When Asad Ahmed Khan is Hungry ( AsYa OS 16+)

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Posted: 4 days ago

Long Time ? 

Right .

Happy June to all of you .

To begin with i would like to thank each and every one of you who read ,liked and commented on ''Love and Lips ".Believe me it really meant a lot to me .About the second part  the inspiration isn't striking yet so to compensate that .

I Thought to post another OS on AsYa , hope  you guys will like this one too. Please forgive any grammatical errors or Typos 

Warnings :Slightly Mature .smiley27

                      WHEN ASAD AHMED KHAN IS HUNGRY

Asad Ahmed Khan was hungry.

Him, Zoya Najma and Dilshad had just had a hearty lunch  of Ammi s world famous phirni  , fish , rice and a glass of juice . They had ended up eating a lot more than they usually do because Asad  had came early from his office, as four of them had chattered on about everything and nothing while they ate, prolonging their time at the breakfast table.

So no, food wasn't the issue here.

His stomach was full. But he was very, very hungry.

He was Wiping the leftovers away, while Zoya  And Dilshad washed the dishes. He slid another glance at her back.

Zoya was wearing a Green Anarkali Suit In Georgette With Zardozi Embroidered along the Dupaata .Asad noticed that she had done something new with her hair Tied in a messy  bun , revealing the long line of her neck, and her down to the smooth expanse of her defined collarbones . She always wore Jeans and no doubt she looked gorgeous in it but when she dressed in traditional , in bright and floaty fabrics, she looked too damn heavenly beautiful.

He wanted to bite down on her exposed neck and leave a mark, multiple marks, there, the curve where her neck met her shoulder. He wanted to pull the elastic of kurta down to her waist, because it looked like it would slide down extremely easily.

This was bad. Really bad.

They finally had got married two weeks ago and it seemed right a fairy-tale.

Asad couldn't help but scold himself badly that , What was the reason that he had been such a idiot in taking so long to confess his love ?. She kept asking him to let go, to confess what he felt a long time ago but he being the tight assed Jahapaanah (as she called him) kept denying it all along .

He was a virile young man who had gone through the prime years of his life totally avoiding any form of female companionship. When other guys his age were chasing after girls, he was always too busy making money, studying , building The Dilshad Constructions , and taking care of his sister and mother .

A perpetually exhausted zombie.

Yes, there were women who were interested in him, but he had let them know the , fact that he was totally emotionally unavailable and never expressed his feelings. He had reached a point very early on, possibly his early teens, when he had given up on wanting to be in a romantic relationship, because it was all just too hard. He was fine just being an empty can taking care of his mother and sister going through the motions of his  life, happy to do so until he died in peace.

But Then Zoya Farooqui came into his life like a perfect storm, constantly provoking him by asking what he really wanted, criticzing his attitude and personality and telling him to stop suppressing himself and give into his desires, he was finally learning to rethink his life. He was slowly climbing out of the tunnel of guilt and self-loathing he had buried himself in. He was learning to ask himself, and others, for what he wants.

And what he wanted right now was very clear to him. 

All he wanted ,needed and desired in life was a woman like Zoya Farooqui.

Asad opened the fridge, took out a bottle of cold water, and drank half the bottle in one go without caring about his OCD . Surely this was too much? They had just been in bed about eleven  hours ago. It was only a hour after the lunch . It wasn't right for him to force himself on her again so soon. Right? Right. It was wrong. He was a nice guy, not a selfish, demanding jerk. He wasn't an animal. He could wait until later tonight to touch her. Wait, would she let him touch her tonight?

And How was he supposed to control himself?

Especially with this incredibly sensual woman with her direct gaze, who had tormented his secret fantasies since the day he saw her crying in the dargah.

Tamatar Dilshad and Najma were settled on the sofa a hour and half after the lunch watching the oh -so- dramatic daily soap when Dilshad Noticed Asad walking in the living room and spoke up "Asad , what's wrong with your face?" Dilshad said . "Your pupils look watery, your face is red, are you feeling—"

" Ammi !mein theek hu ," Ammi said loudly, cutting off. This was bad — Zoya would try to figure out what was going on in his mind and then he would be embarrassed.  Thank God she was fully immersed in the daily soap .Predicting a disaster if he didn't take control of the situation right now, Asad  said, "Shall we all  go for a drive ?"

This Caught the attention of the three ladies in the room.

