~Featured Fanfiction of the Month~ October 2021

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There is a line that connects both reading and writing - if you want to read something you must find it and if you can't you must write it as echoed in a famous quote by Tonni Morrison "If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it."

Hello and welcome everyone to the October's edition of the Featured FF thread. As promised we are back with two more exceptional stories that are perfect for you to curl up to after a long day.

Every month the FF Development team picks out two exceptional stories solely based on quality and content giving utmost importance to grammar , vocabulary,  narrative technique,  word flow , creativity and genius rather than mere popularity and the amount of reviews.

This is an initiative and an humble attempt to encourage our authors by promoting their outstanding works and encouraging our readers to read the best.

Without further ado let us announce the Featured FF of the month.


~First Featured FF of the Month~

"The Yellow Poppies" by by aawaaradill


The Yellow Poppies is a famous painting displayed in a famous museum. The year is 2010 and the story is about one of the greatest art world heists ever pulled, which was never solved. Two thiefs, one target. Will one of them win? Or will love win? Read to find out! 

The Yellow Poppies


Meet Weirdladki alias aawaaradill aka Varsha


Varsha is from Varanashi. She has been a part of IF since last year October. Her journey on IF started during quarantine and she found like minded people who are kind to her in IF and that's the reason for her being here. Apart from writing and reading she loves listening to music and watching TV shows.

She runs a little blog and she started writing small stories since last year and her inspiration to write is Karan Singh Grover and whatever character he had depicted becomes her favorite, be it Dr. Armaan from Dill Mill Gayye, Asad Ahmed Khan from Qubool Hai, Rishabh Bajaj from Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2, or Aditya Dhanraj from Dangerous.

Her favorite genre to write and read is romance. She loves reading deep meaningful stories and doesn't mind a little something of angst.

She loves J.K. Rowling for the best world ever created, Paulo Coelho for the ultimate life lessons, Dan Brown for the thrill, the Bronte sisters and Nicholas Sparks for angst and romance. 


Here's your winning siggy




~Second Featured FF of the month~

"Melange: A collection of Short stories" by LizzieBennet


- What happens when Varun Bhatia, a young, successful, handsome, financial analyst, shares a cab with Annie on a rainy day in Mumbai?

- When a group of young friends take a trip to Goa, they come across a young child and their lives are changed forever.

- Divya is faced with choices: some mundane like - what dress will she wear to the party? And others, life-changing like - which man will she choose as her life partner? But maybe these choices are not so different after all!

- Meenal has always been a shy, introverted, lonely, caged-in girl with no friends - until Madhavi enters her life and odd things begin to happen.

- Naina reveals an unexpected and embarrassing incident that has left her feeling confused, guilty and quite feverish!

These are just some of the stories featured on Melange: a collection of short stories. She wrote most of these for the MSN India website as a weekly featured column. The collection also contains a couple of stories she wrote for international shows, that she has reproduced here with names altered. The stories are all unique with original characters with the common thread of human relationships running through them.

 Melange: A collection of Short stories

Meet LizzieBennet aka Supriya


She likes to think of herself as a peace-loving person with oodles of patience that not only helps her to be a doggy mamma but also a human one! 

She loves playing with her dog, listening to music, binge-watching TV shows, being a mum apart from reading and writing.

She first found IF when she began watching the SONY show Kuch toh log kahenge. She needed a place to express her feelings and IF provided that in abundance. That was a brief stint, then other forums like Indian Idol and the TV show 'Reporters' kept her going. She was inactive for a long while only making occasional appearances, particularly when there were discussions on old Hindi movie songs which was a rare event on IF, but now her role as Beta Reader on the FF Development team is making her more active than she has ever been in a long while! 

Right from childhood she had a penchant for cooking up stories in her head.

In school also she was a pretty good writer.

Her essays were usually held up as examples and she loved writing especially autobiographies! Much later she quite serendipitously discovered her flair for creative writing while She was was helping out friends part-time in their multimedia firm. She was hired as a freelance creative writer for the firm and got a chance to explore her writing professionally. Then, she chanced upon an online fiction contest where she had to complete a prompt on the MSN India web page. They liked her story and gave her an opportunity to write a featured fiction column for them every week. 

