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Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by scarlett22

I actually felt sorry for Pakhi today. I think it's the first time I felt sorry for her. Her dialogues were totally undignified and she let herself down so badly. I wish the nuances were acted out better though. 

You did, right? Me too. When she was talking to her mother, it was such a telling moment that she has been raised badly -- without preparing her to face the outside world. It was like raising a princess in a cocoon and finding her a king to keep her like a queen. No battles to be fought. But look, what it has turned her into! 

Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by msin

@maahi11 Virat is not double sayi’s age ..

He just completed his IPS training and got his GC posting .. so he can be 27-29 years old .. yes sayi is now 18-19 years old .. so there’s a gap of 8-10 years .. which is big no doubt but not unusual ..

Janaki I liked the episode today .. both navra baiko made efforts to make the other happy ..

I like ashwini tai ka thoughts .. she wanted to feed Usha mausi .. and gave her tiffin to her .. she heard sayi was planning to leave the house .. but how did she assume .. sayi would stay hungry and without  money in Chavan house .. 

When she peeked into their room she was relieved . Thank god she did not disturb them .. but it would be good if she tells them together .. not to argue outside infront of others .. atleast stick to each other in public .

Show a joint front .. 

I like the cute interaction between SaiRat they know how to bring humour in the conversation..they enjoy each other’s company .. 

Pakhi ka intervention was bad ... and she’s wrong on many levels .. virat cannot be so immature not to understand her behaviour 

Police officers are trained to understand body language conversations.. they are supposed to pick up cues ..

Yeh kaise interrogation karega ... criminals ki 

But today, I thought he was observing Sai and PP's interaction very, very closely  -- it was also the first since Sai's outburst in their private space as well as after the public fight. And it seemed like he almost joined the dots. The lingering look that he had when she was walking out from the room, after completely putting herself through self-brought beizzati... 

Anyways I feel virat is pandering to pakhi because she’s samrat ki wife and he respects that relationship..

He feels bad for her and wants to maintain the status quo 

But he should have told sayi in front of pakhi or even infront of others . That pakhi is your jethani ..a representative of Samrat dada .. her scolding is like a blessing for us 

After I read this, I think the reason why he keeps telling Sai, "Tum Paakhi se aise baat kyun kar rahi ho" is because of the whole "Bade bhai ki wife" wala izzat that she should have. He even introduced her as "Mere Samrat Dada ki wife" to Sai when they first met at their wedding. But the guy has to really spell it out verbally to make his own wife understand his "emotion". 

Pakhi would have got the message .. 

Pakhi herself revealed herself to sayi n virat .. you are bewafa, dhokhebaaz .. she behaved like a spurned lover and not any sister in law 

How can virat deny this to sayi .. and say u are mistaken 

I am glad atleast sayi said why don’t u tell ur pain to virat sir .. and also virat sir cares a lot for you pakhi di 

So virat should get the message clearly . Till he clears the MU it’s an embargo to their relationship..

I know people argue that Sai's constant "you are nobody" makes him feel she is in this only because of the deal. But just like Sai can see his care for her and doesn't know if she should take it at face value and go with the flow, he should also be able to see why she is holding herself back despite being almost as much in love or the process of falling in love as he is. He only needs to speak up once. 

Posted: 1 months ago

Good post. I watched it purely for the entertainment yesterday and they didn't disappoint. smiley37

- Gabbar on his face made a comeback and he looked happy (unlike the other two shers).

- Pakhi's statement Virat, tum Sai ko dhek kar kamzoor pad jaate ho is like saying Sai is his weakness, which Sai also heard.

- Pakhi realizes its not longer a deal, they are pati-patni in true sense, unknown to them.

- Sai said humare kamare mein, which a surprise given that few days back she said its Virat's room

- Pakhi in her anger behaved like a wife, who caught her husband in a compromised position with another girl where she wanted to click pictures and expose them in front of family. Until Sai mentioned that she crossed her limit and if she would say the same to Mohit-Karishma, Pakhi didn't even realize the things she said. Her expression was like what are you talking about?

- Though Virat agreed with many things Sai said, it would have been nice coming from him, but today he really listened. He had sided Pakhi so many times before without giving a second thought .

 Virat was watching and hearing a rally of taanes between the two, wonder if he will need a neck massage after the multiple twists and turns he had to make to look and listen to Sai and Pakhi.

- He did notice that Sai cares a lot about Pakhi and tries to control herself unlike with his family, only coz she thinks Virat loves Pakhi.  

-He missed his chance again, atleast he could have said wife or u r my bhai ki wife and you shd not be saying such things, but if he does, then how will show go on forever.

- For the first time, he actually demanded Sai to feed him but in a cute loving jalebi kind of way and she understood and obliged for a change. See how easy it is with Sai, just treat her with love. Lets see how long he controls his Hulk mode.

- when Pakhi said dhokebaaz, it was nothing but repeat of what Sai told him the other day, your behavior (with me) is nothing less than dhoka to Pakhi didi, which he didn't agree that day, but today Pakhi confirmed that Sai was right in reading her.

Best was after the Pakhi's first taana, Virat was like kuch kaam tha or you just came to say this. smiley36

I want to see how she wil twist all this to say they did her beizzati tomorrow.

Sai still didn't apologize about her behavior. Will we get a continuation of the dinner tomorrow?

I do want them to carrying on eating as if uninterrupted even its its just a 30 second to 1 min scene.

Edited by sukri - 1 months ago
Posted: 1 months ago

How smartly amd easily you play with the wordssmiley36.. 

most of the time i find it difficult to understand your write up..mujaey simple english samaj mein atha hey but not like yourssmiley36.. Are you relative of Shashi Tharoor?smiley36

Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by jankiraghav

Sai's "Aapko mere haath se khaana hai, toh saaf saaf boliye na... ye drama karne ki kya zaroorat hai" -- it is a symbolic line. It applies to their entire relationship and the issue it faces -- lack of spashthata. 

Was waiting for your analysis Janki!! Aap late hoti ho to hum log desperate ho jate haismiley1!

Thank you for the analysis! spot on!!

Sai's above sentence is the biggest cue Virat should take. He is old and experienced enough to know that if he wants something from Sai, just tell her straight out, Mil jayega! Khana kya hug or kiss bhi!! smiley37smiley37smiley37

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 

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