Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si... VaNi Aakesh FS

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Posted: 2 years ago

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si ...Things untold...Part 1


“Today is the  most important day of my life.I am going to check whether my best friend Veeranshu loves me or considers me only as a friend.Mom wants me to get married to Aakesh Luthra.I know his mother Rakhi aunty well as I meet her often in the temple.Surprisingly she likes me so much that she wants me to marry her son Aakesh now.Mom is very happy to get a proposal from a rich family as we are facing financial crisis.But my heart goes to Veeranshu.Though he is my best friend, since the time I learnt the word ‘love’ I have been loving Veeranshu.Mom told me that if Veeranshu loves me,she will drop this proposal,otherwise I will have to agree to marry Aakesh.I am at the crucial point of my life.The future of my life depends on Veeranshu’s feelings for me”.

Bani walked towards Veeranshu restlessly.

Veer:Hey Bani…what’s up?

Bani’s lips shivered as she did’nt know how to convey her feelings to him.

Veer:Well..I want to tell you something.


Bani asked him eagerly in a hope to hear ‘I love you’ from him.

Veer:My colleague Vandana is after me.She loves me madly.I think she is a perfect girl.So should I accept her proposal?What do you say?

Bani was shattered.Though Veeranshu did not say that he does’nt love her,she realized that she has no place in his heart.

Bani tried to hide her pain with an artificial face.

Bani:Yes.If you find her perfect,you should accept her proposal.

Veer:Are you sure?

Bani:Yes.Ok Veeranshu.I have to leave now.

Veer:So soon?Why are you in a hurry to go back?

Bani:Because mom is waiting for me.Bye.

Bani just left immediately.As soon as she got out of his house she cried a lot.

Veer said to himself:I lied to Bani that Vandana’s proposal in a hope that Bani will feel jealous and admit that she loves me.But she does’nt love me.If she had loved me,she would not have asked me to accept Vandana’s proposal.

Veer’s tear drops fell down.


Bani had to agree to marry Aakesh as she thought that Veeranshu does not love her.


After a few days…

Bani sent the engagement invitation card to Veeranshu through whatapp.Veeranshu was shocked and he could not believe it.

Veer:How can Bani agree to marry someone like that?

He rang up Bani and asked her about it:Bani,what is this?Your engagement…?

Bani:It’s true Veeranshu.My engagement function is going to take place.Being my best friend I expect you there.

Veeranshu was upset.

Veer:But how come you agree to marry so fast?Sudden engagement…

Bani:Mom wanted me to get married soon.Aakesh’s mother is very nice.So definitely he will also be a nice boy.So I agreed to marry him.

Veeranshu was shattered.

Bani:You must have accepted Vandana’s proposal.Right?

Veeranshu wept silently and cut the call.

Bani wept.

Bani:Veeranshu must have accepted Vandana’s proposal also.


Engagement hall…


Bani's friend Meera dressed up Bani.

Meera:You look gorgeous Bani.

Bani was dull.

Meera:Bani,be happy with what you have.If Veeranshu does not love you,nothing can be done.Right?Aakesh may be the one who is made for you.

Bani was upset.

Veeranshu reached there.

He went near Bani who was draped in a beautiful saree.

Veer:You look gorgous Bani.

She smiled.

Baatein Kuchh Ankahee Si, Kuchh Ansuni Si Hone Lagi
Kaabu Dil Pe Raha Na, Hasti Hamaari Khone Lagi
Wo Wo O O O O O...
Shaayad Yahi Hai Pyaar… (2)

Veer:Today you are becoming someone else’s.

She looked at him emotionally.

Baatein Kuchh Ankahee Si, Kuchh Ansuni Si Hone Lagi
Kaabu Dil Pe Raha Na, Hasti Hamaari Khone Lagi
Wo Wo O O O O O...
Shaayad Yahi Hai Pyaar… (2)

Veer:Where is your guy?Who is he?I want to see him.

Bani pointed her finger towards Aakesh who was with Rakhi.

Bani:There he is.

Veer suppressed his pain and said:He looks handsome.He suits you.

Bani’s heart pained hearing Veer saying that Aakesh suits her.


Aakesh-Bani exchanged rings.

To Bani’s shock Aakesh was not even looking at her face.He did not talk to her at all.He simply smiled along with Bani while taking photographs.

Bani thought:Guess he is marrying for his mother and he is shy too.But it does’nt make any difference to me as I am also marrying him for my mother.


The wedding day…


Aakesh-Bani got married.

Veeranshu went near them:Wish you both a happy married life.

Bani faked a smile:Thank you Veeranshu.

Veeranshu gave him a pale smile.

