Posted: 1 years ago
Originally posted by NoraSM

Sindoor has toxic lead in it which represents the beginning of a toxic relationship 

Plus it's red in color. Red means danger.

I think it's dulha's reply to dulhan's red lehnga danger signalπŸ€“

Posted: 1 years ago

Let women do whatever the fcuk they want challenge 

Posted: 1 years ago

Its good if Kanyadaan not happened, 

Just imagine Mahesh Bhatt Kanyadaan kare jisene Pooja Bhatt ko smooch kiya tha,,,, yuck

But Alia looks preety, more than kiss I like when Ranbir pick her in his arms in front of media and media people dancing.πŸ•ΊπŸ’ƒ

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Posted: 1 years ago
Originally posted by Biraloo

No celebrity would be forced to go through any of the practices you have mentioned. It doesn't affect them on personal level but they are definetely forced to accept sindoor and mangalsutra which is quite appearant from Alia bhatt's wedding even though she is half muslim half chriatian. NOT DONE!!

Monirities also have to have full rights to practice their customs openly in a democracy. Looking at alia, i feel sad that she had to make to with an ivory/off white saari instead of a white christian gown.

Well obviously! Because they are celebrities. But It's pretty hypocritical of them to not speak on or follow such progressive practices like triple talak, mutah or halala themselves. It's not proper of celebs to ignore them just because they are minorities. They deserve equal respect and attention, don't they?

Posted: 1 years ago
Originally posted by Biraloo

No, it's not.

Speaking of something which affects them personally while ignoring what doesn't is not hypocrisy at all. It's called minding their own business.

You are falling short of logic today, nathu!πŸ˜†

No I'm not! πŸ˜‘

As a celebrity, don't they have some social responsibilities? They are always fulfilling their social responsibilities towards Hindus by educating them on how to celebrate holi, diwali, telling them which customs are regressive and need to be changed. But they totally ignore the minorities like they don't even exist. Mujhse nahi saha jaata itna injustice πŸ˜­ par jaane do, tum nahi samjhogi πŸ˜’

Posted: 1 years ago

Live and let live!

Let the girl celebrate/have her wedding the way she's her day..

Posted: 1 years ago

Seriously? Her wedding her say period. 

Posted: 1 years ago

Originally posted by Biraloo

Someone who faced vicious trolling and abuses bravely by speaking against regressive rituals like kanyadaan only to accept much worse symbolism of patriarchy and women oppression such as Sindoor and Mangalsutra when it comes to her own personal life is not only disappointing for her fans but against liberal values she stands for. If a free spirited daughter of mahesh bhatt is not able to break free from these societal evils, what are the chances for any regular woman?

aise to logon ne shaadi ki rasme karna hi chod dena chahiye... sirf court me jao sign karlo...khatam.

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