Shivi : The Aftermath

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Posted: 7 days ago

Hello people!! 

Really excited to share my ts on Shivi with all of you!! Thanks much for the warm welcome here!! This was a random thought that came in my mind after yesterday's episode.. Hope y'all like it!! 

Disclaimer: The Shiva in my story is super strong, you'll know why when you read it!!smiley4smiley1

The Inner Conflict



It was almost 2 AM in the morning when Shiva reached his favourite place in the haveli. His body and soul ached. It begged him for rest but he just couldn't. Everytime he closed his eyes,those horrible events flashed in front of his eyes.

The near death experience in the temple shook him, not because he could've almost died, she was on the verge of death.. She thought she was going to die and reach her parents.. oh come on!! How more stupid can she get? Wasn't he there by her side? He would have saved her somehow, maybe at the cost of his own life as well.. not because Raavi was thelove of his life or anywhere close to friends, but he knew the pain of losing someone from the family. His Dad. Shiva remained the most affected from his Dad's death. His mom became paralysed. Gautam had the store's responsibility, he had very less time to grieve, he had to become the father figure to the rest of them. Krish was young and Dev was mostly with Gaumbi. Shiva couldn't take his dad's death easily, his sorrow was the base for his hatred towards maami, she was the reason for his death, his hatred increased with time towards maami, her whole family, even today she was still the same evil lady he had seen, hehated every single person in that family. Raavi was a part of it, maybe she was last in the list, but she was the one who faced the brunt of his anger almost all the time, they practically knew each other their whole lives, they annoy and irritate each other to the core but were always around each other.

But yesterday they were stuck beneath the pillars when she almost gave up, Shiva tried his best to keep her awake, he knew he was just blabbering nonsense but knew she would react to it, it did work for a while. Shiva was terrified when she said she was reaching her parents,something broke inside him, he cried, tried his best to wake her up, that poor thing was struggling for breaths but so was he, he was trying his best to balance himself, not to put too much weight on her while having those stonepillars behind his back, the pain was killing him but the sight infront of him was worser.
Good lord, Rishita, Krish and Dev came there for the timely help or they both would have been crushed. A part of him jumped with joy when she regained conscious, he forgot his pain for a minute. It felt so good to see her back to life. This was not the first time; he almost faced the same thing when she tried to hang herself when Dev left her at the mandap. That time he could feel her angst and was genuinely scared for her, this time the fear and pain was the double.

More than her, it was him who was the most affected, to see someone whom he's known his whole life, someone who could speak without a fullstop struggling to speak and breath right infront of his eyes, it broke him, it was traumatising.
Every moment with Raavi from the childhood was just coming as flashes infront of his eyes. The only good thing that happened yesterday was that he was able to clear the misunderstanding she held on to, for a long time. To make things worse Suman had ordered Dhara to leave the house the next day. No one dares to speak a word against Suman, she held so much power. She had made the decision and no one could change it, the pooja was cancelled yesterday since the auspicious time was over and the rest of them had come back to the haveli due to injuries. Shiva didn't know what exactly to do, how will he change Suman's decision? Was Suman wrong in her stand? Whatever she spoke to Dhara and Gautam was just pure concern for her kids. Was Raavi right? And most importantly, how is he going to overcome this emotional turmoil and fear?
He sat on the ground and continued staring at the stars blankly.....


What worse can happen today? She never expected to get caught in a such a circumstance where she would be so helpless and hopeless. She thought the final blow was on her wedding day when Dev declared loving Rishita but today was just the worst. She had learnt that Shiva didn't abandon her that day with the goons, she learnt that he actually risked his own life to get her out safely and all this while she had been whining that he was bad and didn't have the guts to save her. She was already filled with guilt when Shiva said why he left her in the first place. She said sorry which he definitely didn't accept instead asked her to shut up.. That was so him, only Shiva will do that, he does what he thinks and doesn't bother giving an explanation.. She always dreamt of a Prince charming who would keep her safe and protected.. the perfect gentleman type of a guy. But today she saw that exact thing in Shiva, he protected her even she blamed him, irritated him,he literally came over her and bared all the pillars that were about fall over her. She lost conscious, she heard him call her, he called her Raavi, he never does that but he did today, to safe guard her, to keep her awake. She never imagined that Shiva would ever cry for anyone expect his family, he did today,he cried for her, when he thought she was dying, she heard him sobbing. She heard him mumbling lyrics to keep her awake. Thankfully, Rishita and Krish arrived, they safely brought them back to haveli. Raavi just couldn't face Shiva after what had happened, had she listened to him when he called her in the first place maybe they wouldn't have had to go through so much pain. The only good thing was that she could trust Shiva no matter what. All his words were ringing in her ears, Rishita provided first aid to all of the injured,Shiva screamed when he was being treated, it just broke her heart, the superman of the Pandya family was struggling with immense pain.

She wanted to apologise, she wanted to keep on apologising until she says he has forgiven, after all, that was the only thing under her control. She did not know what he must be thinking, is he thinking of Suman's decision or is he even in the state to think on anything.Only lord Shiva knew it but she was going to give it a try.

It was almost 12 PM when she entered the room, limping, to see Shiva in the shower. He took almost an hour to comeback, the whole room was surrounded with awkwardness. She had prepared what to speak but she just couldn't. She saw Shiva looking at her.

Shiva : Go take a good bath, u look tired, Gaumbi has arranged food from outside, it'll be here in half an hour..

