Chaat ki aa gayi plate but chat needed for the fresh slate...

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Posted: 2 months ago

Good afternoon sisterhood! 🌷🌷

Today the mood is built for an evening chaat outing 😜

Ab the "make up fight" menu was so tempting that a visit to the chaat house is mandatory. 😅😅😅 Whoever wants to join please do... I promise lip smacking dahi pooris and whatever you like. Kisi ke Saath share Karna ho toh unhe bhi Lete aana 😂🤗😜

Picking my moments from today --

Today Chavan Saheb gave lessons in how food is broken down into energy. But does he know that for a third person watching the act of food-sharing and feeding between a couple, it is a big indicator of the level of intimacy in their relationship... It has been a very established fact of intimacy that sharing a plate of food, feeding one another -- and that too with the same spoon -- is one of the 'physical' intimacies that are shared among the closest people -- especially spouses. 

Two people witnessed their moment of intimacy -- Aai, with all her good wishes and sincere prayer to keep them safe from evil eyes; and then the evil eye herself, who couldn't stop applauding them for their 'beshkimti' private moment in their private space and even rue the fact that she didn't have a camera on her to click the picture to share on the Chavan family WhatsApp group...

It made me think of the most commonly asked question: Does good win over evil or does evil triumph?

Aai - in her moment of anxiety and worry when she learnt that Sai was leaving the house, instinctively assured Usha Maushi and rushed to stop Sai from leaving. At that moment, it appeared as if Ashwini did not have the hope that Virat would have sobered and been in the frame of mind to stop Sai from leaving -- or perhaps that he would even know that Sai was leaving. For the first time, she appeared to be in no mood to pander to Virat which is understood by the fact that she was first concerned about Sai and Usha having a meal more than Virat. (and of course, Bhavani could only think of Chavan niwas ki maryada rakhne wala mard being hungry). 

The moment Ashwini sees Virat and Sai feeding each other the morsels of the meals, she knows they are taking steps towards reconciliation and leaves with a sincere prayer to save them from all evil eyes and to give them the faith to trust one another to rebuild that which has been damaged.

Patralekha witnesses that same moment in her moment of newfound hope that the fight has been the "ultimate"-- almost like a nail in the coffin in which the marriage was brought home. Yes, wasn't she aware that it was a marriage that was lying in a "coffin" that would be eventually buried once the consideration (Reason) of the deal between her 'imaginary husband' and his 'deal wife' was complete -- that she would become a doctor and leave? It was always supposed to be a 'dead marriage'. At the back of her mind, she was always worried about the deal wali shaadi becoming a 'dil wali shaadi' because she knows cohabiting in the same room can never leave two people untouched (not physically) by one another's love and affection. in between, she has witnessed the moments of Virat's conviction for Sai, his support to her against his family-- something that she could never have for herself when she needed it the most. When he refused to take her hand in marriage, it was because of this "family" that he rejected her... It also makes me wonder why does she not harbour a grudge against the family, actually? Is it because she thinks they would have eventually accepted her as 'wholeheartedly' (pseudo-feelings) as they have done now or because she knows that the only way to avenge her "beizzati" is to use the family as a crutch/cover? 

So, Patralekha until now never witnessed Sai and Virat's moments after their fights and disagreements that she thought were big enough for "Virat apne aap ko kuch kar na le"... Today, was the first time she actually witnessed their intimacy that she had only once heard of during a conversation between Ashwini and Sai. She actually witnessed them 'breathing life' into what she thought was the 'dead' marriage. 

The face-off between Sai-Virat and Delusional Didi was a pretty good one because Virat did not actually stay silent this time.  Thank God for small mercies... Usi par hum zinda Hain...

Loved each of Sai's dialogues to Delusional Didi -- and each coming not as a retort to the 'taunt' but as genuine advise. It might appear as a reply to her acerbic comments about husband and wife, but Sai with all her goodness actually wishes well for Vahini. 

Right from her reminder about her 'atmasamman' to PP's 'beizzati' rant and her reminder to PP about her 'conduct' in a couple's room. 

In fact, Sai brought up the issue of the 'relationship' of "bura lagna" and expectations between Virat and PP and it was another 'missed chance' from Virat to clarify the 'sach' between Sai and PP. 