Najma s eyes widened Her Bhaijaan suggesting a drive but then again since Zoya entered his life he was going through some drastic changes in his personality and  How she loved it .

"A drive? Sure, why not?" Dilshad  replied, smiling. "It's a beautiful day today. What do you say, Najma  ?"

"OK, but only a short drive  Bhaijaan,"  said Najma . " Kal Mujhe college jaldi jaana hai ."

"You're right,its been a while ham ghar sae nahi nikle ,"Dilshad agreed visibly happy by the changes her son was showing  as she rushed into her room to wear some acceptable clothes 

"Let's go for a drive . I also want to buy a coffee . I didn't get much sleep last night." Zoya blurted out nonchantly .When realization dawned upon her about what she said  . She looked at Mr Khan , smirking and wished Earth would swallow her up .

"You didn't get much sleep? Why not?" Najma  asked not looking deep into the matter while straightening the dress she was wearing  . "You didn't have breakfast  You just had lunch  . It's 2:30  now. What were you doing if not sleeping?"

Asad stared at his Baby like Sister .Sheer Innocence .

While Zoya s mouth was agape,her  cheeks reddening  .Was Tamatar deliberately teasing her ? Or she really didnt have any idea ?. Allah knew .

"Lets  Go ?" DIlshad interrupted, coming out  of her room dressed as The old topic was completly forgotten in excitement of the trip .

"Yes, let's go,"  Asad added ,  as he  picked up his  phone and wallet from the side table and took the car keys and Noticed Zoya 

"Aren't you going to change?" Asad blurted out, while taking the keys .

"Why? What's wrong with what I'm wearing?"  Zoya  asked, smoothing down her kurta  confused. "I love this suit , it's perfect to go outside ."

"No... nothing's wrong with it," he said quickly. "I mean... I'm just asking because you always change clothes. That's all."

Zoya squinted at him, and he blinked back innocently. She didn't look convinced, and turned to Najma . "Ammi  is there something wrong with the way I look?".

"Kyu bechari ko tang kar rahe ho Asad " Dilshad  replied  "."Itni Khoobsurat toh lag rahi hai ."

"Wahi Toh Problem hai ". Asad murmured under his breath.

" Ji ?' Zoya asked Unsure of what she heard .

"Kuch Nahi'  

The two bickered as they walked out the door, while  Najma and Dilshad followed , laughing.

                                                  * * *

Ammi  was right: it was indeed a beautiful day, sunny but with a pleasantly cool breeze that softened the rays of sunshine that fell on their skin. They drove to the Halali Dam  which was About a hour  from their place , It happened to be one of the most famous tourist attractions located at the outskirts of  Bhopal .  With the windows down, enjoying the fresh air, all quiet for once and lost in their own thoughts. Najma and Zoya had their heads out the window and he for once he didn't have the heart to scold them, Najma was  humming to herself while Zoya  looked enthralled by the sights and sounds they zipped past. Dilshad was busy in her phone No doubt about the fact that her daughter in law had made his Ammi a technology lover (Not that he was complaining)

Asad  drove with one hand, with his head leaning slightly on the other, dreaming of more long drives with the three  people he loved most in the world.

They parked the car infront of a picturesque little coffee shop next to the lake . Najma  and Ammi had  ordered Strawbeery Frappes  , and Zoya  and Asad ordered a cold coffee with whipped cream . Drinks in hand , they took the stairs down to the main spot of the dam and started walking on the ledge   as they sipped their drinks. It was a weekday, it was just the four of them in the deck area  ,  Ammi and Najma were busy clicking pictures of the majestic waterfall while both of them trailed behind near the garden .

Asad s heart was full to bursting. He couldn't believe the picture the four of them presented in this moment. His thoughts trailed to the scarce few cars that drove past, and he wondered what the drivers thought when they looked out their car windows to this trio. Nothing, they are probably thinking nothing at all, he realized. 

No villains ,No diabolical schemes ,No conspiracies. There'was nothing unremarkable here. It's just a family of four  people enjoying a beautiful day . It was such a normal, ordinary thing to do — which made it one of the most precious moments of his life.

He looked over at Mrs Zoya Asad Ahmed Khan , wondering whether she was thinking the same thing he was. She met his eyes and smiled softly, one of those new, vulnerable smiles of hers that confirmed she was feeling a plethora of things at this moment, too. No longer trying to control her emotions .She  wanted to grab her by the waist and spin her around, but instead he would just hold her hand. 

