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Hello Guys and Welcome to the biggest Award Ceremony of India Forums. 

We are here to honor those authors who never fail to entertain forum members.

 We want to honor and give equal opportunity to our IF writers who have contributed some wonderful stories to this platform, whether they are active now or not. 

Everyone, including new and established writers, is invited.   

Please visit the Global Announcement Thread for more details

Readers' Choice Awards Final posts


Write-up: LizzieBennet

Ideas and Inputs: Aparajita_K, Viswasruti, oye_nakhrewaali

Tags: Grey_licious

Color Coding: oye_nakhrewaali

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Posted: 1 years ago



 This is a nomination thread. Please do not spam or chat in this thread. If you have any query you can PM the coordinators or post here > Readers' Choice Awards Final posts

The awards will have 4 main categories in each forum:

Best Fan Fiction

Best Short Story

Best Ficlet

Best Author

 There will be one winner and two runners up in each category in every forum that nominates stories and authors, however, the final call on this will be left to the discretion of the coordinators.

Both authors and readers are eligible to nominate stories.

You can nominate upto 3 stories under each category and up to 3 authors for the Best Author category.

Authors can nominate 2 of their own stories in each category but cannot nominate themselves for Best Author.

Please submit your nominations in this thread clearly stating the category you’re nominating the story for.

Please make only one post for all your nominations.

We would like to spread the word about these awards as much as possible and create a buzz, so while nominating, please tag 5 of your friends/ readers/ writers in your nomination post.

 You must provide an embedded link to the story and the name of the author.  

Eg. Correct way of nominating: 

Ramya's Potpourri of Prose and Poetry 

by moonglade 

Incorrect way of nominating:

 Ramya's Potpourri of Prose and Poetry by moonglade

Authors can ask their readers to nominate their stories by tagging them.

Ficlets and short stories must be completed before 15.2.2022. Fanfictions can be ongoing, however, please note that stories that have not been updated for more than a year will not be eligible.

All nominated stories will be migrated to the New Fan Fiction section.

The whole story needs to be posted on IF. Stories that are published on other platforms and linked here will not be considered.

Once migrated, Authors can request a book cover in the Fan Fiction Book Cover Shop #23.

The stories WILL NOT be beta-read by the IF BetaReaders for this contest.  However, after the winners of the awards are announced, the authors can put up the story for beta-reading in the 

House of Beta Readers thread.

There will be two Phases in this contest based on participating forums:

Phase 1: Star Plus, Fan Fiction Forum, Mythological Masti Forum, Closed forums

Phase 2: Sony, Colors, Zee, Closed forums 

The last date for nomination for Phase 1 is 25 February 2022, 11.59 PM IST.


Posted: 1 years ago



1. How can I nominate stories?

In the assigned nomination thread in your forum, you can put up the names and the links of the stories and authors under each category.

An example of how to post nominations:


Best Fan Fiction

1) Love is Eternal by XYZ (with links to the story and author profile)

2) Love Hate Stories by ABC (with links to the story and author profile)


Best Short Story

1) Blossom by XYZ (with links to the story and author profile)

2) Bonded by ABC (with links to the story and author profile)


Best Ficlet

1) Ice and Candies by XYZ (with links to the story and author profile)

2)Walk to not remember by ABC (with links to the story and author profile)


Best Author 

1) XYZ (with link to author profile)

2) ABC (with link author profile)


2. Where should I nominate the stories/ authors? 

Please nominate the stories in this thread and tag 5 people. 

Stories that are wrongly nominated/ not nominated in the right thread will be disqualified.


Follow the format given under FAQ Q.1 to send in your nominations.


3. I'm a Newbie/ Groupbie and don't know many people on IF. Do I still need to tag 5 members in my nomination post? Will my nomination still be considered if I don't tag?

The idea behind tagging is to spread the word to people that may not be as active, and to as many members as possible so that there is greater involvement and the contest is a success. 

That being said, if you cannot tag anyone/can tag only 1-2 people, your nomination will still be taken into account provided it meets all the other criteria.


4. What do the terms Fan Fiction, Short Story, and Ficlet mean? 

For the purpose of this contest, we have distinguished these categories as below:

Fan Fiction: Stories that have 8 or more chapters

Short Stories: Stories with 4 to 7 chapters.

Ficlets: Stories with 1-3 chapters. Includes drabbles/OS/2S/3S


5. The story I want to nominate was a winner/ entry in a contest held previously on IF. Can I still nominate it?


Winners and Runners-up in any contest held by the FFDT between 2019-2022, including IFFA 2019 and IFFA 2020 are not eligible for nominations. All other entries will be accepted.

The authors of the winning stories can still be nominated under the Best Author category.

This does not apply to contests held in individual forums. You are free to nominate all contest entries in this case.


6. I only read the shorter Ficlets, and skip the longer FFs. Can I only nominate drabbles or one-shots in the Best Ficlet category?

Yes. It is not compulsory to nominate in every category. But please try to nominate in as many categories as possible to give these stories and authors the best chance.


7. Why do I need to migrate my story INto the new section? I would prefer to have my stories stay in the forum where my friends can easily access them.

