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Posted: 4 days ago

This is a drabble that i wrote on them a little while ago but never got myself to post it. Since mhrw hits a century today and everyone's giving something from their side. Here is a little celebratory gift from me.       


Raghav growned at the sharp sunlight hitting his face and forcing him to wake up. Not that he had so much sleep last night. As he cursed his fate for being such a simp, he rubbed his eyes to wear out the sleepiness inside him. Opening his eyes he realised his surroundings as the retro music banged on his eardrums from the outside and the flashback of what lead him to this place came into picture.

It was Aai's birthday week and so his lovely wife wanted to spend sometime with her. Last evening when he got back home he almost had a mini-heart attack as soon as he saw her clothes packed in a suitcase. He tried remembering all the mistakes he might have made to piss her off into leaving the house but nothing clicked so he did what he had best learned from the experience of their 3 month old wedding. As soon as Pallavi walked out she saw Raghav standing beside her suitcase with his hands on his ears and she gave him a puzzled look.

"Kya hua?" she asked him as she kept the towel on the chair.

"Sorry." she heard him apologize, but for what.

"Are par sorry kisliye?" she asked him again, this veda manus of hers was super confusing at times.

"Woh toh tum mujhe batayega na ki maine kya galti kara jo tum itna raatko ghar chodhkar jaa raha hai." he spoke with a scared face. He was scared back then when they had just gotten married and he wasn't even aware that he was in love with her but now that he had figured it out, the fear had actually got multiplied a million times.

"kisne bola main ghar chhodkar jaa rahi hoon?" she asked in shock, was this man hallucinating again.

"Tumhara suitcase ne." he replied in reflex.


"Arey mera matlab tumhara suitcase packed hai toh tum jaa raha hai aur tum ghar chodhke jaa raha hai toh maine hi kuch kara hoyega na." he scratched the back of his neck.

"Yeh kaisa logic hai aur itne se suitcase main mera saara samaan kaise ayega." she gave him an obvious you're delusional look.

"Are iss suitcase main tum fit ho jayega toh tumhara samaan bhi toh ayega na. Yeh faltu ka baat chhodo aur batao tum kidhar jaa raha hai aur kyun?" he asked folding his hands infront of his chest.

"Aai ka birthday week hai na, toh maine socha unko surpirse deti hoon aur thora time unke saath spend karti hoon. Aur waise bhi Amma woh apni womens association ke saath bahar gayi hai toh unke kaam ka bhi koi tension nahin hoga." she explained to him as she turned to the dresser to fix her look.

"Ek hafta ke liye jaa raha hai tum!" he asked in shock.

"Han abhi bataya toh. Aur tum toh aise keh rahe ho jaise ek hafta nahin, ek saal ke liye aa rahi hoon." she giggled as she picked out the matching eartops for her saree.

"Agar tum chala jayega toh Keerti woh bechara akela reh jayega na." he tried to make an excuse, in no hell he was allowing her to leave the house and specially him for a whole week.

" uski fiqar tum mat karo Raghav , woh koi bachchi nahin hai aur waise bhi aajakal woh bass office ke kaam main busy rehti hai." 

"Aur ghar ka khana? Farhad ko toh tumhare haath ke khaane ka aadat ho gaya hai ." he tried his luck again.

"Woh maine housekeepers aur cook ko sab samjha diya hai. Sab manage ho jayega." she patted his cheek as she slipped through him to grab her purse.

"Aur main!" he finally said it.

"Tum kya?" she asked in confusion.

"Main tumhare bina kaise rahega socha tumne." he spoke in a soft voice.

"Raghav tum-" her voice dried in her mouth as he stepped closer.

"Mereko tumhara aadat ho gaya hai Saree ka dukaan. Main kaise rahega ek hafta." he grabbed her waist, this wasn't new to her. It's been a month that Raghav had been acting this way and the proximity was actually comfortable to her. Even she was a little upset to leave him but everyone at home had been misssing her alot too like she has been, so she had to leave.