That would be enough.

He stopped in his tracks, unpacking his train of thought. Why did I just think like that? he wondered. Why does "enough" have to be an option? It's just a simple hug.

He could hug her anywhere he wants right?

She was His Wife .

Zoya  stopped when he stopped, too, turning to him. The breeze played with the strands of her hair that  played with the strands of her hair that had escaped from her loose bun. They would have to go home soon, because Mrs Khan was looking way too gorgeous and he didn't want to beat the male population swooning over her .

"Here, hold this," he said, handing her his coffee cup.

"Why?" she asked as she took it in her free hand. He didn't respond, instead bending down, grabbing her tightly by the waist and, once he was sure she wasn't going to drop the cups in shock, he picked her up and spun her around slowly once, twice, three times. She gasped, "Huh...?" at first, but then looked down at his laughing face and started giggling, her arms locking around his neck in an tight  hold, a coffee cup in each hand.

He didn't cared who saw them .

When he was done, he slid her slowly down his body, back onto the ground. As their laughter died down into wide smiles, he was suddenly aware of how her body felt snug against him. His hands were still around her waist, and she hadn't loosened her arms around his neck. She was smiling at him and her dimple on the right cheek flashed at him  and her doe eyes had crinkled into half moons.

He wanted to kiss her so badly, but they were out in public and his sister and mother  was right half a mile away  , and he was hungry. A a quick peck wouldn't be enough. He reluctantly let her waist go, and she followed suit, loosening her arms, her lips pursing and unpursing as she tried and kept failing to stop a shy smile sneaking over her red face.

As he took his coffee cup back from her, he remembered a different day , Guilt and remorse clouding over the warmth in his body. He owed her a long overdue apology of several .Of calling her a misfit , someone who doesn't care about relationships .Hell he even had slapped her and she forgave him for it .

"Zoyaa .," he said softly.

"Hmm?" she replied, giving up on her fight with her smile and now allowing it to openly shine on her face.

"I'm really sorry about the horrible things I said to you and did to you ," he said, picking up her free hand and squeezing it. "I didn't mean any of it, and I was hurting so badly tha- . It's not an excuse, and it wasn't right that I lashed out at you several times  and hurt you like both mentally and physically ."

"It's alright, Mr Khan  It's not a big deal. I've said and done some bad things to you, too," she said, squeezing his hand back.

"Just because you did something bad to me doesn't make it okay for me to do something bad to you," Asad  said, sensing that this was an important conversation.

"It doesn't?" she said, looking genuinely surprised.

"No," he replied. "Not everything is always give and take in a relationship, Mrs Khan . If I do something bad to you, I need to apologise. If you do something bad to me, you need to apologise. If someone behaves badly with you now, it doesn't mean you are entitled to behave badly with them in the future. Especially if it's someone you love."

"So, what should I do now?"Zoya asked.

"I can't tell you what you should do now, because I was a real jerk to several times ," Asad said . "But I can tell you that I'm very sorry I behaved that way , and I promise to be a better man from now on, through not just my words but also my actions."

"Allah Miya , why do I feel like I'm about to melt into a puddle?" she said, her lower lip quivering. "I guess this is me forgiving you?"

"I'm glad," he said, smiling and chuckling at her innocent wife .

"I guess I should also start apologising," Zoya  said with a gleam in her eyes. "And I will. But not right now. I like your idea of using not just words, but also actions."

Innocent wife ?

The day Mrs Zoya Ahmed Khan would be called innocent.Pigs will fly .

He could feel his ears turn red at the way she was looking at him, his brain a little mushy from wondering what she meant by "actions". They were interrupted by Najma and Dilshad, who had finished their sight seeing and were ready to get back home .

Asad and Zoya were surprised would be an understatement when they glanced at the watch .It was already 5 ;30 in the evening .Time just flew and they didn't realize it .

They turned around and started walking back to the car.

He didn't know whether he should blame the coffee, his overprotective instincts or his desire to  claim her his  , but he couldn't stop himself from putting his arm around  as they walked behind Ammi And Najma , his hand automatically placing itself on her petite waist , his thumb stroking up and down and drawing all kinds of shapes just abover her green kurta . She didn't make a sound or turn towards him as he did this, and he was relieved, because if she had reacted in her usual provocative way he would have chickened out, removed his hand and made a run for the car. He took this opportunity to enjoy the feeling of her warm skin, of having his arm around his beautiful lady on a beautiful day.

