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For the last paragraph. That is amazing.

Regarding Anupama buisness plan I would say what I said before. Plan is not bad but she needed to be more prepared and should have presented it better. Plus it's itv thoda to unrealistic to hoga since they want people to think and dream and that you can do anything.

I loved loved the way Anupama replied to Vanraj and Kavya. The line about Kavya literally throwing herself at Anuj had me clapping like anything. 

I agree with Anupama that ideas don't come for education but you also need to know how to execute them which is given by education. This show in the need to glorify Anupama has tried to show the other way around which I don't like. 

But keeping aside everything let's just enjoy kavya's amazing roast by Anupama. 

Posted: 2 days ago

Thanks for your post Kosha smiley32smiley20

Kosh Anuj ne 5 star hotel ke restaurant mai partnership offer ki hi pure 5 star hotel ki nahi smiley14 ye do alag baatein hai specially yaha ye do alag chiz hai (Canada ma) now coming to your point ke Anupama ko hi milna tha to lijjat papad ka example lelo ya ek aunty jiska age 65 thi wo handicrafts ka business start karke successful hue hai,dudh bech kar ek lady bhi successful business owner bani hai aur iss baar padma shree ka award bhi jiti haismiley9 Anupama ka Idea real mai unique hai...17 years back jab maine tiffin service shuru ki thi sab ne mera bahot majak banaya tha but mai proudly keh sakti hu ke ajj  every Indian major building mai atlast one lady hai jo rasoe  ka kaam karke mahine ke $ 1000 to 1500 kama rahi haismiley32 Anupama ka Idea mujhe to bada accha lagasmiley14 Anuj ki jagah mai hoti to mai bhi yehi choose karti.

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Originally posted by Tvfanatic85

She will this time she will but from what I am thinking she will wait for Baa approval which will most probably be gotten by Bapuji. Wish Anupama would say downright to her face that I am doing this, when your son doesn't take your permission before doing anything why should I. But that will not happen. 

I literally hate this need for approval and validation about her.

If our fam loves us they must respect our decisions and not question integrity and character

Posted: 2 days ago

I am getting tired of characters going through their vamp days or vamp weeks. They need a good spanking, and double for the writers. I am also getting tired of vanbhoot and baa baa black sheep constant change of moods. My dream is to see Anupama telling her idiot loudmouth mil to go swallow an egg. I want Anu to propose marriage to Anuj in front of baa, rakhi, kauva, vanbhoot and his elder pilla. Enough of this double standard nonsense. We need Hasmukh to find a hot girlfriend and make leela dukhmukh.

Posted: 2 days ago

Did he gave job to kavya ? 

That’s not right first ki jal should be joining team Anil not Kkkk 

Posted: 2 days ago

She should tell baa, if ur daughter would have been same situation would you stop her as well? She would not. So when she doesn't consider her daughter,  she is no more her mil so keep your opinion to yourself.

I hope Anu realizes baa just loves and favors her son and is also responsible for her son's behavior.

She should simply take the offer and not bother about them. 

Posted: 2 days ago

I want her to ho against Ba this time and not take her approval. That Ba is a big Hypocrite.

Posted: 2 days ago

Just waiting for the day  when Anu give to back to Baa and slap her raja babu beta and walk off this circus house .This will be biggest change and much indeed change in her  though she has indirectly given slaps to vanraj but it's not going to affect him he is after all baa ka raja babu beta just like how she is  and same he has passed on to toshu alsosmiley7


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