FF:-I still love you, (20c continuation updated)

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Posted: 6 months ago

Hello friends this Priya  nd I am a big fan of serial Dharti ka Veer Yodha Prithviraj Chauhan .According to the serial Prithviraj and Sanyogita were first met in the Koteshwar yatra.At the end of the journey both of them became very good friends.They found each other in love.They shared an eternal bond. According to history or Prithviraj raso ,Princess Sanyogita had fallen in love with Maharaj Prithviraj Chauhan . Sanyogita was the daughter of Maharaja Jaichnadra of Kannauj who was the biggest enemy of Maharaj Prithviraj Chauhan.Despite of so many difficulties they got married but Maharaj Prithviraj chauhan was abducted to Afghanistan after the end of tarain second war in 1192 .Prithviraj Chauhan was So brave He killed Mohammad Ghori with the help of his close friend Chandra Bardai and Maharaj Prithviraj Chauhan and Chandra Bardai stabbed each other.After the hearing the news of Prithviraj captivation His beloved wife Maharani Sanyogita committed Jauhar. 


I was highly fascinated by their love saga.I have always wanted to write Fanfiction on Prithviraj and Sanyogita.It’s my second fiction of all time fav couple PrithviSanyo. 

So here below is the summary and prologue of the story

Before sharing the post I would like to inform you one thing

It's a fiction and all characters, plot,events are the imagination of the author if any kinds of similarity with another story seemed then it's merely a coincidence or may be I am inspired from it 🙂.

As it's a fiction may be some parts will be Bollywood movie like or blah blah blah..and sometimes realistics but most of the things here are imaginary and irrelevant to reality.

THOUGH I have posted the story few months ago but I don't why there is no option for reply ,so I again post the story here...as both written nd practical exams are finished So I can rewrite the story and continue it...

Posted: 6 months ago

I still love you - until the last breath

It's not necessary every love story would have a happy ending,some lovers are hardly able to cherish their life with their beloved one . Sometimes they have to spend their whole life without them...did they really live life??This is the story of two different strangers when they met and fell for each other when love was just a word of four alphabets for them.


Did you destroy yourself for someone?Did it happen with you that you always wanted to get over of your past ,you have tried your best and at some point you have thought you have overcome the journey but it is still haunted in your nightmare,engulfing you gradually day by day ,in each and every moment.The past which kept darkest secrets of your life,it pushed you towards the valley of death,you wanted to come back in your original life but you can’t,you are stuck in the middle of inferno and paradise.You are alone in this game nobody can help you.The game may be started by you or someone else but how it will be played and whom will loss and who will win it has only decided by the time.


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It was the time when the whole city was immersed under a deep sleep,everything in the surrounding was so quiet that anybody could clearly hear the sound of a pin dropped on the floor ,there was only the rattling sounds of windows collapsing against a gust of rain . It was difficult to recognize which place it was due to pitch darkness. Suddenly there was a glimpse of light lightened up ,it was light of the screen of a mobile phone which was dancing above the table kept beside a bed.After several ringing of the latest bollywood music ringtone a hand took the phone ,on the blue screen shows the name Niharika,after receiving the call

“Other side of the call

“Hello! Dr.Agarwal ,this is Niharika .I hope I didn't disturb you

Dr.Agarwal switched on the table lamp and glanced at the alarm clock kept atop of the table “,it is 2:30 at night ….what is this ? You are disturbing me now... ! “She spoke up aloud .Nowadays she is hardly able to complete her sleep as she was busy at an emergency case at the hospital . Today she was sleeping two hours ago .