She first began writing FFs with Kuch toh log kahenge and the lead pair - Ashutosh-Nidhi. Her stories were loved by the people in the forum and they encouraged her writing and that boosted her confidence. She did write FFs for some international shows like Once upon a time and Riverdale. Then she decided she would continue her Ashutosh-Nidhi fic with original characters, and that's what she is doing these days! 

She doesn't have any particular inspiration.

Sometimes a TV show/movie couple she ships inspires her, sometimes it's a theme she feels strongly about, sometimes a good book she read, and sometimes it's just her creative juices wanting to flow in the form of words. 

But most of all, it's her work being read, liked and the generous comments/reviews she gets from readers.

Her favorite genre is Romance ! She finds herself more drawn to historical romances.

RomComs are her favorite, romances, especially Regency ones, with a healthy dose of humour gets her hooked into it.

She also loves reading good thrillers/ mysteries/ psychological thrillers/ whodunits. She loves anything with humour in it!

"Make me laugh, and you have made me a fan for life!"

She has a petty good taste in literature,  her list of favorite authors includes but not limited to Agatha Christie, P.G. Wodehouse, Jane Austen, Jeffrey Archer, Robin Cook, Oscar Wilde, Douglas Adams, Lewis Carroll, Roald Dahl, Sidney Sheldon, Irving Wallace, Arthur Hailey, Frederick Forsyth, Micheal Crichton, Dan Brown, Ken Follett; historical romance writers such as Lisa Kleypas, Tessa Dare, Sally McKenzie, Julia Quinn, Lenora Bell, Courtney Milan, Elisa Braden, Sabrina Jeffries, Sarah MacLean, Jennifer Ashley etc.

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Congratulations to both Weirdladki and LizzieBennet once again and we wish them the best with their future writing ventures.

We would like to thank our Fanfiction Editors and beta readers and everyone involved in the selection process and the graphicers who contributed in this thread.

We hope our readers have the best time reading these stories.

See you until next time.

Keep reading and keep writing.


Write-up: Sonatia 

Winning siggies: Serpensortia

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Hey there, Fanfiction writers and readers!


If you want your work to be considered for Featured FF of the month, or if you come across a story that you think is worth being featured, please visit: 

Submit your FF for featuring


Please note:

:: The featured FF selection can be from the pool of works already submitted, or the team could pick one from the posted stories in the new FF section.

:: The work can be a completed/ ongoing fic. For ongoing work, all we ask is at least 10 chapters of the work be posted for it to be considered.

:: There is no bar on the length/ type/ genre of the story - FF/drabbles/SS/OS/original fiction are all evaluated with the same criteria.


: The Featured FF of the month was conceived with a dual purpose: 

:: First, to highlight outstanding stories and offer talented authors the visibility and validation that they deserve. 

:: Second, to encourage more writers to write and present their stories and allow a few hidden gems to stand out amongst the plethora of works we have in our new FF section. 



If you need an unbiased critique of your work before you submit it, do consider dropping it here for our Beta Readers to give you their valued opinion and suggest edits/ changes, if any. 


House of Beta Readers # 3


If you need covers for your fanfictions, look no further. We have some of the most talented people, our FFGs, to help you design your beautiful book covers.


《 Fan Fiction Book Cover Shop #22 》

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Posted: 14 days ago

Congrats Varsha and Supriyasmiley40

Posted: 14 days ago

Congratulations Varsha and Lizzie ❤

Beautiful write-up and thread smiley31

Posted: 14 days ago

Congratulations Varsha and Liz smiley27

Posted: 14 days ago

Originally posted by oye_nakhrewaali

Congrats Varsha and Supriyasmiley40

Thanks Shibz! smiley27 Awesome tags! smiley10smiley42

Congratulations, Varsha!

Beautiful thread and write-up, Mou! smiley10smiley27

Gorgeous siggies, Shiri! smiley42Thank you! smiley27

Thanks everyone for the votes! 

Posted: 14 days ago
Originally posted by tournesol

Congratulations Varsha and Lizzie ❤

Beautiful write-up and thread smiley31

Thank you so much, Tiara! smiley9

Posted: 14 days ago
Originally posted by Serpensortia

Congratulations Varsha and Liz smiley27

Thanks, Shiri! smiley27

Again, beautiful siggies! Thank you! smiley27

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