Bani looked at Aakesh:This is my best friend Veeranshu.

Aakesh smiled at Veeranshu:Hi..nice to meet you.

Veer:It’s my pleasure.

The photographer took the photograph of the trio.

While leaving from there Bani looked at Veeranshu painfully.

Bani:Bye Veeranshu.

He struggled hard to cover up his tears.

Veer:Bye Bani.My prayers will be with you.

Keh De Mujhse Dil Mein Kya Hai, Aisa Bhi Kya Guroor
Tujhko Bhi Toh Ho Raha Hai Thoda Asar Jaroor
Yeh Khaamoshi Jine Na De, Koi Toh Baat Ho

She smiled tearfully and left with Aakesh and Rakhi.

Wo Wo O O O O O...
Shaayad Yahi Hai Pyaar… (2)(
Life In A... Metro).


In the bedroom…


Bani was waiting for Aakesh in the room.Aakesh entered the room.She became nervous as she was not mentally prepared to accept him as her husband.

Aakesh:You did not sleep yet?


Aakesh:Why did’nt you sleep yet?

Bani:How can I sleep like that?

Aakesh:You don’t need to waste time by waiting for me.

Bani was silent.

Aakesh noticed a glass of milk on the table.

Aakesh:Guess mom has kept this milk for both of us.Half for me and half for you.But I don’t like milk.So you drink this.

Bani was silent.

Aakesh opened the cupboard and took a bottle of liquour.He started drinking it.

Aakesh:This is what I like.It’s taste is irreplaceable.

Bani could not believe her eyes.She was shocked.

Aakesh smiled:Are you shocked?This will become normal for you as I always drink.I am an alcoholic.

Bani was shocked.

Aakesh:Mom thinks that by marrying a nice girl like you I will get rid of alcohol.But she does not know that now nothing can separate me from alcohol.

Bani was shattered.She did not know how to react.

She lost her balance due to this shock.Aakesh walked towards her and held her preventing her from falling down.She started shivering due to fear.

Aakesh smiled seeing her fear.

Aakesh:Don’t get scared.I am not going to touch you in an uncomfortable manner.

Because I can never get closer to any woman.Because of an accident I have become an impotent which my mom is unaware of.

So chill.

Bani was again shocked.

Aakesh:But understand one thing.Never tell my mom how I behaved with you.Don’t dare to tell my mom that I am an impotent.Understand?

Bani was scared to see his angry face.

Aakesh stood on the sofa and got involved in drinking.

Bani burst into tears.While crying unknowingly she fell asleep.


Posted: 2 years ago

Good to find a new story. A different plot. Looking forward for the story to shape.

Posted: 2 years ago

Congrats on the FS

Part 1

terrific update 

Posted: 2 years ago

Bani agreed to marry Aakesh if Veer refused to marry her. Veer should have proposed to bani instead of lying to her about Vandana. Bani married Aakesh. Sad that Aakesh is impotent, because of which he resorted to drinking.

Posted: 1 years ago

Congratulations on your new FS 

Title sounds Intriguing 

Part 1 

Fascinating and so Interesting Start 

Posted: 1 years ago

Thanks to each one of u 4 the likes n comments.

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si ...Things untold...Part 2


The next morning….

Bani entered the kitchen.Rakhi came there.

Rakhi:Bani,you don’t need to do any work.There are maids here to do work.


Rakhi:No need Bani.

Rakhi ordered the maid to make tea for Bani.

Rakhi and Bani sat together and sipped tea.

Rakhi:Bani…how is my son Aakesh?

Bani remembered the previous night and became upset.

Bani:He is nice.

Rakhi:Actually Bani..he has a drinking habit.Other wise he is a nice boy.Earlier he was not into drinking.But I don’t know why.Suddenly he started drinking.He is not telling me why he started drinking.Only your love can change his bad habit of drinking.

Bani:I will try my best Maa.

Rakhi smiled:I know.You are the best thing happened to my son.

Bani gave her a pale smile.

Veeranshu woke up from the bed.He saw Bani near him.He was surprised.


Bani:I have come to you Veeranshu.

Veeranshu could not believe it.


Bani was silent.

Veer:Anyways I am very happy that you are with me now.I want to open my heart before you.I really love you Bani.

He moved his lips as if he was going to kiss her.

Suddenly Bani disappeared shocking Veeranshu.

He came back to senses.

Veeranshu became upset.

Veer:How can Bani be here with me?She is with her husband.I am a fool.

His eyes became teary.


4 months passed.There was no change in Aakesh.He ignored Bani and got engrossed in drinking.He was very rude to Bani.


