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Hi All, Am new to this community and a big fan of Kratika. And i would like to start a story on my fav couple AarYa. Let me know how can i Proceed further. And the story outline is Yash is an influnced individual in his town. Bcz of his past trauma he will become a killer. Aarti is a private investigative and came to solve yash case. Eventually they fell in love and how that created issues in their life and how they tackle. 

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Hi All... Apologies for the huge delay in posting my fiction.. Characters Outline..

Yash Scindhiya - A 30 years old guy (most eligible bachelor of the town), proved himself as the best business man in the country. He has lost his biological parents when he is 8 years old, later was adopted by SP n Gayatri. Haunted by his past memories which eventually turned him into a killer.

Aarti Dubey - 27 years old gorgeous female who is keen on joining CBI but due to her family force she became architect by profession but she works as undercover agent who hides her real identity. And she is one of the most successful agent who has 100% case solvency. She works in a small firm and continues her investigation works.

SP and Gaya3 - Adopted yash and treats him as their own blood, they have 2 more kids Pankaj married to vidhi and Prateek who is in deep love with Paridhi.

Satyendra n Shobha Dubey are Aarti's parents. she is their only darling daughter.

Chapter 1:

Morning 6 AM and Shobha came to Aarti's room and finds room messy as usual. She got pissed off for a moment but after looking at his lovely daughter sleep she became cool instantly. She loves Aarti way much. She went Aarti and gave a warm kiss on her forehead, with that Aarti woke up and gave a GM kiss to her mom. Shobha is the best companion for Aarti who gets utmost support for everything she does. Aarti dont do things which hurts or scares Shobha. That's why she had to hide the fact that she is an undercover agent.

At breakfast table:

Shobha - today i have made all your favourite items and i demand you to finish all these as you're eating too much less these days

Aarti - Mom!! I'm eating properly, problem is you're cooking in larger quantities

Satyendra - He laughed at Aarti's remark and said possibly true

Shobha gave him a glare and passed an envelop to Aarti and she is aware what it could be. 

Aarti - Mama!! i told you na, right now am not interested in marriage. please dont look for it. i will definitely inform you when am ready. this made shobha angry again

Shobha -  am tired of listening the same statements from you from past 3 years. when that day will come and i'm afraid that the day would come or not. You're 27 now and still saying not ready. Please understand my sweety, you are our only daughter and i really wanted you to see settled well and have great family and to see your future secured

Aarti - am in safe hands right now. saying this she hugged her papa. and they both smiled. And she continued - Papa you only make understand mama please!! Marriage is something that i had to do when am completely ready for it not for that just i got some age or something for which he agreed to even. He asked to Aarti to leave for her work.

Satyendra to Shobha - See Shobha, i understand your emotions but give her some more time. i have some important meeting right now, so am leaving. we will talk on this later.

Shobha is not at all convinced and left angrily from there.

At Scindiya Mansion:

Yash was dreaming really bad and he wakes up with G3 call. He panicked for some time and freshen up and left for breakfast where all are waiting for him. He knew what he was dreaming of cause the same thing is haunting him from past 22 years.

SP wished everyone Good Morning!! and started discussing on their upcoming activities and schedules for the day.

Yash - GM Bauji!! right now everything is going smooth from my end. As my Personal Asst is leaving soon, i would need another one. This time i want to hire an individual who can help me in office work as well along with managing my schedules. Am expecting some high level qualification and dedication towards hence i would be taking the interview. and SP nodded yes for the same.

Prateek - he got shocked and said the interviewee is gone. I truly bow my head to that guy who can impress you and clears it. Everyone laughed.

G3 wanted to talk about Yash marriage but SP stopped her. And everyone left for their work.

Aarti's office:

Higher official - GM Aarti!! here is your new assignment. All the details are there in this envelop. Please go through it.

Aarti -  Sure sir, what is the case? you called me in the morning and requested me to take it personally. Is it such complicated?

H.O - Yes indeed it is. There were few murders have been happened in Bhopal and their police couldn't find any single details of killer. Killer made sure that no proofs left. In fact we dont even know the killer is he or she. And no patterns followed for murders. People murdered are neither friends nor relatives or business partners. 

Aarti - Interesting!! so killer is smart enough not to leave any leads for us. 

H.O - Yes, and we have no clue who could be next. That's why i wanted to handle this case. He could be a psychopath or might be doing it to be on newline or for any personal grudge. we don't know anything right now. 

Aarti - So for this I and my team has to move to Bhopal. this time i dont know the time frame even. She sighed.

H.O - Yes Aarti, i know it might be tough for you  to convince your parents. In past you have moved out to other cities but you have some details so that you have cracked cases but this time it may take weeks, months or years. I just pray to god that this solve asap.

Aarti - Don't worry sir, i will manage my parents. Moreover Bhopal is my native place. So i can somehow manage my parents. I say them i got some really good opportunity there. I'm sure they wont stop me.

H.O - Fine, this time i can help you in putting into a job. I have my best buddy SP there, his son is looking for a professional. I will recommend you for that position. 

Aarti - Thank you sir, you made my work little easy with this. Now, am confident that my parents won't deny cause for few years back even my father worked with Scindiya's under a collaboration.

H.o - that's great!! but be careful with Yash. He is well disciplined guy unlike others. you can't show your magic on him as he maintain distance with girls and looks for professional ethics. But he is a gentleman. I can vouch that.

Aarti - Hmm, sure sir. And in her mind Yash scindiya I'm coming!!

Yash's Office:

Yash is busy with his meetings and got little time for his coffee. He started thinking about his last murder and murmured "I promise mama papa, i wont leave any single person who ruined our lives, because of whom i lost you. They have to pay for their deeds. Only 2 people left now. And am gonna finish them soon. I know your blessings with me always thats why i got such best parents again and supportive brors too". Tears rolled out from his eyes.

Meanwhile he got call from his father and got know about Aarti. SP knew yash wont encourage recommendations hence he ensured that you can take interview and if you feel she is worthy then only she would get offer. For that Yash nodded yes.

He said in his mind "I'm waiting for you Aarti"

Precap : Aarya's meet and love at first sight.

This is it for chapter 1. Please give thumbs up if you like it and am open for suggestions for improvement as well. Thanks everyone.

Posted: 1 years ago

Yash is a killer? What exactly happened to him?

Posted: 1 years ago

Aarti is an undercover agent. She will probably be assigned the case of Yash.

Posted: 1 years ago

Will reveal his past in coming chapters 😊

Posted: 1 years ago

On both sides the parents are after getting them married.

Posted: 1 years ago

We can see it now. She will end up working with Yash.

Posted: 1 years ago

Do Yash and Aarti know one another? From childhood?

Posted: 1 years ago

Yash is killing only those who hurt his family. He is not a killer otherwise.

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