Of course, one would desire that he should really open his mouth spashthly and make the stand clear because the "mera sach tumhare sach se alag hai" has been said to both Sai and Vahini but the spashthta is yet to be communicated to at least the 'wife'. I think it was a definite moment where he could have addressed it and backed Sai's comment about Mohit and Karishma with equally stern words about it being the space that belongs to the husband and wife. Does anyone believe in striking while the iron is hot? It was the perfect moment to end this entire "butting in" business. But no, how would we continue watching the show with 'special effects of zehereeli vahini'?

Moment of the day: 

To me, the moment of the day came from Patralekha's conversation with her mother:

"Ek baat poochun... Aapke aur Baba ke beech mein kabhi aisa hota hai ki aap dono ke beech khoob jhagda hua ho aur aap dono hi baad me maan gaye hon.."

"Haan, ek baar kya, aisa hazaar baar hua hai. Aur hum dono hi kya, har pati patni mein aisa hi hota hai..." 

"Matlab Sai aur Virat bhi pati patni ban gaye hain?"... 

It was not easy for her to witness the moment when she saw them breathing life into what she assumed was a dead body between them. All the time, so far, she has walked into their space when they have been silent, at a distance from each other physically or emotionally -- when they have been fighting or anxiety taking over their conversations. She has seen them turning their backs on each other in public. She has always found the space between them, where she could slide in and make her presence felt. Today, was the first time she witnessed that space had been "sealed". She could not find that space even when they were physically distanced apart -- when Sai was nowhere in close physical proximity to Virat, when she was outside the house and even when Virat was brooding alone in a distant corner. Yet, there was no space for her to slide in because it remained occupied by Sai even in her absence. When she tried to breach that space, she was snubbed and pushed away hard. 

And finally, she witnessed them 'sealing' that space they had created in their own moment of loss. Her meltdown in private was her acknowledgement of the fact that she had been trying to find her hope so far, assuming that the 'dead' would eventually be buried and she would have that space to herself because it should have originally "belonged" to her. But that is not going to be the case. A woman's instincts about a man are strong. And Patralekha's intuition about Virat's 'connection' with Sai has been right from the first time she heard him speak of her. 

Her mother's words were a reminder to her about the world's biggest fact, as Ashwini said, "Pati patni ke beech me kya chalta hai, ye sirf unhe hi pata hota hai.."

It would be so apt if Patralekha can still accept the reality and decide to find her 'atmasamman' that Sai spoke of. The reason why she feels the "beizzati" is not because someone else is doing it to her but because she is actually keeping her 'atmasamman' at stake to be able to get a oneupmanship in the power struggle that she's actually running alone -- "Sai jeet hi gayi" ... But Sai is actually running no race! 

I can't help but ask --ye Vedi Vahini ke room mein aise kya special acoustics use kiye hain that she can get away with all kinds of sounds, screamings and vase breaking -- without drawing the attention of the ever-ready sound investigators in Chakram niwas? 🤔😑🙄 Right from her suhaagraat wali cry "Main tumse pyaar karti hoon Virat" to her screaming all day of the never-ending Sunday and the ultimate tehes nehes of the pots and trinkets in the room-- and no one can hear her?😑😑😑 Kamaal hai! Aur wahan, lead couple ke bedroom se toh whispers bhi udd udd kar bahar aa jaate hain? Ye kaisi nainsaafi hai? 😒👿

Coming to the "sealing space" part: There is a lot left to be desired, a lot left to be stated and clarified. A lot of unanswered questions need to be asked again and answered spashthly (Will Websters' or Oxford accept the entry of this word to be included??😎🤓) There are unsaid emotions that need to be ironed out. And of course, the latest knot that has been added to the already tangled rope with the public spat needs to be "untied" eventually.

The attempt at reconciliation is filled with tender moments in the evident effort to move on from the ugly spat --most real life couples make the mistake of pushing away the crux of the fight aside while trying to first broker peace. But in this case, the marriage is far from being a rock solid one. The attempt has the potential to come down like a bridge built with a pack of cards that can never be strong enough to withstand even someone blowing a mild wind by their mouth at it -- and unfortunately there are more than a handful people waiting to bring their precarious bridge crashing down. Someone play the 'London Bridge is Falling Down' rhyme for them for tips... 