“Sorry,Dr. Agarwal but ! I am hopeless ,the patient at room no. 202 ,his condition is gradually deteriorating “

Dr. Agarwal sat up on the bed,”But he was doing well in the morning right? What happened to him now?”Her voice now clear

“I don't clearly know anything Doctor but he has difficulty in breathing suddenly ,I know you have no night duty today but Dr.Atul is now out off station ,can't reach to him”

“Okay ..Miss Niharika ..I ..I will come”she assured her

“Thank you doctor”

After the end of the call Dr.Agarwal breath out a sigh ,she immediately got up from the bed .She entered into the bathroom ,open the tap of the sink threw cold water on her face ,on the mirror she saw some dark circles under her eyes.She came out from the washroom and wept her face in a towel .She took out a white shirt and a black jeans from the brown wooden almirah which was kept at the corner of the room adjacent to it there was a bookshelf with so many books of medicines ,Post graduate books and so on.Beside the bed there was a wooden study above which a table lamp and a Alarm Clock.The window was kept closed .The whole room though have very little furnitures but it was still looked very clean and hygienic .In the ceiling there was fan and She immediately wore the shirt and jeans ,she didn't have the time to bind or comb her hair so she took a clutcher and tug it behind her hair.She took her stethoscope and the white Apron and her black bag.She was looking for her Scooty’s key which was kept beside a book which she was reading just before sleep .She took her Raincoat which was kept at the drawing room.

She came out from her house and took out the scooty and finally came out from the gate of the house.On the street there were only big ,tall lamp posts which were doing their duty of enlightening the road at night .Everything in the surrounding was seemed lit creepy with the whimpering of street dogs .

Dr. Agarwal climbed on the scooty and started the engine.She was wearing her red color helmet .

It was the month of July, rainy reason ,though the city got lit bit relief from the tandava of rain but not that much,while the driving chill wind touched her face ,she shivered.She came at a dark lonely street ,the shops along the street had their shutters rolled down forming dark ,silent walls on either side,whole the environment was seemed creepy., she didn't stop ,finally she took the main road .There were hardly few cars were going on the road.

On the road at a little distance there was a car in which there was a suspicious man who was sitting on the driving seat .He kept his hands on the steering ,keeping his attention on her .He followed her scooty until the hospital. He followed her everywhere ,day and night .He had known everything about her but she didn't.

Finally She reached the hospital ,kept the scooty in the empty parking slot and entered the hospital.

The car was also stopped there.The man's face was hidden under the darkness and it was very difficult to recognize his face as he switched off the light inside the car.

Seeing dr.Agarwal a lady had come towards her ,she was wearing a simple sari ,her hair was braided behind her head simply and she had a wrist watch in her hand .She was at her 5.3’’ and had a healthy figure at her 35“Thank you,Dr.Agarwal”the lady said with a sigh of relief

Dr.Agarwal said “Okay,but please complain against doctor Atul how can he show negligence towards his patients?”

“Okay,Dr.Agarwal,I will definitely do that.Now please come with me”

Dr.Agarwal Visited the room no.202 ,she checked his BP and heart beats While examining his chest.”Immediately ready the injection”She ordered Niharika

When the nurse was preparing the injection ,Dr.Agarwal was going through the report chart of the patient

“Dr. Agarwal,Injection is ready”said the nurse

She took that and gave it to him.After several times the patient became normal.

“Thank you Once again,Dr.Agarwal”Said Niharika

“It’s alright “ reliped Dr.Agarwal

“Will you again return back to home Dr.Agarwal ”asked Niharika 

“No ,I will stay here ”She answered her when she was going towards the restroom

Niharika always allured by the aura of Dr.Sanyogita Agarwal .In the hospital among all the doctors she respected most Dr. Agarwal .Everybody had known she was a hardworking doctor and very dedicated to her job.She had an oval shaped face with a sharp nose ,brown big beautiful eyes under her full rim black Cat eye spectacle . She is at her 5.6 feet with a fit and fine figure.Niharika always saw her in shirt and jeanes she hardly wore traditional stuff.Although she was looking fantastic with her daily simple attire.

She was sleeping in the restroom and sitting on the chair and by bending her head down on the table adjacent to it.

Her peace of sleep disturbed once again by the ring of her mobile .She rubbed her eyes and took out the phone from her bag ,she was going to received the call but abruptly the call disconnected .She glanced at her Samsung galaxy F41 ,it was 4:30 at the dawn.There was 10 missed calls, her phone again buzzed ,She was little confused ,the screen showed it was a private no.