When they reached the car, he regretfully let her shoulder go and made his way to the driver's seat. The drive back home consisted of a lot of pointless chatter, as Najma Zoya and Ammi  discussed about the most trending movie these days . Once they arrived home, the three left the car in a hurry and went into Najma s room to gossip and chat  . Asad  was left to trudge into the Villa  by himself, annoyed that all of  Zoya s  attention was on his mother and sister .

He went upstairs to his room and decided he might as well  change his clothes and catch upon the presentation Prasad had sent . After freshning up , He was settled at the seatte  looking through the presentation .When Zoya Khan decided to grace her presence in their room after almost 1 hour 17 minutes and 17 seconds .

Yes he counted .

Mentally ofcourse .

"Where did you run off to?" she asked, closing the door latching it.

"What do you mean?" he said, starting at the laptop screen. "You were the one who ran off with Ammi and Tamatar and just left me standing there."

"Mr Khan , are you sulking?"  Zoya teased, coming to stand next to the seatte.

"Why would I be sulking?" he asked grumpily, focusing all his attention on the presentation .

"That's what I'm wondering too," she said. "You were the one who wanted to go out on a drive, and you got what you wanted. Aapka mood kyu kharab hai ?  Aap meri taraf dekh kyu nahi rahe hai ?"

"What do you mean, mein aapki taraf nahi dekh raha ?"Asad  asked, looking at Zoya  for exactly one second before looking at his laptop again. "Why are you even here, anyway? Aren't you super busy with Your Mother and Sister -in -law ?"

"Allah Miya ," she said, moving one of his muscular arms aside ,throwing caution to the wind  and settling onto his lap, her arms going around his neck. "You're so damn cute when you're sulking."

"Aa- Aap kya kar rahi hai ?" he said, flustered, not sure where to put his hands. She was suddenly way too close, her exotic  scent engulfing him. Her body nestled snugly onto his.

"Apne shauhar ke saath time spend kar rahi hu , of course," she said. Both Ammi and Tamatar were tired due to the exhaustion of roaming around and they're fast asleep in their rooms . ." She put a hand on his cheek. "So don't sulk so adorably, you have me all to yourself." She smiled, nuzzling her nose onto his cheek.

"I — you — this isn't a good idea," he stammered, pulling his head backwards, his hands settling on her shoulders — The silken  suit she was wearing , which was the reason for all his problems today in the first place — to stop her from making her move. You idiot, he chastised himself the moment he did it. His traitorous hands latched onto the zip on the back of her kurta and would not move, no matter how much he willed them to. Her movements towards him meant she was fidgeting on his lap, which made him realise he was going to have some other technical difficulties down south very soon.

Zoya tried to play innocent as her 's smile faded. "Allah Miya , why is it never a good idea when I'm the one trying to kiss you?!" she enquired Raising her eyebrows mischievously . "Why do you just get to grab me and do whatever you want, and I can never do the same?"

"No, it's not that," he said quickly. Then, in a stroke of either genius or utmost stupidity, he added, "It's just ... I'm hungry."

"You're hungry? Shall I make you something ?" she asked, raising her eyebrows, (they had a heavy high tea and Mr Khan was still hungry ?) While Asad gulped in desire .Hearing the words .."Shall i make you something" ... from her lips in her throaty voice was not helping the situation. 

"Zoyaaa ," he said, hypnotised, his thoughts the furthest thing from real food . He shook himself. "I mean ... yes let's go to the kitchen. Ya  Khuda , can you please stop fidgeting?"

"Why.?.." Zoya trailed off, comprehension dawning in her eyes as he felt himself hardening under the weight of her bottom. There was no way she couldn't feel it either. F u c k .

"Asad ," she said, this time purposely moving against his erection. He hissed. "I'm going to ask you a question, and you better answer truthfully."

He stared at her, at a loss for words, his chest rising and falling. 

This was madness

She was giving him a fever. He had tried his best to delay this. She had come into their  room looking no less than Aphrodite herself . She had sat on his lap. There was no way he was going to have a half-assed attempt at chivalry now. He has been wanting this all day. He looked at the point where her neck met her shoulder, his mouth watering.

"What do you want to eat?" she inquired in a whisper .

"You," he replied immediately, his mouth descending on that bare expanse of skin, his teeth sinking in.


Should I post another part of it ?  It would be mature .

Thanks for all the love :D

Constructive Criticism is always welcome.

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