Sai's "Aapko mere haath se khaana hai, toh saaf saaf boliye na... ye drama karne ki kya zaroorat hai" -- it is a symbolic line. It applies to their entire relationship and the issue it faces -- lack of spashthata. 🤥🤕🥴


So, Why does it seem that 'evil' can win over good? Does it always win over good? Does Good really triumph over evil? 

Now, I first want to say that by 'evil' I don't mean people are "Evil". They do evil things because of warped reasons that make them feel justified in trying all means to achieve the 'goal'. It also depends on who is telling the story that decides who is 'good' and who is 'evil'. 

It depends on the "good". I don't think it is fair to generalise that good will always triumph. Good has the potential to triumph but in an ongoing war between good and evil, evil can definitely win if the good is unwilling to go far enough to thwart the bad. The weakness of the 'good' in a war is that it does not think of "outsmarting" the evil by hook or by crook -- using any necessary means, at the cost of conscience, is the doing of the evil. The goodness of the 'good' actually makes it vulnerable and easier to defeat. 

Evil thrives on selfishness and greed (for power, oneupmanship or whatever be the consideration). Evil does not conform to rules, values or even ethics because it puts survival first. 

That makes it even more significant for the 'good' to do much more than just believing in its value system... if not, evil can certainly appear like it is trampling the good, although deep within the fruits are only borne by the good. 

It's time for high-tea, but what would a high tea 🍵🍵🍵 party be without the dose of coffee ☕☕☕

Aaj aane mein der huyi, lekin aa hi gayi 

Kaisa tha din, do baatein pyaar ki kar ke batao na... bhook mitao na! 


Love you all,



Posted: 2 months ago

Hi , 

I think it’s my first comment on any of your thread but i truly love your analysis’s  and try to never miss them .

Blessed you are and we actually miss your updates till you post them !!

Thankyou for what you do smiley27

Big big hugsmiley31

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Posted: 2 months ago

Awesome post by you, Janki! smiley31smiley27

Posted: 2 months ago

First time commenting

Yesterday pakhi walking into room scene almost looked like the actual wife caught her husband with another women (sai).

If I was to randomly land on this particular scene while browsing through the channels and no history of the actual plot it looked like sai and virat were caught red handed by pakhi the wife of virat in her their marital bedroom on their bed! It looked like sairat were the guilty party, and pakhi threatening to take photos of the scandal she just witnessed! How dare her imaginary husband share a moment of intimacy in her imaginary room! She sees sai as the other women! 

I do feel sorry for her, she loves him but instead of leaving she puts herself through this torture!

Posted: 2 months ago

Good afternoon janki

Aapka case DIG sir ko de diya tha , dekhiye unhone aapko dhund nikala.

Posted: 2 months ago

Janki I was waiting all day for your analysis, even during work would refresh to see if you had posted...

I love the analysis!!!!

Truly wonderful.. the way you catch these small nuances and moments in the episode and explain it here makes a huge difference in how i perceive the show.

So thank you for the amazing post, like always!! smiley27

Posted: 2 months ago

Your post is simply awesome. I too loved the feeding scene and it was significant. Yes, we share the same plate and spoon with our loved ones. When Ashwini saw them feeding other she was sure that things will get back to normal but in came Patralekha and she was dismayed to see them having food together. All this while she thought this is just a deal but now she has realised that Virat has truly moved on and there's no looking back. She had a feeling that after the fight things will get worse but lo and behold they had already resolved and patched up. 

Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by Nazu2311

First time commenting

Yesterday pakhi walking into room scene almost looked like the actual wife caught her husband with another women (sai).

If I was to randomly land on this particular scene while browsing through the channels and no history of the actual plot it looked like sai and virat were caught red handed by pakhi the wife of virat in her their marital bedroom on their bed! It looked like sairat were the guilty party, and pakhi threatening to take photos of the scandal she just witnessed! How dare her imaginary husband share a moment of intimacy in her imaginary room! She sees sai as the other women! 

I do feel sorry for her, she loves him but instead of leaving she puts herself through this torture!

Yes, agree. It looked as if Virat and Sai had committed a crime by feeding each other. Pakhi behaved as if she was the legal wife and Sai the other woman. This woman has lost her mind and if not treated on time, she might end up in the mental asylum. 

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 

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