This is not Love- MG || Thread II (*Epilogue* Page 137) - Page 45

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He took care of her while she was sick. That was sweet of him.

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Part 82

She got the position. But she didn't tell Maan that she knows he didn't just get it for her.

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Mom is so judgemental. Geet can not live up to her expectations.

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hi please update soon, thanks

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Part 81 & 82

I like the pace at which this story is going!

Awesome updates, both!

Really, you surprise me every time, with your twisted updates!

But, nevertheless, its all so good to read...

Update soon! 

And thank you for the PMs....


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Originally posted by coderlady

Mom is so judgemental. Geet can not live up to her expectations.

That is a thumb down for Geet..

But Geet is smart, so Maan's mom will have to accept her someday!

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Part 83


Mom-Bass dal chawal?


G- emmm…nahi..saath mein kachumbar ka salad…emm..I mean cucumber salad


Mom smirks


Mom- Aur Maan kya khayega?


G- Woh bhi wohi khaayega


Mom’s eyes widen as if she can’t believe her ears


She shakes her head in disapproval


Geet bites her lips unsurely


Mom abruptly gets up and walks out of the house leaving Geet confused




Maan comes come after an hour


He looks visibly tired


G-Freshen up. I will heat up the dinner


He nods




He stops mid-way




G- Tumhari mom aayi thi


M- Yeah, I saw your text. I will catch up with her tomorrow


Geet nods




Geet’s sweet slumber is broken by the ringing of the phone


She checks the time its 2 am


She wonders who could be calling at this time


Then she realizes its Maan’s phone that’s ringing


She shakes Maan gently


G-Maan! Maan!


He groans in his sleep


G- Tumhara phone baj raha hai


She picks his phone and its hand it’s over to him


She glances and sees that it’s his Mom’s call


She sits up wondering whether everything is okay




M- Haan Mom


M-Aap iss samay, sab theek toh hai naa?


Geet gestured Maan ki kya hua hua kya hua


Maan gestures Geet to go back to bed & that its nothing


She trusts Maan & goes back to bed while Maan was on the call with Mom


Geet ki neend khuli thodi der baad as she didn’t find Maan beside her


Dekha toh 4 baj rahe hain


Living room mein Maan abhi bhi Mom se baat kar raha hai


Geet is worried about his health, he also needs 8 hours of sleep


But it’s his mom, she can’t pressurize him to hang up on his Mom


She glances at him & sighs going back to sleep




Mom was urging Maan ki koi business gathering/dinner par tum xyz ko saath mein lekar jao as your plus one


Mom-This girl is daughter to Mr abc.. and getting together with her will be good for us...


Maan says no


Mom-I am not saying you marry her but chatting with her and making a good impression is not gonna hurt


M -I am dating Geet…I will not go out with anyone else


Maan & Mom bohot argue karte hain


Thodi Geet ko bhi bhanak lagti hai ki kuch pakk raha hai


But since Maan didn't say she doesn't ask


Ladte- ladte mom 2-3 baar swoons, almost swoons…cajoles...blackmails Maan into agreeing


But deal is ki Maan is just gonna give her car ride to the dinner party... say hello to her dad and fir dono apne apne raaste




M-I told you I will pick her up. Will you just stop please?


Maan says getting irritated, this was the 20th time Mom had called him


Mom- I am just reminding you not to be late. It's not good manners.


M- I know that I can't be late. This is not prom night mom.I have actual business to do at the dinner. I don't care for who I give a lift to on the way!


Maan phone kaat deta hai frustrate hokar




‘So, you are going out somewhere?’


Geet asks seeing Maan in a tuxedo


Maan realizes Geet is back from work


M-yeah dinner party


G- You are bringing a date to your dinner party?


Geet confirms as she had overheard Maan’s conversation with mom

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maan's mother pushing him even after maan said that he is dating geet 

Posted: 2 years ago

Hope Maans mom is not planning something big 😥 to separate Maaneet. 

Smell something fishy. 

Waiting to see what unfolds next 

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Part 83

splendid update.... awesomely written

this Maan's mom 😡

she is hell bent on separating Maaneet

at least Maan initially was adamant and stood his ground

but then after his mom's pestering ultimately agreed to give the lady a lift

of cos his mom must be planning something

however he should have told Geet

great that Geet confronted him

wonder what he will tell Geet?

I hope Maan takes Geet with him

update soon

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