"Raghav bass ek hafte ki toh baat hai." she spoke looking into her eyes.

"Toh jab main office jayega tab tum chala jana ghar aur shaam ko wapas aa jana." he suggested.

"Umhum sab bahut excited hai. Aise achcha thori lagega." She answered.

'Phir?" he asked in a low voice.

"Raghav please samajhne ki koshish kro. Main bhi unhe bahut miss kar rahi , mera bahut mann hai Aai ke paas rehne ka."


"Aur aisa thori hai ki tum saath aa jaate mere saath , tumhara bhi toh kaam hai na." she spoke but Raghav's face went from upsetting to mischief as he got an idea.

"Jaa sakta main. bilkul jaa sakta hai." he left her in a swift and grabbed a suitcase for him dragging down all his clothes from the wardrobe to his bag.

"Yeh kya kar rahe ho." Pallavi asked being surpirsed.

"Tumhaare saath jaa raha hai main. Ek hafta ghar jamai bankar reh lega main par atleast tumhare sath toh hoyega na."he raised his brows as he shut his suitcase ready to leave.

So that brings him to the current situation, last night Aai made him eat alot, hence upsetting his stomach. And on top of that this house has no ac so the heat had literally melted him the enitre night, making it so difficult to breathe let alone sleep while his wife slept like a baby. He adorned her the entire night and it wasn't until an hour back that he had finally slept but now this sunlight and the retro music from the verandah was making his day worse.Cursing his fate he stood up , motivating himself for the day ahead.

Pallavi rounded around the house handling everyone their cup of tea, she was happy to be finally here. The day was so good already, firstly she woke up beside her husband, secondly, she prayed to bappa like she used to with the retro music touch like always and lastly everyone in the house was super happy to have her back. Aai hadn't stopped gushing over how excited she was. She handed a cup to kaka.

"Yeh lijiye aapki special chai." Pallavi smiled.

"Tu kya gayi pallavi, meri toh sukoon ki chai ki chali gayi thi." kaka joked but something else cuaghte Pallavi's eye.

She walked out only to find her dear husband gymming in the lawn, it wasn't the fact that he was shirtless like everyday gymming like he does but the fact that he was in their garden giving a perfect movie with his hot body to the neighboruing girls. That irked her.

"Oh hello yeh kya kar rahe ho tum." she marhed to him startling him as he pulled off his earphones, music blasting from them.

"Exercise. Tum Deshmukh niwaas akar sab bhul gaya hai kya" he spoke.

"Woh toh mujhe bhi dikh raha hai par idhar kyun kar rahe ho?" she asked anger dripping from her mouth.

"Relax saree ka dukaan. Andar woh tumhara baba mujhko aise gusse se ghurta rehta hai aur tumhara woh chipku behen Amruta aise dekhta hai jaise main chocolate ice cream hai aur woh mujhe khaa jayegga." he replied with clear facts from his heart.

"Achcha Amruta ke chocolate ice cream wale khayalo se issue hai lekin yaha jo aas paas ki ladkiyan tumhe ice cream sundae samajhke ghur rahi hai uska kya?" she spoke in jealousy.

"Oooh tum jealous ho rah hai." he teased her.

"Nahin toh. Main bass yeh keh rahi hoon ki yeh shareefo ka mohalla hai idhar yeh harkaten nahin chalengi." she crossed her arms.

"Toh kaisa harkat approved hai." he pulled her to him in a swift motion.

"Raghav sab dekh rahe hai." she stammered.

"Toh dekhna do, main unko bass yeh bata raha hai ki iss ice cream sundae par already pallavi Rao ka sold out ka stamp laga hua hai." he smiled.

"Veda Manus." she got free of his hold running inside the house.

"Pichchi Aammayi." he laughed.

Pallavi still had her heart beating so fast in her chest as she plated the breakfast on the table.