She swept the green button on the screen and spoke”Hello”

Other side of the call 

A unrecognizable husky voice ”Hello Dr.Agarwal,You don't know me but I know you ,I am the darkest past of your life,You can do anything but cant run away from me,I will destroy you ,I will destroy you in each and every minutes,you will scream but nobody can hear you ,You are alone in this game“

She could not understand anything , “hello!....Hellloo….who the hell is this? Who are you?...W..H...Y..WHY are you prank.???? Before she could utter further the call disconnected suddenly .Sanyogita was totally in a puzzle.


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Character Sketch plot

Dr.Sanyogita Agarwal ,is a hardworking and sincere lady and strong headed woman .She was an example of inspiration.Everything was going well until she met a person who changed her totally .

Prithviraj Adhikari ,a simple boy from a middle class Bengali family .He was a captain at National football team.He was very hardworking and a talented man.In his life football was everything for him. He met a person who taught him the biggest lesson of life and also destroyed everything which he could not compensate for in his entire life.

Dharam Chakrabarty,A very well known businessman ,he was an IIT ,IIM. Very busy person,a polite and introverted kind of person .His life became difficult after the entry of a person in his life.

Maghna Roy, self independent woman,She was a fashion designer in profession and also her own boutique company. Her life became changed when one of the biggest truths of life came in front of her.

Arjun Basak, chemistry professor at Presidency college and also chemistry faculty at a well known private institution at Kolkata.He was a married man .

Raghav Mishra, An employee at a software company ,still a bachelor.

How all these persons were connected and what was that truth for which their life becomes Distorted.

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Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport,Dumdum,kolkata,

The digital clock of the airlines showed 20.15,there was an announcement by the Airlines in English followed by Bengali,Hindi languages. There were so many people who were eagerly waiting for their beloved one ,standing on the outside ,some were sharing a warm embrace with their beloved, among the crowd of the people Meghna was talking to on the phone. her long hair with brown dye which was hanging behind her back ,it was shining under the lights of the airport.She was wearing a maroon color blazer above black color top with the same color trouser below. Her forehead was wider than the chin,and the cheekbones are prominent with a perfectly shaped nose.She was wearing light makeup.She was wearing a pencil heel though she was at her 5.5,her bracelet was glistening on her left hand by which she was holding her trolley bag and pulling it from behind.She disconnect the call ,while she realized by the outer corner of her eyes ,a man was continuously gazing at her.It was the 5th times when she turned back and saw the man was still looking at her .She assumed by the attire of the man ,definitely he would be an employee of a company.He was wearing a navy blue color formal suit ,he had a muscular shoulder hidden under his coat.He was almost 6 feet at height .He had an oval face , sharp nose ,clean shaven beard ,black small eyes.

Both of them were looking at each other ,and suddenly a smile had appeared in the face of them.

“Dharam” Meghna whispered as she started to take her steps towards the man. The man was also walking towards her “Hi!what a pleasant surprise .See you after a long time”Dharam remarked 

They shared a hug , both of them were smiling delightfully .

“How are you Meghna?”Dharam asked after breaking the hug

“I am fine” with a smile “What about you?”

“Me also absolutely fine” ..”but tell me what are you doing here ,I mean have you come for a flight?”

“Actually ,I have just came from bangalore”

Dharam looked at her  

Meghna said “I was gone there because of a marriage ceremony one of my friend at Bangalore”


“But ,where are you coming from?”She asked

“I have visited Delhi for business purpose”He replied 


“Are you waiting for someone?”He asked when she was looking towards the road

“Yes,actually I called Maa to send driver for pick up,But she replied the car was send for service,and so they will book a OLA for me”

“If you don't mind,I can drop you by my car”He assured 

“Hey , you no need to worry , I ..I can mange”She hesitated

“Please,Meghna we know each other from a so long time,at least don't do this kind of formality with me”

“No I don't mean that,I just trying to”she couldn't complete her sentence

“Hey,just call back Aunty ,and inform her I will drop you,no need of argue”

 “Okay ,”Finally she agreed with him after his repeated implored 

In that instant ,drizzle was starting ,dharam told Meghna to entered in to the car immediately 

Mengha called back to her mother and told her everything.In the car both were sitting on the passenger seat ,while the driver was driving the car.

