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Posted: 2 months ago

As of now, they are friends, and act and care for each other like friends do. Banni is an streetsmart businesswoman and Yuvaan is a man whose mental capability is currently of a 7 year old. He looks at her for the laad, mamta and dulaar he does not get in his own family, and she is attached to him due to empathy and finding a true friend who allows her to regain the childhood she has lost after her mother's death. His interpretation of marriage is that the sindoor will mean Banni will live with him forever and protect him from Viraj's beatings and Manini's tricks smiley18

They have shown 25-year old Banni being absolutely uncomfortable when Yuvaan does something that he deems to be okay, but does not look okay since he is on the exterior a 27-year old man, and she does call him out on it too. It is Dadusa, Myra and Bua Dadi who believe in all the destiny signs and want them to be together, the two protagonists have never once indicated they have romantic feelings for the other smiley1

It is a classic tv show, so Banni will soon be going to Yuvaan's house as his wife to protect him from Manini and family members, and help him heal. Any romance that is to happen will only happen when he heals and starts thinking about her according to his actual age smiley36

If we are choosing to interpret it as romance just because she went out of her way to save him from Viraaj & Manini, not have him married to the wrong girl, who along with his evil stepmother and family members, might possibly continue to drug him to keep him in control, or the sindoor kaand; or because Yuvaan saved her before getting molested/raped by Raja, then that is on us, the audience, not the intention of the makers smiley20

P.S This is with due respect to the reactions I've been seeing on social media and here, and meant to be a clarification post. If there is anything that can be traditionally deemed as 'romance' from any of the scenes shown between Yuvanni so far, please do correct me. 

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