'Kya hua pallu sab theek hai na?" aai asked.

"ho aai mujhe kya hoga." she replied smiling.

"Raghav naashte ke liye nahin aaya?" aai asked.

'bass ata hi hoga."

'Toh kya tab tak hume nashta nahin milega." baba taunted as he sat down on his chair accompanied by everyone else.

"Nahin baba rukiye main aapko serve karti hoon." Pallavi smiled as she held the plate of poha in her hand and walked to her father.

"Lagta hai aaj sab dada ka favourite hi bana hai." kaka complimented.

"Ho mere baba hai hi tien special." Pallavi started to serve when she was stopped by a voice.

"Pallavi mera wallet kidhar hai." Raghav shouted from the room.

"ab isko kya hua." Pallavi murmured.

'Pallavi dekh jaakar usko" Aai told her.

"Han bass baba ko seve krke jaati hoon" Pallavi replied as she held the spoon to serve but was stopped again.

'Saree ka dukaan mera ghadi kidhar rakhdiya ab tum." she heard him call out for her again.
"Saree ka dukaan mereko mera shades nahin mil raha." came another shout.

"Aur mera gaadi ka chaabi kidhar rakha tum" accompanied by another.

'Lagta hai aaj dada ko naashta nahin mil payega." kaka joked while everyone stifled their laughter.

'veda manus" Pallavi murmured.

Raghav came down to the table, "main kitna der se bula raha tha tumko." 

"Aa rahi thi na." she replied.

"Chhodo ab sab mil gaya bed par hi tha." he scratched his neck.

"Jahan hamesha hota hai. Raghav main sab nikaalkr rkhti toh hoon phir bhi tumhe kaise nahin dikhta hai." she scolded him.

"Kyunki tum roz deta hai na mujhko. Achcha ab main jaa raha hai aaj bahut important meeting hai mera." he replied as he turned to leave.

'Naashta" she stopped him.

"Yeh khalega main" he grabbed an apple from the basket as he turned to leave again but stopped again.

"Are yeh toh bhul hi gaya main" walking to her, he lightly kissed her forehead as he told her good-bye.

Pallavi was shocked and all red in embarrassment while the others had their jaws on the floor. 

It wasn't until the dining area door that Raghav realised what he did and where he actually was and he mentally slapped his forehead for being ai addicted to her that he often forgot his surroundings. 

He turned around as he faced his blushing wife and her shocked family. His eyes nade it's way to his annoyed Father in law as he sheepishly said" Sorry woh main aadat se majboor hai. Ok bye" 

Aai smiled as she saw her daughter finally getting the happiness that she deserves and thanked her bappa for such a perfect birthday gift in the form of her damaad as Raghav made a run for his life. 

I just wanted to write something fun on them apart from the current track or so. 

Waiting for your review. 

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Posted: 4 days ago

This is so good. Why didn't you post it earlier ?? Anyway it's good that you decided to upload this today itself smiley40smiley40

I loved every shade of Pallavi and Raghav you portrayed here.

Thanks for this wonderful gift on occasion of 100 episode celebration smiley31smiley31

Posted: 4 days ago

Lovely write up.

Thank u for writing 

Posted: 4 days ago

Oh my god Dishi---I am literally gushing over them right now

This is so damn cutee--and the last scene--first their typical husband-wife behaviour--then forhead kiss--and Raghav running from there after giving his excuse

I just loved it❀

I am so glad you decided to post it

Posted: 4 days ago

Loved it ❀️😘

Posted: 4 days ago

Amazing. please write more I want to see more pda in deshmuk house and sankisasur and gang 

Posted: 4 days ago

This is so good 🀩 

Posted: 4 days ago

This is perfection! What an adorable scene with such apt dialogues! I would love to see this in the show! Raghav would totally pull that stunt at the end and only be scared of his wife's reaction, her family's shock be damned! πŸ˜‚

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 

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