.● Happy Birthday To The One Who Got Away 😂 ●.

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Posted: 5 months ago

Disclaimer: The content of this write up is purely for fun purposes and to show our banter with the birthday girl. This is not done with an intention to offend anyone or hurt anyone’s sentiments.


I love the way Lucifer is so enthusiastic when he first says Hello to  people. image He had me at Hello. #fox lucifer #lucifer morningstar #lucifer  #Because greetings thats why #and his happy to see you and disarming youu  at the same tine #credit to gif owner ...

Imagine a virtual wave *social distancing* 


Zoeyyyyy: Tone it down girl. What happened to you???

Nidz: I’ve said yes for MARRRIIIIIAGEEEE  

Zoey: Whoa! What?! When did this happen? And why am I not in loop with this update? 

Nidz: Ummmmm…

Zoey: Go on. Tell us who’s your guy?


ICame At Just The Right Time Lucifer Morningstar GIF -  ICameAtJustTheRightTime LuciferMorningstar TomEllis - Discover & Share GIFs

Nidz: Ummmmmmmm… Eason, Hudson, Christian!! 


Nidz: Well 😏 When did I say I’m getting married for real or they’ve said yes for marriage 🤨😂 (although I wish they did if they were for real)

Parm:  smiley24smiley23smiley24smiley23

Private GIF | Rachael harris, Lucifer, Giphy

Zoey: You are so weird at times. 

Nidz: IKR. I’m weird but cute 😬


Zoey: Whatever suits your boat girl. BTW You know what gift I got this birthday?

Nidz: What? 🤨

Zoey: Balls… 

Parm: smiley22smiley3smiley3smiley3

Lucifer Linda GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

Nidz: Ohhhh… Kinky!!! What else? A choker? A handcuff 😬 

Zoey: 🤦🏽‍♀️ Hush. Let me finish. Dirty minds. 

Nidz: Always 😉😉😉 Go on, you have me curious.

Zoey: BALLS OF STEEL to make this thread for another year and even after she refused to make the tags. AGAIN. 🤣 

Nidz: 😂😂😂 You sound like those Durex memes on Instagram with double meaning.

Parm: smiley44smiley44smiley44


G: Aiyo Kadavule! We’re back at it again. Sigh. Didn’t I tell you last month not to make one *squints at Nidz*

Nidz: Main Ye Thread Na Banau Ye Ho Nahi Sakta. Aur Tum Yahan Na Aao Main Ye Hone Nahi Dungi. 

G: Sigh! What does that even mean? 🙄 

Zo: She’s being dramatic is all. Ignore her. But what did you expect from us? Specially me when you had a big hand in my birthday thread title 😒 Revenge is always sweet. It’s Pay Time Partner 😂

G: Sighs!
Lucifer GIFs | Tenor

Nidz: You keep sighing while we move on 🤣

Zo: So moving on… 🤣 We’ve heard that its someone’s birthday and we asked the birthday girl to help us with this thread.

Nidz: I told you remember 😒 Ehsaan faramosh. And you know the hilarious part?

Zo: What ??!! Don't tell me we got the wrong date. I've my butcher's knife ready 😤

Nidz: smiley37 Naaah! I want my hands to eat Nabila ke haath ki biryani 😏 Last month Parm almost wished G a very Happy Birthday (advance mein) smiley37

Zo: Oh Boy !! That'd have been a fun-day, anyways, moving on we asked the birthday girl to make the tags for this thread. And maybe, just maybe a little help with The Title as well.

Nidz: But did she agree? Hell No!! But thanks to our very own UblaAnda aka ColourfulGirgit aka 18Shabbo aka Nabila for these gorgeous tags (you saved the day, literally) 

Zo: So this thread is dedicated to... 


Nidz: Who got away, you may ask?  

Zo: And what did she get away from?

G: Why are you both talking about me in third person? I’M RIGHT HERE!! 🙄

IGot ABad Feeling Aimee Garcia GIF - IGotABadFeeling AimeeGarcia EllaLopez  - Discover & Share GIFs

Zo: You keep rolling those eyes while we carry on with our host duties with due diligence. 

Nidz: Love it, Zo 😂 

Zo: I’m here just for your entertainment, remember?  😒 

Nidz: Now don’t get started on me, I don’t need your sassiness. Anywayysss, so who got away? Let us give you some hints..

Zo: She loves Kitkat or so I’ve heard. She’s never mentioned it to me so…

Nidz: Hmm stop digressing and also.. You’re just jealous 🤣 

Zo: Now I know why she keeps sighing when she’s around you. You can test the patience of a saint.

G: I know, right? 

Nidz: Back to the hints.. She didn’t really want a birthday thread but what kind of friends would we be if we agreed with her? 😂

Zo: Exactly! She even refused… let me repeat… REFUSED to contribute towards this thread 😬 



Nidz: Its all thanks to Parm that we have a title for this. Thank you, Parm. We love you <3 

Zo: So she loves Kitkats, loves doodling and I genuinely think she should start her own business with how talented she is.

Nidz: Aww Zo, are you getting sentimental now? 🤣 

Zo: I swear Nidhi… I’m just going to ignore you. I’m trying to build momentum here and you keep interrupting!!