Cold rains drenched the earth,lending everything the gloomy air of the flemish landscape,the wet smell of the earth fascinating Meghna when cold air touched her face by the open window and she inhaled those air .

Dharam asked her “Kaku kakima kmn ache”[How is Uncle and Aunty]

She looked back at Dharam and said“They are fine,what about your parents?”

“They were all good, when I came home you and your family had left the complex?”

“Huh,haa,actually my father had transferred for which we have to shift our house”

“But why you didn't contact with me after that”

“I was busy Dharam,we all were busy in our schedules ,you know na!”she remarked

“Yeah you are right,but what are you doing now?”he asked 

“After completing fashion designing I have open my own boutique by the help of Dada and Boudi[Elder brother and sister-in-law]

“WOW,impressive!’ he exclaimed

She blushed “Thanks”“By the way what about you?”

Dharam answered”after IIT from kharagpur I have done my MBA afterward I have joined the family business of Baba[Father]”

“That’s sound good”she praised 

He smile gently

They talked during that short journey,after an 1 hour finally the driver reached at the Dhakuria,south kolkata ,9,beni Banerjee Ave Rd,7000311 as per informed by Meghna 

Dharam looked through the window. It was a 3 storeyed house,with pink and navy blue painted walls, there was a black railings of gate with a wide wall across the house.

Meghna came out from the car,she asked Dharam to come with her but he told her he would come later ,now he had to go.

“Okay ,”she bid him goodbye by tilting her head over her shoulder

“Kaku kakima ke amr pranam nite bolis[Say Uncle aunty to take my obeisance]”requested Dharam [waving his palm at her]

Meghna turned around and gave a simple smile at him as a reply.

Next day

It was another morning at Kolkata the city of Joy, capital of West Bengal state, and former capital of British India. It is one of India's largest cities . Calcutta, is the educational, commercial and cultural centre of the Eastern part of India, and is the third most populous metropolitan city of India.

The beautiful orange yolked liked Sun rose on the eastern sky , every people involved in their work, common people came from villages ,some were for office,some for in the search of works, little children by holding their parents hand looking forward for their respective schools,the poor women and men of the village are carrying vegetables and all other items on their heads which they will sell in the market by which they had to full their appetite ,some were come via the bus or maximum from the local train which made a busy the morning scenario of the Sealdah station one of India’s major railway termini serving the city of kolkata.In the outside of boys and men were selling newspaper ,everybody was busy like all were running in a marathon,but it was a marathon of life according to them no one had time for anyone.

One such a morning ,in the Taltala lane,word-53,central kolkata-700014,the head of the Basak family was sitting on the sofa in the living room of the house ,reading the daily newspaper while sipping the tea .He was at his late sixties.Still he went in morning walk with his dear wife.


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Mr.Tarun Basak[head of the Basak family] while going through the newspaper ,he took the last sip of his tea and said”Something is happening everyday” with frowned face,and exhale a sigh “people become selfish,greedy day by day”

“What happened Babu?” asked Bimal 

“Nothing”Mr.Basak fold the paper and kept it atop of the table”Tui gache jol de[ pour water on the trees],My poor trees become dry day by day” he complain by making a sad face

Bimal turned around and did his morning duties as usual though he was a servant of the Basak family from around the past seven years still nobody treated him rudely,Mr. Basak seemed him as a funny and good hearted fellow for him.

On the other hand Mrs. Basak[wife of Tarun Basak] was giving instructions to her elder daughter-in-law to make a list of the monthly grocery and goods.Though Mrs.Basak became old still didn't lose her potential. According to her the family will be happy because of the woman living there,Men are careless without women they can't arrange things properly.She had wrinkles on her forehead and also below the eyes,her hair was grey.

