Matte Vasanta Serial Discussion Thread

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Posted: 8 days ago

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Matte Vasanta Story

Annaji Don f Bangalore planning to start a villa project under the name f his daughter Neelambari and named the project as NeelaVilla project. All the land required for the villa is under Annaji, except a house in the central which belongs to Aparna, a freelance fashion designer.

Aparna and Vasanta have bad start on first meet aftr buying bappa idol from shop... Vasanta and friends dancing in the road on the way to Annaji home with Bappa idol. 

Annaji give the task to Vasanta to get rid of Aparna family and get the land and house for Annaji. 

Vasanta visit Aparna house and threaten them to give house to Annaji, which Aparna denies and fight for her house. She write complaint against vasanta to near by police station, and station inspector Vikram. On first meet, Vikram falls for Aparna. For impressing Appu, Viks arrest Vasanta n his friend. Due to this arrest, Vasanta loses his contact with his sister Suma. Suma reaches Bangalore, and she searches for her brother Vijay. She helps Aparna father Chandranna and thus get shelter at Aparna house. Without knowing Vasanta is her brother Vijay, she too joins Aparna family for protecting their house

Annaji son Agastya who is jealous of Vasanta try to create rift between Annaji and Vasanta. He provides evidences like Vasanta betraying Annaji for a girl. Annaji insults Shastriji, Vasanta and Bytoo inviting them to his house. Vasanta starts to live in Appu house claiming land is his providing fake documents and registering case regarding his land taken by Appu family.

While leaving with Appu and her family, Vasanta gets a change of heart, knowing what house means to her and her family. On the day of Neelambari / Aparna (NewYear) bday case wins in favour of Vasanta. But, he gives back all the property to Aparna name and leave from there. 

Annaji n his family will be furious and kicks Vasanta out. Vasanta meets Suma and they move to oldage home Kasturi Nivasa, which Vasanta helps financially. Neelambari with crooked game signs a contract with Aparna in the pretext, all planning done by Annaji, she fake supporting Aparna. As per contract, Aparna need to work any location company ask. if she disobeys any clause then have to pay compensation 36 * 2 lacs.

To save from contract, Parimala and Punyakoti lawyers fake kidnap f Appu, sayin Agastya kidnapped. In real Vasanta tuk appu to kodachadri. The game goes out of hand, when Annaji played his game , announcing in newspaper, as Chandranna (appu father) put the article asking VaRna to come back, he acpted their relation, and will get them married. After VaRna return safe, Annaji files a complaint on fake kidnap case, and Maanhaani compensation of 4 crores (exact amnt im confused) . Vikram for arresting Agastya, as a revenge Annaji made him house security officer. Evil police who s henchmen f Annaji tuk the charge of area police station and arrested Aparna, Her father and brother.

Holiday for court, no bail can b done, to impress Agastya, police officers torture Appu and Amby.

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Matte Vasanta Cast

Vasanta - Rakshit

Aparna - Akshata

Bytoo - Jaidevmohan

Suma - Risha 

Ambeerish / Amby - Raanav Gowda

Lucky / Lakshmi - Vinusha

Aparna Appa /Chandranna

Aparna Amma / Soubhagya

Punyakotti Lawyer / Lucky Appa

Point Parimala Lawyer / Lucky Amma



Bhavani - Annaji Wife 

Agastya - Annaji Son

Neelambari - Annaji Daughter.. (the real villie -_-)



mystery man Vasanta 

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Posted: 7 days ago

will update WU of the episode from 2mrw

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