In Luthra house they celebrated Janmashtami.

Bani remembered how she danced with Veeranshu during the last Janmashtami.

Madhuban mein jo Kanhaiya kisi gopi se mile
Kabhi muskaaye, kabhi chhede, kabhi baat kare
Radha kaise na jale, Radha kaise na jale
Aag tan mann mein lage
Radha kaise na jale, Radha kaise na jale

Madhuban mein bhale Kaanha kisi gopi se mile
Mann mein to Radha ke hi prem ke hain phool khile
Kis liye Radha jale, kis liye Radha jale
Bina soche samjhe
Kis liye Radha jale, kis liye Radha jale

(O, gopiyaan taarein hain, chaand hai Radha
Phir kyoon hai usko biswaas aadha) - 2

Kaanhaji ka jo sadaa idhar udhar dhyaan rahe
Radha bechaari ko phir apne pe kya maan rahe

Gopiyaan aani jaani hain, Radha to mann ki rani hai - 2
Saanjh sakhaare, Jamna kinaare
Radha Radha hi Kaanha pukaare

Oye hoye, oye hoye
Baahon ke haar jo daale koi Kaanha ke gale
Radha kaise na jale, Radha kaise na jale
Aag tan mann mein lage
Radha kaise na jale, Radha kaise na jale

Mann mein hai Radhe ko Kaanha jo basaaye
To Kaanha kaahe ko usse na bataaye
Prem ki apni alag boli, alag bhaasa hai
Baat nainon se ho Kaanha ki yahi aasa hai

(Kaanha ke yeh jo naina hain
Chheene gopiyon ke chaina hain) - 2
Mili najariya, hui baawariya
Gori gori si koi gujariya

Kaanha ka pyaar kisi gopi ke mann mein jo pale
Kis liye Radha jale, Radha jale, Radha jale

Radha kaise na jale
Kis liye Radha jale
Radha kaise na jale

Kis liye Radha jale, kis liye Radha jale
Radha kaise na jale
Kis liye Radha jale, kis liye Radha jale
Aah, aah, aah, aah...
Radha kaise na jale - 3(Lagaan).

Rakhi looked at Aakesh and Bani.

Rakhi:I want a small Krishna here.When are you both going to give me a small Krishna?

Aakesh-Bani became dull.

Suddenly Aakesh embraced Bani from behind.

Aakesh:Sure Maa.We will fulfill your dream.

Aakesh looked at her naughtily:Right Bani?

Rakhi smiled while Bani was in shock.

Rakhi:I can’t wait for it.

Aakesh pulled Bani towards him and said passionately:Even I can't wait for it.

Bani was shocked.

Rakhi walked away as she felt that she needed to give them privacy.Bani pushed away Aakesh who was holding her closer.

Bani:Don’t touch me.

Aakesh:I am not desperate to touch you.I behaved oversweet with you so that Maa won’t doubt us.I want Maa to think that we are madly in love with each other.I can’t see her upset.

Bani:Why did you tell Rakhi Maa that we will fulfill her wish when you know that it’s not possible?

Aakesh:If I tell her the truth she will be upset.That’s why.By the way if you wish you can be a mother.


Aakesh:You know that I can’t satisfy you.So you are free to have secret affair with anyone who loves you.I don’t mind if you get pregnant with your lover’s baby.But the baby has to call me ‘papa’.My Maa will be happy thinking that it’s her own grand child.

Bani lost her control and blasted at him.

Bani:Stop it Mr.Aakesh Luthra.I have never seen a cheap guy like you.I never thought that you can stoop to this level.Rakhi Maa is so nice.How did her son become like this?If there was no Rakhi aunty,I would have left you and gone.

Aakesh laughed.

Aakesh:Anyways you have Janmashtami Prasad.It’s time for me to drink.

Bani:Atleast on this auspicious day you don’t drink.

Aakesh:If I don’t drink my body will shiver as a whole.I have no escape from this Bani.

Aakesh walked away.Bani shed tears.




 Rakhi went to Kasi for pilgrimage.


One day…

Aakesh vomited blood which shocked Bani.She held his hand while he vomited.

Aakesh:Leave me.

Bani:Atleast when you are sick don’t be egoistic.

He fainted which shocked her more.She ran towards him and patted his cheek.


He did not respond.

With the driver's help Bani carried aakesh to the car and took him to the hospital.


Bani asked the doctor:Doctor,how is Aakesh now?

Dr:I can’t put you in dark.His condition is not that good.

Bani was shattered.

Dr:Any alcoholic person will have to face such consequences.

He has to get rid of his alcohol addiction.Then only there will be any use.

