Rahasya abhi baki hai mere dost.

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Posted: 1 years ago


Yup so I am back with a half charged phone. Clap for. Me oksmiley36

Chalo let's begin

Devar desperately tries to get a lawyer and finally Kaka comes to the rescue (Hum sach bata rahe ye scene has my heart....how easily and comfortably these two teamed up to help those two idiotssmiley32). Patni complains about mosquitoes and Pati taunts her saying she won't get Ac and fridge here (I mean seriously Pallavi kya soch rahi ho tum jail vo koi 5 star hotel nahismiley37). Pallavi says atleast they can make decent jail (Arey behen vo jail hai JAIL.....kya decent chahiye tumko fan aur gadda wala bed and sath me All Outsmiley37). 

Pati says this is the jail and so only he didn't want his sister here (Par hum dekhna chahate haismiley16). Pati says Nibbi is traumatized and is lying about not knowing to drive (Bari aaayi traumatized.....uska bas chale to dusro ki neend uda desmiley11). Pati then narrates the story of 1st December (Chalo finally adha episode diya kamsekam iss past kosmiley32).

He narrates how Lion ran away from jail and chased him and on the way he saw Keerthi causing Mandaar's accident and holds Patni's hands to comfort her (Sahi bata rahe hai....he knows and realises how important this matter is to Pallavi and tabhi vo ek baar me uska haath pakar liya usko comfort dene ke liyesmiley19). 

Pati says that Lion saw him with Mandaar and he also found his ring there after he put him in the car to take him to the hospital (Btw I was right.... Mandar ko thokar kisi aur ne maari par vo gira Raghav ki gaari pe aakesmiley16 I am so smartsmiley37). He says how he took him to the hospital and Dr. Janki was incharge of the case and she informed him that patient was discharged by family (Naam dusra...khoj khabar kuch tha ni pariwaar ko....to kon sa family aake le gaya bhaismiley37). 

Patni says nothing like that happened and Pati says he too thought Mandaar to be alive and so only thought Nibbi's fault is not too big (Laazmi hai.....jab socho ki zinda hai to matlab utna bada baat hai hi ni..but fact is he is declared deadsmiley3). Patni realises there is more to the story and it is related to Nibbi (Sherlock Holmes ki Nani mode ONsmiley16).

Nibba Nibbi plan to elope from country and Nibbi tries to steal Amma's jewels (Hit and Run me desh chor ke kon bhagata haismiley44smiley6). Pati and Patni get bailed and Kaka says only culprit will be punished (Yes aisa hi hogasmiley41). Binni steals but Pati Patni and Devar come home and she has to hide the bag (Ab kahan bhagogi behnasmiley37). 

Amma thanks God and Patni says culprit will be punished while Nibbi leaves (Dekh ke fayda ni...ab khel khatam hone ka time aa gaya haismiley37). Pati is in pain and Patni asks him to wait for her in washroom which makes Pati alert (Arey oooooo gadhera....Biwi hai tumhari.....smiley44koi isko pakar ke pito resmiley37smiley44). Patni scolds him but later comes and helps him undress and that's a moment (Iske bare me hum kuch ni bolengesmiley43smiley42). 

Patni comes with hot water and makes him sit while he throws his tantrums (Ye naaz nakhre wala aadmi kya karein hum iskasmiley44smiley37). Patni gives him dekh and Pati is all drooling but Amma calls Patni and she runs away (Ye scene sab dhyan se dekhna Pallavi sharma ke bhaagi hai and Raghav usko rokna chahta tha but ni rok payasmiley43smiley42).

Pati is lost after Patni leaves (first of all I love the song selection for this sequence and him being lost ... Haye kya kehnesmiley42smiley43). Nibbi comes to take bag but it is with Patni (Ab kya hoga bare tera Kaliasmiley37).

Precap: No discussionssmiley36

But he was about to place their wedding photo on the wall...precap thik se dekho sab speaker ke piche wedding photo hai and wall is cleared for new photosmiley42


Comments please



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And here I clicked to readsmiley37

Posted: 1 years ago
Originally posted by Joyness

And here I clicked to readsmiley37

same pinch

Hum bhi kataar mein lage hain

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Originally posted by Mihika

My phone battery is low. 

Will post by 10:30 pm

Will read after midnight

mere gar ke nibba nibbi told me to keep my room door open

sudden chhaape maarte hain to check i'm studying or doing tp

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Res - apna post aapke thread pe

Sorry Mihika - was very busy in work today and so could come here only now. Definitely was missing your analysis for this week's episodes. 

I am really happy that the pace of the show is really fast and they are not dragging any track for too long. I would rather have a show that ends on a crisp note instead of just being dragged for the heck of it. 

Chalo at least we now know the story of Pati - The accident victim was alive when he got him admitted to the hospital. So this means Mandar is alive somewhere and that opens a pandora's box for our Raghav-Pallavi. Mandar being alive means the marriage of RaghVi is void and not valid. Ab Raghav kya karega we have to see. Definitely he is not going to give up Pallavi but at the same time he feels quite guilty for the things he did to Pallavi in the beginning. Question is - Will he fight for her and prove that they belong each other. I am looking forward to the angst. Just hope the makers give some good romance before Mandar is introduced. After all, Raghav needs something to cry later on na 

Pallavi will choose Raghav only - She has accepted him as her husband but she can be pressurized by Aayi and Vijay. The deck is really poised well and I really am looking for the D family dynamics. Today we might get the D family version of how they concluded Mandar is dead. 

In all this, I absolutely love Farhad, Kaka and Jaya. All of them are super sweet and understand Raghav and Pallavi very clearly. These 3 are the ones who can help our RaghVi when Mandar comes. The less said about Keerti the better - She  is ready to steal her mother's jewelery - Dang girl you have hit a new low today. 

- Sharada

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Amazing post as always…..smiley32

Anjali ko to bada chipak raha tha aur biwi ko nakhre dikha raha haismiley37

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Yeh toh dhoka hogaya... !

Will (im)patiently wait!


I think it's safe to say that aap iss forum ki jaan hain! Truly missed you these past couple of days!

Pati-Patni's banter is always top notch, par yeh dono jail mein bhi shuru hogaye smiley37

I loved how Kaka stayed firm because "meri bachi ko meri zarurat hai". I hope his character doesn't get butchered along the way!

Pati's narration isn't adding up. If he presumed Mandaar to be alive, toh phir jab pata chala that he's Patni's ex, why didn't he further question what he knew to be the truth!? I guess he did try to clarify with Janki but woh scene muted tha, toh ab hum yahan Sherlock Holmes ki bua ka role play karein kya?! smiley29

Nibba-Nibbi are actually hilarious! Kya khaali dimaag larrate hain dono mil ke. Ek bewakoof, dusra maha bewakoof. smiley37

Pati-Patni's romance has me at a loss for words! Episode aaj raat dekh ke hi kuch soch samajh paaongi. Filhal I'm overwhelmed by all the posts and pictures on the forum! smiley42smiley42

Lastly, isko sirf ek wedding photo hi mili thi dono ki?! I know we never got scenes where they took pictures together, but phir bhi, there's gotta be some story they can make up as to how Pati-Patni have a nice picture together. Wedding pictures toh bilkul bhi nice nahi thi, they both were miserable that day!  smiley44

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Post updated check it out smiley17

Rahasya Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 

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