 The younger daughter-in-law of Mrs.Basak after puja gave Prasad to her Father-in-law,mother-inlaw,elder daughter-in-law and everyone of the family at the last she was looking forward for her bedroom with the Puja thali on her both hands ,walked through the long courtyard ,the whole interior of the house was little bit ancient , it was typical bengali house ,she took the stairs ,the big open balcony from where they could see the local narrow street,there was two -three tables , above which flowers were kept.

She pushed wooden the door and entered inside.The room had so many furnitures ,adjacent to the door on the both side wooden almond color table ,blue oil painted big walls,there was a veranda ,the open window on the south direction with thick curtains,  below there was a sofa ,the room was smelt with france of flowers ,in the ceiling a fan below it a bed ,adjacent to it a dressing table ,there in front of the mirror a man of 5.8 height ,his hair was parted in one side,he had a light beard with thick eyebrows and slanting cheekbones.

“Arjun,hurry otherwise you will become late for your university “said by the lady

“Maya ,just give me one minute “replied Arjun

 Maya was the dear wife of Arjun who loved her deeply,her round healthy figure gave her a cute look.She had a heart shaped face with cleft chin ,perfect nose , she wore rich vermillion above her forehead , gold jhumkas ,her black hair was braided behind ,she was wearing a cotton sari , sankha and pola in her both hands with light golds bangles . 

Maya had come in the Basak family as a bride 1 year ago,every member loved her like their own daughter.Maya gave Prasad to Arjun. 

Afterward she started to arrange the bed ,Arjun embraced her from behind,keeping his chin on her shoulder,”What happened today’s morning, my dear husband?”she asked him with  teasing tone

“I don't have any mood to go university today”he said childishly 

“ Then where is your mood today?”she asked 

Arjun turned her towards him and looked at her naughtily “I..i..”he was going to close his face against her

“Mr.Romeo leave your romanticism and go for work ,understand”Maya pushed him and showed him her tongue and ran away from their 

Arjun made a puffy face ,at the end he had to go university.This is how the daily morning of the Basak family begins.

On the other side of the kolkata,

Meghna was in her room,sitting on her bed,stretching leg ,she was doing something on her laptop meanwhile she got a call ,she took the phone on the screen it shows an unknown number ,she stared on the screen after several of rings finally received the call


On the other side of the call ,the voice felt familiar to her”Hello,it's me, Dharam”

“Oh,yeah,Dharam,I didn't have your number so I could not called you last night “

“It’s okay” meghna 

“Oh I feel embarrassed Dharam”

“It’s alright, Meghna”he said her gently

“By the way from where you get my number,as far as I can remember last night I didn't give you my mobile number”She inquired confusingly 

“It's not a hard task to collect phone number of your friend with whom you wanted to talk”he replied 

“Ah..Oh..I see “she said calmly 

“Can we meet today?”He asked

“Am..actually “she mumbled ‘’Shall we meet tomorrow ,actually I am busy today”

“Okay tomorrow,Um..venue?”

“South city ,if you don't have any problem then”

“Why should I have a problem?”he asked “anyway tomorrow at south city ,I will come to your home for pick up”

“Okay”Meghna replied “Um ..Bye”

“Hmm..bye Megh”

Meghna cut the phone ,and was also shocked when Dharam called her Megh after so long ,she was thinking something

Next day Dharam came to receive Megha at her home,Meghna introduced him with her Parents and other family members.

“Arey,Dharam baba je”[in bengali accent ] addressed Meghna’s father who was a retired man at his 65,with all grey hairs ,spectacles ,white moustache ,his fat belly hidden behind his punjabi.

Dharam took blessings from Meghna’s parents by touching their feet

“Live a long life beta”they wished him

“Dharam you become more handsome “Meghna’s  Mother praised 

Dharam blushed “Thank you Kakima[Aunty]

Meghna’s Parents insist him to take his dinner here ,but he promised them he would come another day ,today he wanted to take Meghna with him.As Dharam and Meghna’s father were college days friends and both the families known to each other they gave her the permission to go with him.

Dharam halted his car in the south city at a restaurant ,the outside weather was a little humid and warm.

Both of them were standing at the railing  by keeping their hand on it and drinking the cappuccino. They were looking to the main road ,under the open violet sky ,it was evening.

