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Anuj was going to give something to offer.  Anuj always says that Anupama reminds of his mother. Anuj gives the gift to Anupama and Anupama is extremely emotional to see the gift. That Maharaj 👊👊broke her Ghungroos and this gentleman gifted Ghungroos to Anupama. That's the difference between these men

These Sadu people's faces were a treat to watch. Vanraj would have blasted on Anupama if Anuj was not there. Even Kavya is the same. She will start taunting Anupama. And Leela was disgusting. Now they talk about the proposals. When Anuj said that he is going ahead with Anupama's idea. Anupama's idea was unclear but still her idea had to be accepted. Because the show is on her name. 

Anupama was shocked. Because she knew her proposal wasn't gonna be accepted as the idea was good but emotional. This was one reason and other reason, her self esteem low due to which she feared that now she will have to listen the taunts. 😎😎😎Vanraj's ego crushed like hell. His anger was a treat to watch. I don't know really if a businessman, thinks emotionally in businesses. There are some businessmen who have good values, but really would a businessmen in real life will accept Anupama's idea. That's a question? 

Anupama is offered a partnership in a 5 star hotel. Now this seems to be a lil bit exaggerating. Anupama has to be happy, that after years of torture she achieved something high. Kavya got a job in Anuj's company while no hope for Vanraj still. This man deserved. All were literally happy apart from the 4 idiot club. 

Vanraj and his 3rd class behaviour to Anupama. 😠😠😠Rupali portrayed the anger of Anupama so beautifully. How Vanraj was constantly taunting Anupama? And Anupama was speaking flawlessly until Leela interrupted. Leela still has control on Anupama. I am not elaborating the fight because in the comment people will discuss the fight only. 

Anuj this man I respect him, if he wished then he could have been angry on Vanraj and Kavya for torturing Anupama. But he still is nice to him. Anuj just like Anupama doesn't believe in keeping grudge. This is the most remarkable quality of Anuj Kapadia. He would have refused to talk to Vanraj knowing his behavior. 

On a funnier note, GK was so funny when he said Devika, Kavya and Anupama.🤣🤣🤣 Woman power maan!!!! I am waiting when Kinjal joins his company. Even Rakhi will give an idea to Anuj regarding coaching classes. Then Anupama will drag Leela saying Bade Buzurg ko bhi kaam karna chahiye. Then Bachi Pakhi usko bhi company mein as an intern rakh lenge. Then Jhilmil hai use bolenge ki tumhi yahan jaadu pochha karo 🤣🤣🤣


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The coloured points brought a smile. 

The excitement the offer generated had to be spoilt by the 4 IDIOTS as always though one was missing today. 

There has been a lot of discussion around M aa ka Mahantha. 

Baba Yaha has maa ka pyaar and maa ka mamta only for her Vaanaraj. Why was she projecting herself as Anupama s maa? I remember the one time Anupama s mom spoke how exercising the rights of MIL does not mean sitting on the swing all day long picking holes. 

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Not yet watched the episode except Tom precap

But what is your opinion  will anu accept going against baa and van?

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Yes, this time she will. 

Posted: 2 days ago

It is just one aspect of his business, it is more for goodwill and giving back to the community thing. Her concept was good. She was in that situation before. 

Posted: 2 days ago

This one things nullifies everytime and evrything baa has ever done for Anupama or said that she is the daughter of hers. If it would have been her daughter baa would be happy for her elated thay she has finally found someone who can be there for her who support her. She had no problem that Anuj comes to home for Vanraj and Kavya but for Anupama this is not allowed. I have never been more angry at anyone than I was on her today. 


Posted: 2 days ago

She will this time she will but from what I am thinking she will wait for Baa approval which will most probably be gotten by Bapuji. Wish Anupama would say downright to her face that I am doing this, when your son doesn't take your permission before doing anything why should I. But that will not happen. 

Posted: 2 days ago

Baa’s hypocrisy and double standards are another level.. but since this is a rajan  shahi series - bade buzurko ki saare guna maaf.. 


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