He said it more like an information,she didn't protest, she looked so messy and dirty, she wanted to clean herself first and she did what Shiva exactly said.
She went to get food from Gaumbi who was already looked broken. He gave the food and a small smile and left without saying much. So much was happening that they could barely process what to do. Nevertheless she went to the room to Shiva sitting near the window and just staring outside, she went closer and offered food. He just declared he wasn't hungry and asked her to eat as she needed it the most. She didn't want to put up a fight rather she didn't have the energy to fight. She did what was told and God knows when she felt asleep while eating.

It was around 7 PM when she woke up,to see she was covered with a blanket and Shiva was nowhere to be seen. She walked outside to hear Suman saying that she isn't going to change herdecision. Everyone looked terrible, they stood helpless. She figured out that Suman had asked Dhara to leave. Dhara silently accepted her punishment as there was no choice. Hardik was called and Dhara had to leave the next day.
There was pin drop silence but Raavi noticed her Maasi ma having a smile across her face. She silently showed her phone to Anita who followed behind Prafulla. She knew something was wrong. She followed them to see what had happened, she heard her maasi saying to Anita about the video which she recorded when Suman questioned Dhara and Gautam. Shiva who noticed Raavi, went behind her and heard what Prafulla said. He went in, snatched the phone from maami and played it, not to see his Dhara bhabi insulted but to speak in her favour to Suman. Raavi joined in while Prafulla and Anita looked terrified as they had not expected that. Raavi came closer to Shiva and held his shoulder for support, and as the video played, Shiva's blood boiled with anger to see his Dhara bhabi insulted. The video ended and Shiva threw the phone breaking it. Raavi stood shocked not knowing what to do, just when she thought she could talk to him, he was back to being angry, even she was angry at what Suman spoke but she understood the pain behind it.

Shiva left the place in anger, the whole atmosphere made him feel angry, he was confused, what is he going to do now, how is going to vent it out? He walked very fast while his leg ached every step that he took, it felt as though his legs would break if took a step further but his family was breaking as well..

He heard Raavi screaming his name and stopped. He turned back to see Raavi struggling to walk, something just made him rush to her and he held her straight. Raavi took him to their room and made him sit on the bed. That very moment he forgot everything; all he could see was Raavi struggling to stand still.

She gently sat beside him and told...

Raavi: Main jaanti hoon ki tu gussa hai, lekin ab kya karega tu? Suman kaaki se jhagda karega?

(She saw him calming down) dekh Shiva, Dhara di ka batwaara faisla mujhe bhi galat laga. (Shiva stared at her) Pata hai, tu Dhara di ke khilaf kuch nahi sunega. Lekin soch, Dhara di meri bhi favourite hai, woh toh meri inspiration hai aur main hamesha unke tarah banna chahti thi. Shiva, jab tumne Krish ke saath milke woh prank ki, woh naaraz toh thi, lekin kisi ne yeh nahi socha ki woh tum dono par haath uthayingi. Suman kaaki tum sabki maa hain, unko yeh sab batana zaroori tha. Aur ek baar dhyaan se soch, unki taraf se unhone jo kuch bhi kaha, kya woh galat tha? Maana ki unhe Dhara di ke apne bacche ke baare mein taane nahi sunana chahiye tha, lekin baaki sab, ek maa ki dard tha, apne bacchon ke peet par nishana dekh ke bura toh laga hoga na? Woh ro rahi thi tum dono ko gale lagaate waqt. Shiva, kabhi apne maa ke taraf se bhi socha kar. Agar tum khud unke khilaaf jaaoge toh kyaunke dil mein Dhara di ke liye nafrat nahi badhegi? Woh tum dono ke liye bol rahi thi aur tum dono Suman kaaki ke khilaaf jayengi toh unko bhi bohot bura lagega.

Shiva had enough, he didn't want to think of anything, he was about to scream when he heard Raavi taking a deep breath, that was enough to scare him way too much again, was she suffocating?Is she okay? He looked at her with so much concern, Raavi gave a small smile not knowing what to say. She wanted to apologise when he simply said he's sleepy and this discussion can happen later.

He silently went to his side of the bed and closed his eyes. Raavi knew he was upset but she didn't want to get into his personal space, she let him be and went to sleep.

Shiva tried sleeping, his eyes were trying it's best to shut but Shiva had them open, so many thoughts, so much fear and suddenly everything fell out of place. He just couldn't take it anymore. He got up again to see Raavi sleeping, her eyes looked puffy, her hand and legs were injured. He sighed and went out in search of peace...

What do you think would happen next? Please ignore the grammatical errors!! Suggestions and criticisms are always welcome ❤

Posted: 7 days ago

This is very interesting!

I liked this first part of your story, enjoyed reading it as well.

And now I am eager to know as to what will happen nextsmiley9

Update soon, okay!smiley31

Posted: 7 days ago

Thank you!! Means a lot!! smiley1smiley1 

Posted: 7 days ago
Originally posted by bhavna101

This is very interesting!

I liked this first part of your story, enjoyed reading it as well.

And now I am eager to know as to what will happen nextsmiley9

Update soon, okay!smiley31

Thank you!! Means a lot!! Will post the next one tomorrow!!smiley1smiley1

Posted: 7 days ago

Loved it. smiley27

Looking forward to read more of it.

Waiting for the next chapter...

Update soon. smiley42

Posted: 7 days ago

Beautiful 😍.....loved it ❤️❤️❤️

Waiting for next update 😊😘

Posted: 7 days ago

Well written :) Shiva is so affected by Raavis pain and the shock of almost losing her.

Raavis speech to Shiva was so aptsmiley32

Loving it, continue soon

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