Bani became upset.

Bani thought:How will I make him stop drinking?He did not stop drinking even though Rakhi Maa and I requested him many times.

Bani walked out of the cabin tearfully.By mistake she collided with someone.

She could not believe her eyes.It was Veeranshu.


Bani:Veeranshu!Why are you here?

Veer:My colleague is admitted here.I visited him.Why are you here?Are you alright?Why do you look upset?

Bani tried to turn off her face to escape from his questions.

Veer:Say Bani...why are you trying to ignore my question?

Bani could not hide it anymore.She embraced him and cried.

Veeranshu was stunned:What happened Bani?

Bani:Aakesh is not well.

Veeranshu was shocked:What happened to Aakesh?

Bani:His drinking habit has ruined his health.

Veeranshu was shocked:Aakesh drinks?

Bani nodded tearfully.

Bani:I want to save him.But …..

Veer:Who is his doctor?


Veer:Dr.Anil is my friend.I will speak to him about Aakesh.You don’t worry about him.

Veer patted her shoulder softly and went to meet Anil.

Anil:Hey Veer….

Veer:Anil…actually now I am here to talk on behalf of my friend Bani whose husband Aakesh is your patient.

Anil:I know Aakesh.He had been my patient before also.

Veer:How is his condition?

Anil:Not good.He is addicted to alcohol.That’s why.

Veer became dull.

Anil:I did not know that Aakesh’s friend is your friend Bani.If I knew this before I would have asked you to stop this wedding.I did’nt know that Aakesh got married.If I knew it before I would have stopped the wedding.

Veer:Because of alcoholism?

Anil:Not just that.He had an accident.After that he became physically unfit to get married.

Veer:What do you mean?

Anil:He is impotent.

Veeranshu was shocked.

Veer:Then why did he get married?

Anil:Maybe for the society to not know his inability.



Bani prayed to God:Please God...please make Aakesh alright.

Veeranshu who came there became upset seeing Bani pray for Aakesh.

Bani:Veeranshu,did you speak to the doctor?


Bani:What did he say?

Veer:First you tell me Bani.Why are you sticking on to Aakesh who does not deserve you?

Bani was confused.

Bani:What do you mean Veeranshu?

Veer:He is a thorough alcoholic and he is an impotent also.

Bani was shocked as Veeranshu came to know everything.

Bani:Is it his fault that he has physical problem?

Veer:No.But he hid it and married you.He betrayed you and still you care for him?Why?

Bani:Because it’s my responsibility.

Veer got angry:Responsibility towards an unfaithful husband?

Bani:Responsibility towards my mother in law who is my mother too.His mother loves me like her own daughter.She does not know that her son has other isues too other than alcoholism.She hopes that I will save her son.

Veer:Don’t be so naïve and innocent Bani.Leave him.Divorce him.You will get a better man who loves you dearly.

Veer said in her mind:Understand my love Bani.

Bani said in her mind:The person I love is you Veeranshu.You don’t love me.Now I don’t want anyone’s love.I just want to live doing my duty.If Aakesh is physically unfit to lead a married life it’s a blessing in disguise as I can’t even imagine anyone other than you touching me.

Bani:No Veeranshu.I will keep up my promise to Rakhi Maa and save Aakesh from alcoholism.Don’t try to change my decision.

Veeranshu became upset.

Veeranshu thought:Within some time the cheater Aakesh became more important than me for Bani.

Veeranshu said emotionally:Aakesh must have done some good deed in his previous life.Otherwise he would not have got a lovely wife like you.

Bani looked at him emotionally.

Veer thought:I may not have done anything worthy in my life and that’s why God did’nt bless me with Bani.

Veer:Are you angry with me for asking you to leave Aakesh?

Bani was silent.

Veer:Please don’t be angry with me Bani.

Bani:I can never be angry with you Veeranshu.Because you are…

Bani completed the sentence in her mind:The only person I love.

Bani:You are my best friend Veeranshu.

They shared an emotional eye lock.

Veer:There is an alcohol rehabilitation centre run by my colleague’s husband.I will recommend ..If you take Aakesh there,his health will improve.

Bani was relieved:Thank you Veeranshu for suggesting this.It is a big help for me.Which colleague?


Bani was stunned:Vandana?She is married?When did she get married?

Veer:She was always married.I simply joked that she is after me.

Bani stared at him in disbelief.

Veer:Anyways ..all the best Bani.Bye.




Posted: 1 years ago

Part 2

Lovely update. well written


Posted: 1 years ago

Part 2 

Fabulous and so Awesome Update 

I enjoyed reading this update 

Naagin 5 

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