Alibaba Daastan E Kabul

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Posted: 9 months ago

Alibaba Daastan E Kabul

Alibaba and 41 thieves is the arabian story we all read, heard from our childhood. I guess 90s kids would have watched the Arabian Nights cartoon played in DD National / DD Metro (dnt rembr which one).. Any ways.... i have watched n read the story.... in story... Alibaba s a middle aged man... who spies on thieves and loot sack of gold... and gets rich in one night... and helps the village people who are needy... Qasim his evil greedy brother gets to know the secret and gets caught by thieves and gets killed...

then smart young servant girl f Alibaba, Mariam save Alibaba n his family from thieves and she gets married to Alibaba son..

This s the real story which we have read, heard and seen...

Alibaba Daastan E Kabul, is quite different from what we read, heard and seen till now... Alibaba is young handsome helping youth, who adopted 5 kids and living for their well being... and he have a love life (crush) Fathima, who belongs to upper rich family... His only mission is to raise his children and get rich to ask hands of Fathima... ( and destiny something big smiley39)

Mariam is the beautiful princess of Kabul, who was raised hidden from the Kabul people.... she is educated and her knowledge is high which she acquired reading books... she is innocent, pretty, kind princess. Her father Sultan want her to marry some prince and go from Kabul, so that she will be safe.. Sadam, maamu f Mariam s a greedy royal who secretly wishes to become Sultan of Kabul

Simsim & Iblis... we have heard "Khulja simsim", here Simsim is the gatekeeper of the Cave where all gold, diamonds, valueable things are stored. she cannot leave the cave, but have power of magic... she s devottee of Iblis (Sataan) and lover of thieves leader, who himself calls Iblis... and devottee of Iblis.. he s the powerful magician among the 41 thieves, cruel, ruthless.. His life save is stored in Taalismaan....

Mustafa , the powerful honest magician of Kabul father of Alibaba and Qasim. 22 yrs befor... he captured the 40 thieves and turned them to stone. He with help of Ali stole the Talisman and caught Iblis too... He broke the Talis into 2... one went deep under sea...and another form pendant in young Ali  neck while he fell from the cliff.... Mustafa saved him using the magic... Iblis before leaving his soul... killed Mustafa

Qasim & Nazia, step brother n sister in law of Alibaba. Qasim hates Alibaba.

5 Children of Alibaba (Gulrez, Himaad, Poya, Nafi and Alifi ) - Alifi is the eldest, smart, calm and matured.

Nafi , he s very chilled type and good in lock picking smiley39

Poya he s foodie 

Himaad - intelligent, studious one

Gulrez- youngest, cutest and sweet baby

there are some more characters like Daadi (Mustafa mother), Daaijaan (care taker f Mariam), Khushroo (bestie f Ali), Mariam friends, Ali friends, Zoravar (Shahi Sarrak's chief (rich area chief ) Ziya Abdali's son, rivarly between Shahi Sarrak and Mamuli Sarrak and MOON (important character)

The show is beautifully presented with amazing visuals, actions, background, costume..

Must watch show

Posted: 9 months ago

loved the epsd so much that.... in 1 go i watched all 13 epsdssmiley39

Posted: 9 months ago

Originally posted by Nichuss

loved the epsd so much that.... in 1 go i watched all 13 epsdssmiley39

Su vaat che smiley32

It is a nice, entertaining show so far, lets see what happens aage smiley1

Posted: 8 months ago

Thanks for the review of this show, dear! smiley31

Posted: 8 months ago
Originally posted by Swetha-Sai

Thanks for the review of this show, dear! smiley31

im liking it......

gud presentation

Posted: 8 months ago

I am just watching it in bits 

Alibaba Daastan E Kabul 

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