Nidz: Well that's my job. I’m your co-host, remember? Let me add my two cents. She hates cooking and I wholeheartedly agree with her. And her typos are world famous and so infectious…


Zo: No we’re not going there…


Nidz: Wellllll… You are my instant typo queen #2 😂




Zo: Sigh. Someone just kill me please 😒 

G: Ah! It’s nice to see everyone suffering 😂

Zo: 🙄 You two are lucky that I tolerate you guys (but in my head I’ve already killed you a 1000 times) 

Nidz: You love me Zoeyyyyy 😏

Zo: HAAAAA! Pyaar Tuney Kya Kiya 🤦🏽‍♀️


Nidz: Anyways, moving on, our “DEAR” friend is an absolutely amazing writer and an avid reader. We bonded over our love for romance books and this hasn’t changed to this date. 

G: Aww you guys are soo cute 🤣 

Ella - Gif | Ella lopez, Favorite tv characters, Aimee garcia

Nidz: Well I’m definitely cute, can’t say the same about my co-host 😬 

Zo: Moving on.. Again 😒 She’s got me addicted to White Collar and our deep love for Sarah and Neal tied us in an eternal partnership.

Nidz: Zo, why are you talking like both of you are married and will stay together for seven janams and all?

G: Well.. she is my partner.

Zo: I love you, partner. Honestly. Now who’s the jealous one, Nidhi?

Nidz: Hey not me.. I just want to know how her hubby’s going to feel about this extra-marital affair business..

Zo and G: Ooops 🤣 🤣 🤣 

Even Hot Gets Boring Fox Tv GIF by Lucifer - Find &amp; Share on GIPHY

Nidz: Just speechless really, that's all I’ve gotta say.

Zo: We love you too, Nidhi. 

Nidz: So back to the topic.. Seems like Zo and G just like to digress but I like to do my job diligently so I shall get on with that. 

Zo: Wow! Someone’s in a mood today, so we shall make haste.



G: Nidhi!! You MUST MAKE HASTE!!

Nidz: If you didn’t get that reference, I’m sorry but we can’t take our relationship any further 🤣 

Zo: At last we agree on something. YAY!! 

Nidz: I’m agreeable so don’t know what you’re complaining about 😏 

Zo: Precisely the point. Oh well.. We should start wrapping this up now. Get it? Wrapping? Birthday?

Nidz: That was just soo bad, Zo 🙄

G: Let me know when you want me to make any comment. I’ll just be here in the background, tolerating this nonsense 🙄

Zo: Someone’s getting impatient so we must make haste! 

Nidz: 🤣 🤣 🤣  Fine… so without further ado, let us introduce to you the star of the show..

Zo: Hamari aankhon ka tara 

Nidz: jigar ka tukda

Zo: Dil ki dhadkan…


Nidz: That was a bit much, Zo so lets tone it down 🤣 

Zo: Oh well.. Its her birthday so sab chalta hai 🤣 🤣 

G: 🙄🙄🙄 SO SO extra, I can’t even begin to describe this...

Nidz & Zo: smiley37smiley37





Daya: WHATTTTTTTT ??!!!!!!!!!! 

lucifer-fox | Tumblr | Lucifer, Lucifer quote, Lucifer morningstar

Zo, Parm & Nidz: All we want to say is 



TITLE: WildestDreams aka Parm

TAGS: 18Shabbo aka Nabila

WRITE-UP: xbeyondwordsx aka Zoey & GuardianDevil aka Nidz


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Posted: 5 months ago


And messages too smiley37






Partner! I'll make this short and sweet because I have a feeling you're going to kill us after reading this thread smiley37 Wish you a very happy birthday, Daya! I hope you get all that your heart wishes and so much more. You're an amazing friend to have and I've realised that even more in the last few months. You've been there when I needed you so I couldn't ask for a better partner smiley31 Have an awesome day and I'll be waiting for my piece of cake smiley14 Here is little somethings I made - I'm rusty at best so consider yourself warned smiley37



Love, Zoah xx



Many many happy returns of the day, Daya (not the cid one 🤣) ❤️❤️🎂🎂🎂…have a great birthday..stay blessed, be healthy wealthy and happy always. And do come by everyday so I can translate everything for you



Hi D, a very happy birthday to you buddy. Have loads of fun. 

Love Appy



Happy Birthday Daya!! ❤❤🥳🥳 may you have a blessed year ahead! Wishing all the happiness and success to you ❤



A very happy birthday to you dear🤗🤗May God bless you and may you find happiness and prosperity in whatever you do🥰I just love your creations and banners🥰🥰Keep rocking and keep shining 😘


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Posted: 5 months ago

Happy Birthday Daya! ❤️

I wish you all the happiness in this whole wide world, loads of success, and love because you truly deserve the very best. 😘

Many happy returns of the day!smiley31

Loads of love 


Edited by WildestDreams - 5 months ago
Posted: 5 months ago

I’m so PROUD of myself & Zoey & Parm & Nabilaaaaaaaaa for pulling off this thread smiley16

Posted: 5 months ago

A very happy birthday Dayasmiley40

May you have a great day aheadsmiley40

Awesome thread guys smiley41smiley40

Posted: 5 months ago

Happy Birthday, partner smiley31

Enjoy your day!!

Posted: 5 months ago

Happy birthday Daya! 

Have a great year ahead smiley27

Posted: 5 months ago

Nabz...ohh  wellsmiley37😂😂😂

What to say about the tagssmiley42smiley42🥰🥰🤩🤩

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