~Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan~ EDT #1

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Posted: 9 months ago


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Main cast

Shabir Ahluwalia-Mohan

Neeharika Roy-Radha

Reeza Choudhary-Gungun

Keerti Nagpure-Tulsi

Sambhabana Mohanty-Damini

Supporting cast

Swati Shah/Manisha Purohit/Ranveer Singh Malik/Sunny Sachdeva/Sumit Arora/Pooja Kava/Brij Kishore Tiwari

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Posted: 9 months ago

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Posted: 9 months ago

Convo b/w Gungun and Radhasmiley37well... turns out the kid is (shown) smarter than her!

Liked the father daughter talk ... and bits of details about mom he talks about. 

Mohan and Gungun in the episodesmiley20

A constant feature is good bgm. smiley20

Posted: 9 months ago

A good mix of fun&serious moments this episode. RG fit so well in that small box smiley36

We know from where Gungun took this attitude,like father-like daughter. Still need to slow down the heavy dialogues given to her,already was established she sees him guilty for her mom death,now on to convince her the contrary but let her behave like what she is-a baby. Rest of the family is there to play blame game and constantly tell him what happened.

Ghost stayed at the door until RGM returned? smiley3 And yet to realize they can't see her.

True about the music,RM theme song is beautiful. 

Posted: 9 months ago
Originally posted by Ralulo

Loved how he treats both girls the same even if one is his daughter and other his future romantic interest. 

Think I am now used to seeing him as Mohan - almost moved away from the image of Abhi - except when he called the 'commissioner'. 

Still apprehensive about the 'future romantic interest' part though - still seems 'hmmm... dont want that to happen'. 

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Posted: 9 months ago

But it is happening already,at least from her side. At this pace won't take long to turn the devotion etc angle to love realization. That dhak dhak sound&wind effect used for the almost accident-lifting scene,R looking at him as if she was not crazy enough about him before,all these are signs that will get there. Maybe a bit too soon,few more weeks needed to get used to them as possible pair. smiley5 

Posted: 9 months ago

Yeah... its already happening. May have to get used to it. smiley6 From seeing his sachchai the other day to getting carried by him today. (I am not liking it smiley36

Fortunately he is in Bheeshma Pitamah mode - so that's some solace. May be that will delay things. (Cant help the kkb references ... creature of habit. smiley36)

Shabbir Ahluwalia Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 

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