How many people watched Zindegi Gulzar Hai?

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Posted: 1 years ago

Why do Ekta's writers plagiarize from ZGH? They just picked the whole ZGH background of Kashaf and put it in this show. Do they really think the public is that clueless? 

Posted: 1 years ago

Nopes its something new for me as i did not watch the show so for me its a new track & interesting one

I don't watch pakistani shows thus tracks are new for me 

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Posted: 1 years ago

Yes..that was my COVID watch 

Posted: 1 years ago

Yep. I too it annoying that they picked up that background. They could have shown that her dad cheated on her mom or he just left the family because he didn’t want to stay here either because he had a problem with her mom or because he never wanted to get married and feels like he wasted time in this marriage leading to resentment towards his daughters and ex wife. She could have still had bitterness towards men and although the story is common it wouldn’t feel plagiarized.

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Posted: 1 years ago
Originally posted by Marybarton

Why do Ekta's writers plagiarize from ZGH? They just picked the whole ZGH background of Kashaf and put it in this show. Do they really think the public is that clueless? 

The problem is not only that they pick up tracks, but more that they destroy the essence of it.

In ZGH, Murtuza & Nigar were opportunistic, not evil and scheming, and Hammad toh was borderline cute- he only wanted good foodsmiley36

But here the father and his new family will be manipulative, horrible and downright evil.

Agar chori karni hi hai, toh dhang se karo nasmiley29

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Posted: 1 years ago

Yes I have watched it. 

But I don't mind balh2 copying a part of zgh.. although yes I would want things to be subtle instead of OTT even if they are copying, I am not really bothered by this angle. Just wish that the father is toned down a bit, that's all. 

Posted: 1 years ago

Yes, I did watch ZGH and yes this type of scenario was there in ZGH too but a more humane version here, it has already been established that her father and his family will be out an out villian and will keep on creating problems for Priya. That restaurant scene with father and step mom was totally unnecessary like they were lurking in the corner just to pop out and insult Priya. But I won't call this plagiarism yet as this track is not a new concept at all in ITV. I am pretty sure there are many shows where they must have shown lead's father having another family. 

Apart from being OTT, the main difference from this track from ZGH is that Kashaf used to be really pissed at her father more due to her mother's struggles which was resultant if her father not being around or supporting their family and then there was the anger of preferring a son over daughters. In BALH, we are yet to know about any struggles of the mother. Also in ZGH, the father used to directly insults his wife rather than badly insulting the daughter but the opposite is true here. 

For me the more problematic thing is the OTT screaming and also if you notice, the insults by the father is baseless. Saying that she is ugly or that she is so old now, won't be getting money from him. I mean none of these insults hold any value and it seems petty of teh father to insult his own daughter on this basis but sure they re hurting enough for anybody. 

Posted: 1 years ago

I dont feel that they copied... Infact i think that having same BG is for anyone is not that surprising... many people and families go through samethings... its just that we dont know them...

Even if its inspired from it.. I dnt feel that it is disappointing... I would like to take it in a positive way.

Gulzar Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 

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