They again talked about their busy schedules ,busy lives and so on.

“You still didn't tell me how you got my number”Asked Meghna

“I got it from your boutique manager  ,last night”He replied

She gazed at him,and after that removed her eyes and looked at the road

Dharam noticed her hair became long and she now changed “You became changed ,Megh”

Meghna looked at him “You also changed Dharam “she remarked

He halved smile “yep, but you become more beautiful than before “he praised 

“I am glad you noticed me before..”

He cut her in the middle”why are you thinking so?”

“Actually I thought you were always busy in books and”she didn't complete her sentence

“And What, Megh?’’

“Nothing ,”she wanted to change the topic”What about others?”

“Yeh everything is good except one “he expressed 

“What is that?”she asked ,with puzzle expression

“Still now I am thinking if they don't meet it would better “He said by exhaling a sigh

Meghna glared at Dharam

 Mumbai Football Arena, Mumbai 

It was 5 in the early evening ,in the trial room a  tall man at 5.11 height with dark brown eyes ,thick arched eyebrows,sharp nose,square shaped face with strong chin,spiky black hair on top with short side and stubble beard . He had muscular shoulders with athletic figures below eight packs abs,he wore the blue color jersey ,he seemed to see as quiet as a mountain but full of confidence.He came to his team and encouraged them as they had a match ,they all were in the same blue color jersey except the goalkeeper and the referee.The man was the captain at the National football team of India .After a few minutes all were looking forward to the ground.

Tournament name: Hero Intercontinental Cup 

Match: India vs Kenya

Round: Final

Before starting the match the National Anthem of both the countries had played .Both the team took their respective positions on the football ground.

The game had started ,the audience sitting in the galley of the stadium, cheered up the players with lots of enthusiasm and hope in their eyes and heart.

1st half round/45minutes 



There was seriousness in the environment of the stadium and also between the both teams.

After 15mins break


2nd half round/45 minutes



In the second half ,2 goals were given by the captain of the Indian football team,jersey number six,Prithviraj Adhikari.


Total score : India vs Kenya = 5:3

India won the match and also the intercontinental cup 

[I don't know anything regarding football,I took help of one of my friend and also You-tube for knowledge ,everything used here are the imagination of the author ,it has no relation with reality]

After end of the match ,many questions were asked from the captains of both the teams

Q)They asked Prithvi  how he was feeling?

A)He replied he was feeling very happy,without his team,he wasn't able to reach upto this level.It’s all because of the hard work,dedications,efforts were given by each member of this team.Being as a Captain he was feeling very proud of them.

Someone of them asked for his autograph ,while going through the football field his eyes were eagerly waiting to see the face of someone for whom he was waiting so long,in this so many past year he had won many matches by his efforts ,he had ocean of glory ,success, everything but still there was a emptiness remained within his world ,everytime his mind asked to him the same questions “Where is she ? How is she?Did she know how difficult it was for him to stay away from her so long?

There were in the gallery so many people had come to see his match,it didn't mean that those were nothing important to him,but still he was waiting for that person ,for whom his heart was crying alone. 


All the team members now had a rest for a few months,so all were visiting their homes.Prithvi also return back to his home ,kolkata


When his car arrived at his locality ,people put a flower garland on him and praised him,gave blessings ,wishes .At the main gate of his house his mother took his arti and fed him sweets. He touched the feet of his Father and mother ,and hugged his brother.He took his little 2 years old niece in his hands  and kissed on her head and cheeks.

He finally entered his room to take a rest.



The room was beautifully decorated with so many expensive furnitures, football designated couch , a big photo poster of his on the beautiful textured wall, near which the bed both side of it table lamps , there was sofa with cushions near the big glass made window covered under the transparent curtains ,in the cupboard with so many trophies he had won ,photo frames in which he was receiving awards from renewable people . 


