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My Thoughts On Will Smith vs Chris Rock (Apology Added)

Maroonporsche thumbnail
Posted: 2 years ago

My thoughts on this 

It Wasn’t fake. If it was fake it would’ve gone on longer and gotten cheesy like filmfare does 😂 

I won’t comment on what’s appropriate for a comedian to say or even why people shouldn’t slap each other.

I’ll just say Chris Rock handled himself and his situation better than Will Smith did ✅ 


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crispsy thumbnail
Posted: 2 years ago

Thanks for sharing ❤️

Socklet thumbnail
Posted: 2 years ago

He could've just yelled from his seat instead of hitting him. 🤔

MostlyHarmIess thumbnail
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Posted: 2 years ago

Why does everyone have thoughts on this? And why does everyone feel the need to share them?

moonv thumbnail
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Posted: 2 years ago

He was a repeat offender. Joking about someone's partner and her head was definitely crossing the line. Its good Will slapped him. Even that was mild on live TV otherwise am sure he would have beaten Chris.

briahna thumbnail
Posted: 2 years ago

always loved will smith...BUT..

will made an ass of himself..he should be locked up; desperately needs help. I reckon, like always, he is having major issues with his wifey...and took it out on poor Chris.

I am pretty sure the academy is going to take away his award/trophy...hope they do .

kudos to Chris for handling it so well....poor guy. 

blue-ice.1 thumbnail
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Posted: 2 years ago

OMG...I was so shocked....I even posted in the Oscar thread ki kya hua?? 

What exactly did Chris say...and BTW after the muted even then you could figure out that Will was saying the F word..😲

mz.gigglez thumbnail
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Posted: 2 years ago

Will Smith crossed the line