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ED Threads & Chatting/Spamming in the ED threads: Extra Dose, thread serves the purpose of updating what happens in the ED epi. Though the DTs have given members some freedom to chat, it is to be understood that the chatting should be based on the contents of the ED epi. The ED thread is not to be misconstrued as a place for random chatting/fan wars, posting of articles or serve as an AT as for we have separate threads for such purpose. Discussion on how is a contestant behaving and with exchange of view is to happen in the forum instead of the ED as we reiterate again that the thread is for updating of ED and discussion on the contents showed. Any kind of digs against members/fan groups is NOT allowed. And avoid posting images which are not related to the ED. Members who are found instigating may face possible WL raise as the freedom given have been misused for which we would be more strict henceforth. Social media discussions are not to be carried out in the ED thread. All such updates can either be shared in the Social Media thread or the contestant's AT. Additionally, any discussions of voting or votes, not mentioned in the episode or ED, can be discussed in the contestant's AT.

No single fan group will try to dominate or create a ruckus in the ED. Tolerate and learn to respect other's choices. DO NOT rile or instigate any fan base group or member. Name calling or code names are NOT allowed towards any member or fan group. If found, strict action will be taken against the offender/s in question.

Chatting can be carried out in the Chat-Club of the section or AT of the contestant. ED (Extra Dose Thread) is open for a specific purpose. Members are cluttering ED thread with unnecessary spam comments & chatting. It is cumbersome for fans who do not have access to live telecast or feed to scroll through the ED thread filled with irrelevant posts.

Members are reminded to use the designated threads henceforth. Members who continue to post irrelevant comments and chat other than episode discussion in ED will be warned via PM by the DT and subsequent violations will result in strict action.

Please refrain from spamming ED with comments like "love XYZ "ABC FTW ... Just to rile up other members , such comments are to be confined to ATs

All the content of ED, is not always shown in the main epi. Edited version in main epi may have a different perspective. Hence discuss all ED related matter in sticky ED thread. 


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I think among the  boys Pratik is playing better game. His game is open, no backstabbing, gossip, justifies his actions, does not shy away to admit his guilt. He comes across better friend among all. His agreeing to Neha to save Shamita was just payback to Neha from previous task. His contribution is 100 percent on the show as far as content, task, opinion is concerned. He does not hold back and shows his emotions, fake or real he does not matter he is doing justice to the show. The only thing is KJO does not take him seriously because of his first week impression. 

Among girls Divya is playing better game. She is called fake because her every move is calculated and in interest of game point. But this is reality, Divya is here to play a game. She is doing justice to viewers. Before every task planning, plotting, taking interest in discussing the strategy, opinionated  in task or outside the task, constructive response to KJO on WKV has earned her brownie points. she was very supportive of Zeeshaan regardless of  biggboss decision. She respects the game and does her dand, task and provides content required for the show. Divya’s has improved the game after getting feedback from KJO on first WKV. 

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Everyone looks SO gorgeous today, especially Divya in that pastel pink and gorgeous Makeup. I am So saddened they've all changed into their house outfits now for the game :( 

They looked amazing tho. What a treat for the eyes.

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Neha is TOO cute to be the Snachalak.smiley37 Nobody is taking her seriously.smiley37

She's looking so cute.

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Congrats on 2nd thread. smiley32 Took a month. 

In earlier seasons it would have 5th thread atleast. smiley36

Posted: 11 days ago

Neha's flowers on her head...smiley37 how can someone look so cute?

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Originally posted by BeingBlunt

Congrats on 2nd thread. smiley32 Took a month. 

In earlier seasons it would have 5th thread atleast. smiley36

And that too for OTT which is live 24/7. 😂

Bigg Boss OTT 

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