Prithvi’s Interview had published in newspapers, and in the magazine


Prithvi was lying on the bed of his room ,keeping his eyes on the empty ceiling.It was 10 th July,birthday of the Captain of the national Football team.Prithvi got so many greeting ,wishes from his fans since the morning on the facebook,instagram,twitter,his parents gave blessing to him,he had lots of messages from his relatives and also his friends despite of that his phone was empty ,because it had not contain the message from that person for whom he was waiting so long .It took time for his eyes to adjust to the lack of light.He liked  to live in this darkness as his life also become immersed under the darkness which could not be entiglight by any sorts of light.He felt there was big void embedded within him ,that could not be full filled by anything.

Suddenly the room light lit up when there was a message entered into his whatsapp .Prithvi took his phone and glanced at his whatsapp,seeing that a pretty smile spread on his face.He got a called within a fraction of second, he received the call 

He replied “Yeah I will come,sure”


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13,th July




Nevertheless, I think it would be better if they didn't meet. Why does  God meet those people who will never get together who weren't made for each other, it hurts!”


Whom are you talking about”


“ didn't you know?’’




“I am talking about that cruel and for whom, only for whom many things have been changed throughout these years”


“I can't understand anything “


“ didn't you? really “




“Common Megh, how can you forget …?”


“Dharam please don't keep me in any kind of mystery, I can't get your point ?”


“Mrs Ghosh was asking for the bridal dress of her daughter, was it ready or not within the early evening, so they can visit here and collect, and they are also asked for other collections. Meghna I’m talking to you? Are you alright? “Asked by Nilakshi , looked at Meghna whom she found absent-minded “



Meghna came out from her deep thought, it had been 5 days since she had met Dharam at the south city at the restaurant and was still thinking about those words told by him.





Nilakshi was the daughter-in-law of the Roy  family and she and Meghna shared a very close bonding from the beginning before her marriage in the Roy family. Meghna and Nilakshi were taking care of their boutique for the past 4years. Nilakshi was 2 years older than Meghna.


Nilakshi wanted to continue her study after marriage when she was only 21, she didn't want to get married soon but those time things were not in her favour despite that Mrinmoy helped her and also her mother-in-law, Meghna’s mother support her For, 3years after the marriage of  Nilakshi ,she and Meghna opened this boutique with the help of Mrinmoy and also other members of the Roy family.



Meghna, are you there,” said NIlakshi. 



“Haan! Yes, Boudi[Sister-in-law] “ replied Meghna who was sitting on a couch on her balcony,


“What happened to you Megh, I was calling for you over and over, Is there anything?’’


“Nothing Boudi[in Bengali accent ],”


“Are you Sure Megh”


“By the way Boudi what is that you have come for to inform me?”


“Mrs Ghosh is asking for the bridal dress which she had chosen for her daughter, both of them will be coming soon..she couldn't complete her sentence when their maid came and inform that Mrs Ghosh came with her day and both of them were waiting in the drawing-room”


Meghna stood up and went to the downstairs 


Nilakshi was thinking in her mind “Why I have a feeling that Megh is absent-minded for the last few days, I think I should talk to her tonight “ she recalled the day at the showroom when  Meghna was talking with the customer although she was there her mind was somewhere else. She kept her elbow on the railing and chin above her hand, taking a good view of the garden from above.



It was, early evening, drizzled started,


Nilakshi loved to feel those water droplets falling on her face, the floor, on the wall, she would love to inhale the fascinating smell of the soil.


Gradually the rain started to increase its speed, continued to beat against the window, Nilakshi closed the door of the balcony and also shut all the windows and went downstairs.





15th July



“Arjun, hurry, otherwise you will late,”

“Just 1 min Maya, I will be ready ”replied Arjun


Maya was standing in front of the dressing table, water droplets falling from her long hair while she was rubbing it with a towel. She put the vermillion on her head, while she turned and saw Arjun come out from the bathroom.


Arjun was looking for his clothing in the cupboard, at that moment Maya said” I have kept the attire of yours here”


Though Arjun knew every morning, Maya arranged his outfits but that day  “What happened Maya, I think this aren't mine right ?’’


