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You are in camp of raghav no confessing at all? smiley37

Ajeeb hai saab. Kuch log complaining he didnt get realization,

Some like my are happy he confessed

And some dont want him to say it all. 

Hum saab ka RR se different expectations

Writers kare toh kya kare smiley37

I have said in the forum I  will  stop watching the show if I hear him saying I love you.smiley36

I feel RR's emotions in a different way and for me his feelings for Pallavi or for anyone in his life is far more deeper than few fancy words. He is the type mar mit  jaao in pyaar. So for me these words just dilute the intensity of his feelings.  But I understand it's necessary to communicate your feelings in relationships and  considering how fragile their marriage is it is better to be clear. 

So will do one thing RR has taught me 'hawa mein filter 'smiley36.

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Originally posted by RosyRosh

You are in camp of raghav no confessing at all? smiley37

Ajeeb hai saab. Kuch log complaining he didnt get realization,

Some like my are happy he confessed

And some dont want him to say it all. 

Hum saab ka RR se different expectations

Writers kare toh kya kare smiley37

If situation was normal  he would have never confessed but made Pallu confess to him instead but now the situation has changed with Mandar's entry and now Raghav knows his relation with Pallavi will be in danger if he do not express his feelings for her so the confession.  Uff Raghav back to his angry avatar!! Burned the TV screen!! Uff!! 

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I’m in bro! Saw the precap. EXACTLY how I imagined Raghav to profess his love. We all knew he was in love way way before Pallavi. I totally imagined him saying this when he gets highly emotional. Raghav Rao, in the first episode speaks some very deep lines about love and today, he’s living those lines “Joh pyar ko Jaan le, yeh pyar uska jaan le”. He’s totally overwhelmed and devastatingly in love and now; thanks to Mandar, it’s out In the open!

Pallavi seemed elated, she has the much needed assurance that he wants her and isn’t with her just coz of their marriage. 

 Let the angst begin! 

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the episode was just amazing again today... RR - the looks, the dialogues...

and finally naamkaran for Mandaar - Lost and found ladka... 

Ketan was brilliant...

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Originally posted by RosyRosh

my heart was pounding today. mandy vs Raghu..mandy thew some good fight but end of the day, even blinded raghav will WIN. CAUSE. HE IS RAGHAV RAO. smiley32

raghu being raghu. Def arms legnth about mandy. Not buying his sop story of mem loss. THE DOCTOR came prepared and mandys story makes NO SENSE so def something fishy. Doc saying pallu sit with mandy in the back, pallu will be there.. putting pressure on pallu seems obvious that mandy or whoever he is, paid off the doc or something like that to lie. 

Pallu hasnt bought the story totally either but she is in a dilemma cause who wouldnt be? Dopplegangers are not exactly real life smiley37 so of course shes gonna be like.. well he does look like mandy smiley24

Im happy she was with raghav and didnt go hug mandy or preoccupy herself with him. 

But ufff raghav def feeling a little annoyed already 

And the PRECAP THOUGH smiley32smiley32smiley32smiley43smiley43 LET THE ANGSTY JEALOUSY BEGIN. 


raghavs confession smiley42 im really happy we arent wasting time with him discovering his feelings because its RAGHAV RAO. He knows himself and what he wants, who he wants. And him being strsightforward no games.. im HERE FOR it. 

Copy pasting my response in DT related to raghavs confession:

People complaining about raghavs realization want a watered down typical romantic male hero. Raghav is NOT THAT. he is not a lovey dovey guy. He knows what love is. He himself stated that the first episode itself. He knows hus feelings just doesnt express them. And his behavior with pallavi is his biggest show of that. So stop expecting the typical with raghav. Im happy he is self aware and we dnt have to go through the "realization" process for him. Pallu it makes more sense for. 

Its just how is pallu gonna react. I PRAY that pallu says she loves him too. OR assures him at least. Idk. I feel like whatll happen is pallu may not get any opportunity to tell him she loves him adding fuel to raghavs jealousy fire smiley43smiley37

Am i the only one loving this? smiley37smiley37 im sadistic. smiley16smiley15

Aaj ka episode is just wow 

In Poora episode  Raghav is on Iam the Raghav Rao mode 

Raghav ko jealous aur insecure deke mere ko sadistic happiness ho  raha haismiley37

Mandy brought jealous raghav with full force

Iam waiting for tom episode with popcorn to watch

Raghav and mandy ki tashan .

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Love realization isn't a switch on off

He has been in love with her long time now

Wo violins bajna hawa chalna dupatte udna is not Raghv Rao style

It has been a journey Pallavi knew she was falling in love she needed Krishna to say it out loud 

Raghav Rao knows he is in love with his wife.

First time Pallavi felt something for Raghav was during Ved round 1 under the table 

He protected her a girl he hated so much 

No one made her feel protected 

Her family they are bound by duty not Raghav 

After that car blast when he was hallucinating Pallavi that was not as a woman He was seeing that spirit that jazba of a fighter She can't go so easily 

Raghav during Amma Keerti scandal

He had a war between his head and heart

Your heart doesn't believe in just anyone esp Raghav who had respect only for his mother and sister and women in General 

His heart was in her favor 

Process hai journey hai

What peeps wanted taam jhaam 

Hawayein chalna and all

She would have done popat of plans part 2 

Proposal le liye fine 

Romantic ambience

Fairy lights


But the main thing is the feelings 

Confession simple and what's needed to be said and heard 

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Mandy ka naamkarn ho gaya smiley16

"Lost and Found"


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Now whether Mandy is real or fake 

I want him to be real 

Because of the things Sanki has called Raghav and said things about his parents for having a child like him

It would be awesome if they could show past before Pallavi came

CS as Sharda said was scared of Sanki

As he grew up he pretended to be scared but that hatred in him gee day by day 

He is more worse than Sanki can think about Raghav

I really suggest if wanna see some awesome acting Shehzad Sheikh as Sahil in phaans 

Character has mental issues but he has been pretending to be stuck at the mental capacity on 10 year old for years not even his parents or sister realized it 

Of course the marriage legality is another thing id Mandar is real

I want to see Pallavi break the shackles of Deshmukh and fly free as Pallavi 

Mr. And Mrs. RR anth bhaga toh sab bhala

I don't want typical ITv MU 

Kaheka pyar when there is no understanding 

Pain angst possessive passion sab mangta no MU 

Raghav doesn't need to set limits for Pallavi She needs to for Deshmukhs

Keep that in mind 

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 

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