Pyar Mein Confusion...Episode 1

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Posted: 2007-01-23T18:52:11Z

Episode one
Iqbal: Ria di, Ria di…RIA DIIIIIII
Ria opens her eyes and sees Iqbal's face

Ria: Iqbal leave before I kill u
Ibal: but sis mom told me to wake u up
Ria: I know bro…but its on like 7 in the morning
Iqbal: actually sis..its 8:30
Ria: WHAT???

Ria gets up and looks at the clock on the wall..then she looks at her alarm clock..and its not plugged in..and Iqbal starts laughing

Iqbal: stole my chocolate bar yesterday, so I had to pay u back…

Iqbal starts running…she chases him around the room..and he goes in the washroom and locks the door..
Ria: (knocking on the door) Iqbal…get out..I have 15 mins to take a shower
Iqbal: I will but promise u wont beat me up
Ria: k I wont beat u up…I promise…all I will do is slap u a couple of times…kick u 10 times..and then KILLLL u
Iqbal: well then I guess u r planning to get to college late today
Ria: fine…fine…get out
Iqbal: I will but do something first
Ria: what??
Iqbal: say sorry..
Ria: me and saying sorry to u..never
Iqbal:fine then…I will be out in about 2 hours.
Ria: ok I am extremely sorry iqbal
Iqbal: for what??
Ria: I dunno
Iqbal: u have to say sorry for being a stupid, dumband mean sis.
Ria: fine…I am so sorry iqoo jee for being a stupid, dumb and mean sis
Iqbal: ok then I am out

Iqbal opens the doon and runs downstaires…Ria takes a shower and goes downstaires

Ria: Aunty..I am leaving
Zaara Aunty: have breakfast first
Ria: I cant: I am late

Ria calls Arun
Arun: hello
Ria: his this is Rani Mukherjee
Arun: ohh Ria…tum??
Ria: yes me..aur kaun
Arun: so whats up…
Ria: not much..can u..
Arun: yea I know I am gonna come pick u up…
Ria: aww..thanks..where r u right now??
Arun: will be there is bout 3 mins
Ria: alrighty thanks
Arun: no prob

Arun picks Ria up and they both go to college
Arun: so what do u have first??
Ria: Biology..and Radi has bio too..what do u have??
Arun: really?? Radi has bio too?
Ria: yes she does too…I don't get y ppl ask really?? I mean would I be lieing to u??
Arun: yea yea as u say
Ria: anyways, what do u have first??
Arun: I had sociology…but now I guess I have bio too.
Ria: alrighty then

They both go to Bio class to meet Adi and Radhi…

Epi ends

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Posted: 2007-01-29T13:01:31Z
Good Job Anu and Anju......... Tongue
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Posted: 2007-07-05T01:23:44Z
really good job   Clap Clap Clap
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