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I don't want to comment too much before seeing the upcoming episodes, but here are my initial thoughts. Just my personal perspective...

Firstly, I don't think that Sai and Ajinkya's relationship and Virat and Pakhi's relationship can even be compared. Sai and Ajinkya are simply friends, whereas Virat and Pakhi have a known romantic history. Sai has given Virat no reason to ever doubt her, and Virat himself gave Sai the biggest source of insecurity through the wedding vaada. On top of that, Pakhi is always around to instigate the situation and make Sai feel even more uncomfortable. Anyways, this is not the point of your post, so I will stop right here... 

I don't think the issue is trust. Sai knows that Virat has never cheated on her with Pakhi, and Virat knows that Sai would never cheat on him with Ajinkya. They both have an unwavering faith in each other. 

The problem is their impulsivity. They both have a lot of differences in their personalities, but they have this in common. They are both overly emotional people who get caught up in their feelings and in the heat of the moment, which leads them to say things they don't mean. 

When Sai overheard Virat and Pakhi's conversation at the pool, she was deeply hurt. Even though it was not new information, she had started to let her guard down with Virat and accept that this marriage might be real. But, witnessing that conversation, she was brought back to the "reality" of the vaada. She felt shattered that she could think her relationship with Virat is anything other than the vaada. She didn't act rationally, nor was she willing to listen to Virat's side of the story...because she was in pain. She was scared of losing the person who is most important to her in the world, and out of that fear, she ended up hurting him with her bitter words. 

We have yet to see how this scene with Virat and Ajinkya is going to play out. But, Virat's insecurities are at an all time high. He is a ticking time bomb at this point. When (if) he accuses Sai and whatever else harsh words he says will not be out of a distrust of her. Rather, they will be out of a fear of losing her. He is madly in love with his wife, and even though he can see that his wife is falling in love with him, he is getting no affirmations. He is worried that he may not be enough for her to accept him as her husband. He is worried that Ajinkya is younger and in the same profession, so perhaps she might end up preferring him. Are these logical thoughts? Maybe yes. Maybe not. Again, he knows how deeply Sai cares for him. But, love blinds us. When we love someone so much, the fear of losing them is also heightened that much. And people say things in anger and fear that they don't mean all the time. This is the reality of human life. 

So, I think that both Sai and Virat are right. And, both Sai are Virat are wrong too. 

Thanks for sharing your thoughts . I liked reading your take . @Bold you summed up everything with this line . As I had mentioned, both were wrong but only one apologized and was called out for his act . 

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I second you but not in all points sai never allows anyone so close to her that too knowing that person still has feelings for you and is not ready to move on with their own as pakki does and Virat who taunts pakki for hurting Sai but not advising her to move on with her own life CLEARLY  and Ajinkya never insulted Virat as pakki does and Sai will never let him do so unlike Virat who keeps mum Just giving simple expression I will say he has raised voice for Sai against Pakki more than 5 times. Why he is not ready to call her  VAHINI?

I am sorry , I don’t understand the need to call her Vahini ? What’s more important calling her by that name or considering Pakhi as his brother’s wife . This reminds me of the those people who used to say to  tie Rakhi to boys who teased girls . Respect should come from heart . 

Ajinkya doesn’t have to insult Virat to have affair with Sai . He can still be normal with Virat and have affair behind Virat’s back if they need to . 

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Will have to watch episodes to tell you how I feel, right now I think this whole scenario is funny, who would distrust his wife like that? Would she cheat in house full of people? smiley36 It is very difficult to bring boyfriends in house when you live with so many people smiley44 

Exactly 🤣🤣

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Hmm , don't think it can be compared because sai didn't ever give virat any reason for distrust. Sai and Aj equation isn't same as paakhi and virat. Virat shares a history with paakhi and placed her between sai and himself from day 1 of their marriage. Pyaari cheez, pyaar and what not. They did have a shady relationship with the importance and right he gave her to intervene in their marriage.

Pakhi does have feelings for virat and virat had feelings for her until the recent past. It cannot be compared to aj and sai.

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Originally posted by shirasaini

actually,in virat and  pakki, Ajinkya and Sai case is entirely different.

1) virat told sai that he is committed towards someone whereas sai didn't tell him like that

2) Pakki still desperate for Virat where Ajinkya is jus a friend and does cross his limit 

3) Pakki always troubles sai but Ajinkya. doesn't do anything like that to virat 

4) Virat still didn't propose Sai and didn't clarify his relationship with pakki yet...

He must be gotten idea that how hurting it would be for Sai when pakki idiot always barge into their bedroom 😠

There's a difference u have to note between Ajinkya & Pakhi - irrespective of the equation between Virat & Pakhi, she's still a household member unlike Ajinkya.

Bedroom is considered as a private space & in many families, they don't let anyone in the room unless they're their best friend or etc..

Its a big no-no in many houses for friends of opposite sex to be allowed in the bedroom, heck in many houses even same sex friends aren't allowed to gossip in bedrooms. In my friend's house, his mom used to say either u talk in the terrace or go to a coffee shop & gossip - don't entertain anyone in bedroom.

And just for the records.. how will Virat know Ajinkya has crossed limits or not ? Its not like Sai is too revealing type of person, she doesn't even open to Virat when he asks something, takes everything for granted just like Virat used to take lightly whatever Pakhi did until recently. Both Sai & Virat have done Phd's on this "jalebi" subject.

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The way he walked to the room smiley37

What was he expecting them to do in the room?! It does seem unwarranted the over reaction.

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First of all why Sai has to accuse Virat when it's only a deal marriage for her? May be she wants to keep the matter clear because in future if she happens to leave him people around or his own family members might blame her for it without knowing what she was asked to do. 

But if we still look for the difference Virat openly admitted to Sai before their marriage that he has someone else in his heart and she shouldn't keep any expectations from him. Even though he keeps planning sweet surprises and brings gifts for Sai now he never straight forwardly cleared this matter. Whatever Sai says or does is based on this, Pakhi's awkward behavior and Virat's soft nature towards Pakhi. In the case of Sai she never openly said that she loves some other person. She only said something like 'what if I say Ajinkya is my boyfriend' in that promo and in the episode she clearly told Virat that she has her own set of college friends. 

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The situations are not comparable.. in the first case Sai's husband has said he loves someone else and  knows that someone else is also in love with him..also was told in anger that he lost that pyaari cheez because of Sai..mentioned during taking pheras again and again how the marriage is just a deal.

In the second case time and again Sai has said he is my friend acha dost...Neither called him pyaara dost...sabse pyaari cheez ...kareebi dost..Neither do they keep visiting each other at odd hours.. This all in the name of dosti.. I understand Virat accusing her would not be him disbelieving her but being hurt and insecure and hence I have always mentioned how his anger needs to be checked..That leads to repercussions..

But the two cannot be compared..Sai was even okay with them going on a trip.. for multiple days and nights all alone.. 

Also the two have different feelings for each other.. Virat is in love with her and expecting it back ... He is also at the most vulnerable stage of his love..where he believes that he might not have is love requited  and also probably does not have Sai with him permanently.. You know Virat is a person who would probably be okay if Sai doesn't not love him back but stays with him forever.. That was evident in so their ring ceremony...

Sai is a person who believes in a marriage that is based on love..She thinks she would not get it..and her layers of insecurity is visible when she has developed some hopes and witnesses KBA..

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 

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