Shilpa Shetty: 5 carat engagement ring too small, Raj bought 20 carat

Posted: 2 years ago

She sounds like a gold-digger in this interview:

In the conversation with Pinkvilla, Shilpa had recalled how she had fallen in love with Raj and how he had tried to impress her with expensive gifts. She had said, "He was trying to woo me with Versace bags. In fact, he sent me three bags of the same style in three different colors, and I was astonished. He was constantly throwing hints at me. But, I asked him to give it a full stop as I want to spoil the friendship and bond we shared. Moreover, I was never going to shift to London, though I was dying to get married at that time (laughs)."  Raj had also bought space in Mumbai to be with Shilpa. She had recalled, "Later, we decided to talk our hearts out to each other and come to a conclusion. The next morning, after our meeting, he called me and asked if I had seen Jalsa (Amitabh Bachchan’s Mumbai home), to which I agreed. Raj then said that he had bought a floor opposite Jalsa, leaving me all astonished. I was wondering why a London-based rich businessman would buy a flat in Mumbai. The next day, he asked me to accompany him to see the property." Shilpa had also shared what had made her believe in Raj’s decision and love. The actress had further added, "The building, where Raj bought the flat was not even constructed completely. It only had the 2nd floor, when we went to see it. But, he enthusiastically said, 'I've bought the 7th floor.' He then told me whether he works from here, or functions out of London doesn't really matter. It is then when he made it clear that he had decided."  

Revealing how Raj had planned the proposal, Shilpa was quoted as saying:

"He'd booked out the whole banqueting hall at The Grand. A bit OTT... he had like these violinists playing... He conned me into it, He said we are having lunch at a friend's place so dress up well. Not casually, just dress up well and my sister told me to wear red, so it was already planned. He told me from Mumbai we are going to this really cool place. I had no clue, but he had already asked my parents. So, the setting was all there and the cloche opened, and he did propose in the last course, dessert and it was this diamond ring."

While Raj Kundra’s proposal was all romantic, Shilpa Shetty’s reaction was hilarious. Shilpa had taken a while to say ‘yes’ because the ring, which was a 5-carat diamond, wasn't what she had imagined it to be. Shilpa had laughingly narrated the incident and had said:

"It was a 5-carat diamond ring and I might sound really materialistic here, but I was like it's just 5 carats. So, I took a while to say yes because I was like 'This is not what I imagined'. No no, I was just joking... So, he was like, because I took 2 seconds more, he was like, 'The wedding ring will be bigger', that's Raj for you. So, I said yes there.”

On their engagement, Raj Kundra had gifted Shilpa a 20-carat heart-shaped natural white diamond ring worth Rs 3 crores. He had also ensured that Shilpa wears the best wedding lehenga and had gotten her the lehenga worth Rs 50 lakh.

According to Bollywood Mantra, Shilpa’s close friend had revealed a little detail about their honeymoon plans and had said:

"Raj plans fantastic vacations and this is one holiday he wants Shilpa to remember forever. Though Shilpa knows Raj has booked the Regal Suite for them at the Atlantis Resort in the Paradise Islands at the Bahamas, everything else is a surprise for Shilpa. Raj is arranging everything. He spent lot of time, planning and money on finding the perfect honeymoon spot for Shilpa."

Raj's marital status had proved to be an ugly twist in Shilpa and Raj's otherwise beautiful love story. Raj Kundra’s ex-wife, Kavita Kundra had reportedly accused Shilpa of being a marriage breaker. She had said that it was because of Shilpa that Raj had left her and their newborn daughter.

"My understanding is that Raj and Kavita’s marriage was over a year ago and they have filed for divorce and have been living separately for over a year. I met Raj Kundra three months ago in a business capacity, so where the question of me breaking up her marriage arises, this is impossible as I have known him for 12 weeks. I am disgusted by her reported comments and completely refute the allegation. My culture and upbringing does not permit me to break marriages and I am the least interested in knowing or hearing any more about her.”

Posted: 2 years ago

shows shilpa does prefer materialistic things over reputation and self-respect

Posted: 2 years ago

She gives me strong fake n entitled vibes 

Like the kind who just expects money to come in…but dosent wanna work for it …

Or maybe her “work” is limited to judging a few reality shows which just seems like an excuse to show tacky designer wear 

Posted: 2 years ago

You could have just typed $$$ signs in your original post and it would still convey the same message 

Posted: 2 years ago

Bus paisa chahiye … so frikkin selfish 

Posted: 2 years ago

Frankly these BW actresses who married a man who is devorcee shows they married for Money----Kareena, Shilpa, Karishma, Rani----Luveee for money😆

Posted: 2 years ago

Seems like they were made for each other

Posted: 2 years ago

Shilpa ho ya Jacqueline, sabko sirf paise chahiye 😆

Posted: 2 years ago


Almost all actresses are like this. They all chase after men who have loads of money. They're just smart enough to be quieter about it than Shilpa. 

Posted: 2 years ago

Now I have no doubt that Shilpa is well aware of Raj kundra's illegal activities.

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