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10 Years of Teri Meri 

 ðŸ’•Irresistible Love 



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Teri Meri

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🔸I surrender /Teri Meri 2023

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Just sat down after a long shift today...This brought a smile to my face...

I am missing these two so much.



Image result for ARSHI TERI MERI GIFSImage result for ARSHI TERI MERI GIFS

Ten years since Arnav and Khushi danced together to the tunes of Teri Meri...set the limits of a loving pair on the screen. How many pairs I have seen in my life but none like these two created a milestone in our hearts...

Killing chemistry, a passionate dance like no one out there could come close even trying copying the same over and over again.

My fav promo of all the IPK promos as it was something I love followed by Holi promo... well, actually Khushi slapping Shyam's one is still at the top of the list...well my mind can't settle on one.

Related imageRelated image

What was that?  The stage was on fire. These two sizzled every moment and he didn't leave any chance to not to touch her. You are spot-on that he wanted deliberately to make her hush so he could dominate his powers. Well, bossy Arnav couldn't say sorry you know.

Related image

Their hands create havoc whenever they are held together. His touch is so sublime and soft, couldn't believe this was the same man who always bruised her whenever he held her. My most fav part is when her hair caressed his whole face when he picked her up and every time he crooned near her neck,.. the way he hid his face in her flowing hair and smelled it,😆 the way he touched her belly and naval, very intimate...

And when he pulled her into his arms and swayed together. twirled, and swung..we all felt goosebumps.EmbarrassedHeart I must say, your Teri Meri posts are twirling me right now. I will read these slowly and will enjoy each line and will be back.

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what a man ASR is...a mighty good man with all his foibles. And what a show...Iss pyaar ko Kya naam doon will go down in history as one amazing show that continuously challenged and attracted the audience on so many levels...changing the impression of right and wrong, good and bad, not one of the characters was absolutely black or white. No, not even the villain. Loved that fact. 

Another celebration...another year!

Teri Meri was the point where ASR was fully aware of his feelings for Khushi in my eyes, the rest is the history. It is like when you are newly wed and arranged married couple start their relationship with a little trust and later time and challenges of life make it stronger. The same goes here. He did slip on Terrace moment but he didn't let her go anywhere after this.

What a sensuous and intimate sequence it was. The entire Payesh wedding. Teri Meri was the night where he makes her his for eternity...but he didn't put words around it...later that eternity got accepted verbally on Teri meri 2. 

Can you hear me and both accepted like Hamesha.

Strange people with strange love but such a soulful and factual one.

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You are making me speechless by the way you portrayed the arshi moments.. 

Love an irresistible emotion, feeling, power, transformation. Wow.

 How beautifully you penned down thei feelings which they always ignored but that pull was always there..na pass aa sake..na dur ja sake...

arshi's every moment was epic during this sequence...whether its teri mere song sequence or their first kiss..or thier nok jhok but their heart knows he is the one/she is the one..his/her soulmate...

When the first time teri mere was aired...i just couldn't take off my eyes from tvLOL.Arshi has that power to make any song apt for them..Big smile but this song felt better than originals.

You have described their real emotions so well here, there is no doubt that these two always have been successful faking their emotions with words,but their minds are the ones which are spoke through their hearts. Beautifully displayed by their kisses that how much they yearned for each other.

Humain to lagta hai aap bhi theek nahin hain. She tells him so dearly .Challenge nahin hare.

She was his co author.

Splendid write up with breathtaking gifs.Star

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Credit to u

This was a treat to the eyes...haven't seen the same magic again...The most magical moment...I am also damn mesmerized by the way Barun and sanaya danced...Its full of passion...Love it forever

this was the only dance that make my heart beat raisedit never happened before while watching a dance in the tv , the magic they create on this dance cant replaced by anyone

not even salman and kareena

the song is actually belongs to them but we can say that arshi took that song for them

whenever i heard that song i can only imagine arshi arshi and arshi

Arshi were the best..thanks for making such a beautiful thread and inviting us here! 

It was really wonderful to remember our Arshilicous Teri Meri..

an epic dance..

.it was great to relive the memories with your post.

Teri meri prem kahani...

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