This is not just a contest for recognizing good stories/ authors, but also an initiative to increase the visibility of your stories. 

There are several advantages to migrating your story.

By moving them to the new section, you are allowing them to be read/ followed by a wider audience that could potentially include all of IF’s active members who read FFs. Our purpose is to broaden the reach of your stories and migrating will help you do that.

Additionally, the New FanFiction section allows you to tag your story, which makes it easier for users to find it. If you use the Content tag for the show you're writing on, your story can also be easily accessed through the Fan Fiction Tab in your forum, and is not lost/ hidden among the multiple threads among the forum topics.

Moreover, your story can still stay in the forum as well. Migrating will not remove your story from where you first posted it.


8. I don’t know how to migrate. Does that mean my story will not be eligible for the contest?

The FFEs - Aparajita_K, Viswasruti, or oye_nakhrewaali will help with the migration if the authors are finding it challenging to do so by themselves. You can contact one of them or one of the coordinators for assistance.

You can check the Steps to Migrate your FF in the new FF section for help. Multiple Threads can be added in one single story. Your likes and comments are migrated altogether, and all the members that have liked/ commented on your story are automatically your followers.


  We do require the stories to be migrated for them to be considered for voting in the contest.


9. My story has already been moved to the new section/ originally posted there. Is it still eligible?

If it is nominated and meets the IF COC and all other listed criteria, it is eligible.


10.  What do you mean by nomination and voting? How are they different?

A nomination means you are just listing out the stories from your forum that you wish to be considered for the contest. This allows even authors to nominate their own work.

The voting process is where members will actually cast their vote for the stories listed under the 4 categories. The votes will then be counted by the co-ordinators and winners declared after the process. 

There will be a nomination thread posted in every participating forum (forums with active stories), where members will post the nominations. Co-ordinators will compile them into a list of nominees and put them up for voting in the voting thread that will be posted separately.


11. If I have nominated stories, does that rule me out from voting in the voting round?

 No, you can nominate as well as vote. 

However, in the case of authors there is a slight exception - they are allowed to nominate their own stories, but not vote for them (such votes will be disqualified). They are also not allowed to nominate or vote for themselves in the Best Author category.

They can, however, still vote for other stories/ authors in the nominee list.

We are allowing up to 3 stories per member (2 stories if an author is nominating their own work) to be nominated in each category.

Please note that the voting thread will open once the nominations are locked in, and rules for voting will be posted there.


12. I have written stories for multiple forums/ I'm an active reader of FFs in several forums. Can I nominate in all of them?


Yes, since these awards are forum-specific and there will be individual winners in each forum, there is no limitation on the number of forums you can nominate stories in. 

As an author, if you have stories in more than one forum, you are welcome to nominate them all provided you stick to the limit of 2 stories per category.

Readers can also nominate stories in all the forums they are active in or if they want to support their author friends in other forums.


13. The story I wish to nominate has been placed under the Mature Post tag. Can I still nominate it?

Yes, you can nominate it, but the FFEs will look at the content and decide whether it is eligible as per IF COC.


14. I would like to nominate 3 Short stories - one is a Romance, another is from the Mystery/ Thriller genre, and the third is a Tragedy. How should I send my nominations? 

We have not differentiated the categories with respect to genres. All short stories, irrespective of genre, should be nominated under the Best Short story category. The same thing applies for Fan Fiction and Ficlet.


15. The FF I want to nominate was written a few years ago, it has more than 10 chapters, but it is not complete.  The forum/ thread is now closed/ locked. Can I still nominate it?

There is no limit on the start date of a story to be nominated. However, we will not be considering newer stories (those that are posted after 15th Feb 2022).

If the forum is closed or the thread is locked, the coordinators will attempt to migrate it/ contact the author. 

If the author is inactive/ left the site, but the story is complete, we will still consider it. 

If a story is incomplete/ ongoing, and the author has been inactive or has not updated the story for over a year, we will not be considering it.

But if the story is completed, then we will consider it.


16. Can I nominate a story written by a Newbie/ Groupbie/ FFE/ FFG or BR?

Yes, you can nominate stories written by a Newbie/ Groupbie/ FFE/ FFG or BR

In case of FFEs, FFGs, and BRs we will accept nominations for stories written by them, but the final decision on whether they wish their stories to participate in the voting will be left to them.


17. The story I wish to nominate has completely original characters based on the author's imagination. Are such stories eligible?

Yes, you can nominate original fictions, and by extension authors of these original fictions in any of the above-mentioned categories. Such original stories can be nominated in the nomination thread posted in the Fan Fiction forum.


18. Whom do I contact if I have questions about the nomination process?

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them here on the GA thread, or contact the co-ordinator/s for your forum as listed in the post above.


The FFDT reserves all rights to discard nominations if they fail to meet any of the above criteria or have been identified as having any other issues that make them unfit for consideration. 

We are not bound to give individual explanations if at all a nomination is deleted from the final voting list for any reason whatsoever.  

Posted: 1 years ago


Thank you for participating.

Our voting threads will be up shortly.

Please go here for Phase 2 nominations.

Readers' Choice Awards Phase 2 ||Nominations Open||


Hathi Ghoda Palki Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 

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