kinjal, kavya all supporting abusers openly. We say lion is wild animal usko accha bura kuch faraq nahi hai phir bhi female lion loyal rehti hain apne pati ke liye apni sisters kids aur family neice nephew ke liye. Unko family ko enemy lion se bachane jaan de sakthi hain. And what is anupama doing reverse only not supporting anuj aur adhik aur kapadiyas humesha shahs ka saath dethi hai   

But look at anupama - vanraj comes holds anuj collar slaps adhik threatens both in anuj home(not once many times vanraj has come and done tamasha in kapadiya mansion) aur this lady says please Mr. Shah in soft voice to him what a shame? 

Koi aur wife hoti char thapad marke police bhulalethi itni batameezzi pe apne ex ke 

I seriously feel anupama loves vanraj over anuj even now despite her affection display to anuj - sab khokla lagtha hai 

Edited by myviewprem - 5 months ago
Posted: 5 months ago

Anupama is a co-dependant mess and shahs are narcissistic. Narcissistic people are often times big manipulators, they know how to charm someone and get under their skin, and the victim doesn't even realize it untill too late. If the victim is isolated from outside world, they just can't get out. 

Posted: 5 months ago

Of course she only loves TamaShahs especially her ex husband who she still regards as Mera Pati, Mera Devta....If you remember, after the affair was revealed, her real mother had come to take her home but mahaan deviji shooed her own mother away saying iss ghar mein meri doli aayi thi aur yahan se meri asthi jaayegi. 

I would definitely think she is in league with Shameless shahs for the Kapadia business wealth to settle her worthless kids, the same way she has found them life partners who are now brainwashed into serving them, but she is too dumb to actually plan it (or maybe she's not and playing dumb). However, Anuj and Choti Anu are nowhere close to being a priority for her. 

Actually, it is Anuj's fault for hopelessly simping after a woman who was so happy to stay in the storeroom of her ex in laws house even after divorce just so she could continue serving them. This show has indeed given a very good learning that "Keep your loved ones close, and keep them closer if they are your abusers" 

Posted: 5 months ago

I only say this maa ke naam bad naam kar diya hai 

Main maa hoonsmiley7 what is thissmiley6 then tell how many maa bardasht p batameezi i think every mother should slap once a day daughter like p

2nd what i don't like woh p meri zemaidari hai  

Please no she is not smiley7becze  married people r not someone responsibility they r responsible of there actions good or bad warna bacho ki shaadi kun karta hai smiley21smiley35



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