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Chapter 1

“Give it to me. Main rakh deta hoon.” A 16 year old Shiva offered to help the tiny girl who was struggling to keep her bag on the berth of the school bus.

“No. Thank you.” Raavi gently denied, not wanting to burden her senior.

Mujhe toh tera har bojh uthaana hai.”

Shiva smiled at her. Since the time he had seen her he had been a flirt. Only if he knew, the 13 year old Raavi was already crushing on him hard.

It was a daily routine, Shiva would offer help everyday and Raavi would politely refuse following Shiva to flirt which would make Raavi blush profusely.

It was another day when Raavi climbed the school bus but it was overloaded today. Luckily, she found a seat to sit as most of the senior and junior boys were standing, not giving her access to put her bag up. She looked around and her eyes fell on Shiva. Hesitated, she forwarded her bag towards him.

"Kya baat hai, aaj khud hi dediya?”, he asked in his flirting tone as he took the bag from her.

Trying to hide nervousness Raavi said,"Bas aise hi..."

"Haan haan, apne boyfriend ki help nahi legi toh aur kiski legi?", he said and winked at her.

Shiva Pandya! The coolest guy of the college, who always show attitude towards girls, said himself her boy friend?

"Raavi, teri to nikal padi!", she said to herself.

Days passed and Raavi didn't realize when her crush for Shiva turned into love. But she couldn't express her feelings to him and he went abroad for further studies.

It's their 3rd marriage anniversary. Yes, of Raavi, and Shiva's. The cool dude Shiva was the one who she loved the most from the bottom of her heart, and her husband Shiva was the one who I she hated from the bottom of her heart. She hated him to core.


Raavi belong to a middle class family, she had made adjustments and compromises in life but she never thought that one day she would be treated as a thing to be purchased or sold. But... She was! Her father sold her to her so-called husband, Shiva Pandya. It was a deal for them, but marrying at 17, was not a easy task for her. She wasn’t asked, she wasn’t even informed! She was just forced. She asked only one question to herself everyday, if Shiva really wanted to marry her, was this deal necessary? Couldn't he wait till she turn 18? 

No! She was just a part of his bloody business!

She answered herself as she sat in front of the dressing table. A knock at the door brought her to the present.

“Ma’am, the guests have arrived.” the servant informed and left.

Getting up from the table, she moved towards the washroom.

Shiva Pandya stood under the shower and trying to calm down his overloaded mind. There were many things going on his mind but right now it was only Raavi.

She was a year junior in school and everything to him. It was just impossible for him to spend the day without having one glimpse of her.Everyone in his class used to say that Raavi had a crush on him, but in reality he was madly, deeply in love with her. It was love at first sight for him. He always tried to draw her attention towards him and thus, ended up flirting with her all the time. He remembered every pulse of second spent with her.

One day in school, he was climbing up the stairs and suddenly bumped to her. She widened her eyes in such a way, as if she was given an electric shock. Shiva chuckled and Raavi composed herself. Trying to ignore him, she started climbing down the stairs and to her surprise, he held her wrist. She tried to set herself free but Shiva was too strong for her. He suddenly pulled her closer. They were so close that Shiva could hear Raavi's heartbeat clearly. He moved closer but held his emotions back. He knew she liked him but she wasn’t her girlfriend yet. He left her hand and let her go. She walked down the stairs in a hurry but stopped after two steps only. Looking back at him, a smile crept on her lips. After a few seconds, she rushed downstairs.

Raavi Mishra! The diva of college, with who every guy of the school wanted to go to a date with, smiled at him!

"Shiva, tu toh gaya!", he said to himself.

Days passed and his love for Raavi grew stronger. At last it was the time to leave school. It was his last chance to propose her. But he was such a fattu in case of love! He tried many times but was unable to express his feelings.


3 years. Even after 3 years of marriage, he failed everytime. School diva Raavi was the one, who loved him the most in this universe,but his wife Raavi is the one who hated him the most in this universe and he knew it. He had tried to win her heart many times but in vain. Perhaps her hatred for him was stronger then his love for her.

But he never blamed her for anything. Marrying at the age of 17 was like a shocker to her. She thought he spoilt her life, but she didn’t know, he have saved her life from being spoilt. Yes, he married her by giving money to her father, but she was never a deal. He couldn’t wait till they marry legally, marriage was the only solution he could think at that moment. Raavi was Shiva's life. Not a part of his business.

He heard the knock on the door and turned off the shower. Entering the bedroom, he saw her beautiful wife struggling with the  strings of her blouse.

Unable to control himself, he marched towards her and held the string.

Raavi jumped at the touch of fingers on her back. She looked into the mirror and found Shiva staring at her. They looked at each other in the mirror. Shiva watched Raavi shiver as he grazed his finger from the tips of her fingers to the top of her shoulder. Raavi’s breath hitched as his other hand slowly slid across her midriff.

Their eyes locked in the mirror again.

He picked up the strings on either side of her blouse, brought it to the middle, and tied it into a knot. He closed the clasp at the bottom of her blouse and rested his hands on her waist. Not once did his gaze falter.

Raavi had turned pink under his intense stare. She pushed him away and left the room.


Kab tak, Raavi? Kab tak chalega aisa? Since last 3 years, Iam dying to hear a word from you, to see you smile at least once. I hope all this ends soon.”


He wiped his tears and opened the cupboard.



Raavi walked down the stairs with a forced smile on her face.She was busy attending the guests when she stopped on her tracks hearing the ladies gossip.


"Sun hai shaadi k 3 saal baad bhi inn dono k beech miya biwi jaisa kuch nahi hai, ek chat k niche toh rehte hain, par ajnabiyon ki tarah..."


She decided to ignore when she heard again.


"Acha? Toh phir yeh anniversary party kis khushi me hai?"


"hume kya? Bade log, badi baatein. Dekho na, biwi kabse aa gayi aur pati, ab aa raha hai."


Raavi turned her gaze towards the stairs and saw Shiva walking down looking hot in his 3-piece suit.

"Hello, Mr. Pandya", said a business associate. “When can we meet the Mrs.?’

“Ah, actually… I…” Shiva fumbled unable to decide what to say.

Suddenly he felt an arm wrapped around his own. He was surprised to see Raavi smiling at the colleagues.

“Hello, I am Raavi, Raavi Shiva Pandya. His wife.”

Shiva looked at her with mixed emotion. He couldn't believe his ears. She had said it for the first time in these 3 years, she touched him,hold him for the first time today.

Soon, the party was over. Shiva had a happy smile all the while and Raavi had a forced one.

“Raavi, thanks a lot for today.” Shiva said as they entered the room while Raavi tried to move away.


He followed her and held her hand. She tried to let free and Shiva let her go. Raavi didn’t say anything and moved away.

Kyun nahi pakad sakta main tera haath?

Raavi stopped on her tracks hearing him.

Bol Raavi, why can’t I hold your hand?”

“Why not? Of course you can hold my hand. Aapka pura haq hai mujhpar. After all, kharida hai apne mujhe, tu chahe mera haath pakad, mujhe hug kar, kiss kar ya mujhe use kar, aur ch aahe naa, toh phir se kisi aur ko bech de. Mujhe kya fark padega? Aur kaise padd sakta hai? Because I am nothing, just your bloody business deal!"

Hola guys. Here is the first chapter. I hope that was good :) 


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