“Yeah, I know, she said pleasantly 


“Then?”Arjun looked at her for an answer 


 “Actually today is a momentous day for you and I know how it feels when we meet our close one after so long, so try something new “


“Maya, thank you, how much you care about me!”Arjun said delightfully, he embraces her


They move apart after several time” Waise My Sharukh Khan, don't be so romantic, anyway I have bought this outfit within 50% discount from Gariahat” Maya said lightheartedly 






Both of them laugh 


Arjun wore the trouser and Shirt and he was looking very decent in it.


It was evening , there was a slight increment in the humidity in the environment, and Meghna came out from the car after parking it at a suitable zone, she took her steps towards a huge building. She didn't want to come here but due to repeated insistence she had to come up, she didn't know why Dharam was doing all things, what was going inside his head, did he do all these as because she and he were  just childhood friends or maybe there's anything else. Meghna took a breath then within a fraction of blinking of her eyes she saw Dharam who was talking on the phone, when his gaze fell on her he disconnected the call and took his steps towards her.


Meghna saw him under her sunglasses, the calm, self-assured face of his, the clever eyes, the same acute gaze as she had seen him so long ago.


“Hey, I am glad that you have come” remarked  Dharam


“Yeah, I have to or else I know you well, Dharam” Meghna replied 


“Okay now let’s go inside  we can wait for them there” Dharam assured 


“You mean they will come,”


“Of Course, why not? here all these arrangements made only for us !”


“Yep I know na!” she replied pleasantly 


Both of them entered the building, there inside the hall was wonderfully decorated with so many club nights  , the inside temperature was comfortable, the huge walls of the hall were painted beautifully. In the entrance of the hall, there were two portraits of men each on either side of the gate. 


Meghna saw so many men and women who came there,  Dharam told Meghna to take a seat while he had a call, Meghna smiled at him softly while he was talking on the phone she felt a hand over her shoulder it was a hand of a woman, Meghna was taken aback, The lady was wearing a wedding ring in her finger and her hand was looking glossy, her fingers were manicure,she was wearing purple colour nailpolish. Meghna turned around to see who was she, the lady had thick black arch eyebrows, she was wearing a cherry coloured lipstick and her eyes were bigger and beautiful than her,


“Meghna” Pehchana, I am Payal


At that moment Meghna was trying to recall as she had listened to the name Payal before 


The lady looked at her confusingly as she was waiting for her reply.


“Arrey aise Kaise bhool Sakti ho tum”


After several times Meghna remembered she was Payal one of the classmates at her school, she couldn't recall her as it has been a long time and when they were in the same class Payal was very healthy, yet she was very talkative and had a cute smile with big beautiful eyes in their class among all the girls. She is very soft-hearted and has frank behaviour.


“Ohh...yeah yeah I remember, Sorry  yar it was a long time that’s why it takes time for me,  I ‘m sorry, Payal”


“Okay it’s okay, “Payal said delightfully 


“How are you Payal ?”


“I am  absolutely fine, what about you?”


“Me also good”


“It’s good to see you after so long,”


“Me too, you know I was so excited for today when I have received the email “she kept her hands on her cheeks and making a dreamy face


“I have never thought so that so many people will come”


“Me too, usually it hasn't happened, but you know it’s very nostalgic to see your old friends, old classmates after so long, you can return to feel those memories, isn't it?”


Meghna was listening to Payal’s words with attention, and her classmates started to enter inside the auditorium.


She talked with Payal and also others, afterwards, she was looking for Dharam whom she couldn't find, it was 1.15 Pm, she was looking for him here and there, she called his mobile number but it was busy.



A black-coloured BMW halted in front of the gate of the building,


A man at 5’11  had brown hazel eyes, thick arched eyebrows, a sharp nose, a square-shaped face with a strong chin  and a stubble beard. He had muscular shoulders, he seemed to see as quiet as a mountain and deep and peaceful as like an ocean but full of confidence. He was wearing a black blazer and the same colour pant with sunglasses ,his head was covered beneath a grey beanie cap.


He came out of the car and looked at the nameplate of the building ,”Hotel rockstar”.One man came and opened the gate when he stood in front of it.



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Are you restarting the story? I was waiting for an update for a long time.

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