Dia Mirza - "Why Can't Women get Pregnant before Marriage?"

Posted: 2 years ago

Unless it is a case like sridevi that involves married men, I think it's fine if you get pregnant before marriage. 

Posted: 2 years ago

When u can hav sex b4 marriage then why reject the result of it. Its pretty normal ................. FOR MEN . 

But for women, its big no no due to patriarchal society we live in. 

Once women get pregnant before marriage then there is always high chance of man running away from the women, leaving women devastated in most cases. Most of them opt for abortion, which kills not just fetus but the woman's soul too. This still happens in most of the part of India. Yes even in urban India. 

Only handful of women who try this will bear some kind of social pressure, as mostly girls parents or family will force her to marry the guy asap. Or blame will entirely go upon girl for CARELESSNESS... after all she is the one who have to bear the child in her womb for next 9 months.  

I think that's what happened even with Dia jee, but just for the sake of image and feminism stuff she is speaking other way around.   


Posted: 2 years ago

people do , all the time. But, its not about you or the man ...its about the child. Pretty sure all kids want both parents to raise them...not end up messed up and fatherless or motherless in this horrible world.

But, hey ! some people are all about themselves...sure have kids and dump them...coz thats empowering right ?

Posted: 2 years ago

Of course women can get pregnant before marriage. Women can also get divorced. Women can remain unmarried all their life. Women can be single mothers. Women can be political satirists. 

But only women who fall into any one of the above categories will know how difficult it is to do something different from what is expected from women.

Also, Dia got married because even she knows how difficult it is to raise a kid with a partner without getting married. She can talk about being progressive but she did get married to make things easy. Every one cannot be like Neena Gupta.

Posted: 2 years ago

^The whole point is.. she got married because she WANTED to get married anyway. Not because it would make it easier to raise a child.

Posted: 2 years ago

Then why did she do the hush hush wedding !! it's clear as soon as she knew she was expecting she decided to get hitched.

If she has no problems with that then she should have acknowledged it to everyone and gave birth first then got married..it would have set an example.

When people mention that they were pregnant already then they get triggered smiley22

Posted: 2 years ago

Biologically one can get pregnant even in her teens.

But the point is not about a child bearing mother, its about a child who needs not a dignified classy mom or dad but a stable family environment with both parents enriching it.

Very scared of what feminists will say next, why can’t a child grow up itself? Why should a mother breastfeed child?

Dia Mirza

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