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Let's follow the IF rules and discuss our views. 

Have a healthy and friendly discussions. 

Appreciate others' views too and have fun.

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Kiara's jealousy and impatience

Kiara's did a lot in the party because of her jealousy and impatience she lost to Rani in all and at last she herself showed her true colours. It was Vikram who stood up while Veer didn't do much.

Maybe this what going to happen to Rani Sa. she has same qualities like Kiara. she is impatient and jealous. 

Rani Sa maybe taking wrong moves . Rani somehow will win over and a the end in front of all her true colours will come out just like Kiara's.

Vikram will stand up for Rani . Veer as he feels indebt to Rani Sa will not do much I suppose . 

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Ranveer scenes

Star of the scene -Vikram. Veer still cannot stand up of his wife. He is sugary if everything is fine only.smiley35

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Scene 1:

Episode starts with Kiara watching Veer and Rani from afar and being jealous. She starts to walking towards them in anger and Vikram realises that Kiara is walking to them and he stops her and drags her out. (I have to say, the camera work in this scene was amazing).

Veer and Rani are still in their moment and Rani says "I'll be right back" and walks away in her stance, still shocked from what just happened, she thinks about how Veer tied her dori and Veer stays back, looking somewhat accomplished.

Vikram and Kiara are having a face off, whereby Vikram points out all the moves of Kiara, he says "you have done everything you wanted to do, if you take another step against bro and bhabisa then it won't be good, mom has accepted them, so this should be enough for you to be away from them, do you understand?" 

Kiara replies, "what have I done?" and Vikram lists everything she done:

1. called Ranisa to Baliya to take Veer back 

2. made the women go against Rani 

3. made her friends embarrass Rani in front of everyone 

4. asked a question that she knew neither one of them would be comfortable to answer 

He says this is her last warning. Very strictly. And walks off. Kiara says to herself "you can keep me away from them but how will you keep you mother away from them? she has something big planned for them".

Scene 2:

Rani is seen to be walking away and she is still thinking about the dori scene and how close Veer was to her, she bumps into Kumud and Kumud asks her if she is okay and Rani says, "yes I am". As Kumud is walking away, Rani remembers that she left the pictures on the table and reminds Kumud of that and Kumud gets scared and starts to go to look for them, Rani asks herself "why did Kumud suddenly get so scared?". Vikram comes to Rani and says to come with him as his friends wants to meet her and she obliges. 

Kumud reaches the party hall and Ranisa calls her and says "as soon as the party ends, we need to take a packet from the photographer, make sure that packet comes straight to me". Whilst Ranisa gives her orders to Kumud, the pictures of Veer from the table fly away and Kumud is unable to find them, she gets worried, in case someone sees them. 

Kiara is seen to be drinking heavily and watching her friends take selfies with Rani. Veer watches how everyone is loving Rani and he smiles. Kiara keeps drinking. Kumud is seen to be walking away from the scene. She sees Champa and asks whether she saw any pictures when she was cleaning and Champa says "what are you saying? I have glass on one hand and the other is broken, was it important?" Kumud is scared. 

Champa gives the glasses to Prabhad and JS enters and pulls Champa aside. JS wants to know where the ring is and threatens Champa, Champa creates a scene and gets JS thrashed by the other workers. 

Scene 3:

Kumud is searching for the pictures and Veer sees her stressed. He asks if everything is okay and why is she so stressed? Kumud says yes everything is fine. Veer asks " were you looking for something? what were you looking for? I'll help you" Kumud says "Nono I'll look for it" and stops him, Veer says "Am I not allowed to help you?" Kumud says "this is not it. everyone is waiting for you at the party?  and the party is for you, so you go, I'll look for it". Veer says "okay, but don't worry too much, whatever you lost, you'll have it again soon" (this echoed - almost like a confirmation that Kumud will find her son again) Kumud looks at him with teary eyes. 

Rajmata comes across the pictures and sees them and gets shocked to see Kumud with Baby Veer. And recalls the fight between DV and Ranisa. 

Scene 4:

Back at the party scene, DV offers a rose to Ranisa and she smiles and insults him and says I never take any gifts from you. But she takes the rose, as she is in front of everyone and everyone cheers for her. Vikram also makes Veer give a rose to Rani. And they get embarrassed. Virkram bring them both in the centre and tells them, "where you going to hide now" and makes them to the honours. 

Veer gives the flower to Rani and Kiara walks in and creates a scene and claims Veer to be hers and Rani is nothing. Veer pulls her to the side and says she cannot behave like this, Kiara claims that only she has right over all of Veer's stuff. Vikram drags her out of the party, Veer thinks "good that Vikram handled this, otherwise Kiara would have seen a side of me that she never saw". He goes to Rani and says sorry on Kiara's behalf and Rani says "She was drunk. It happens, its okay". 

Everyone at the party compliments Rani for her maturity and tells Ranisa that she is lucky to have someone like Rani as the DIL. Ranisa thinks, "have as much as fun as you want Rani, as soon as this party ends, so will all your happiness, you may have won everyone's love but not my place".

Scene 5:

Rajmata and DV face off. DV asks her what's wrong. Rajmata asks is Kumud Veer's real mother. DV is shocked. She says she wants the full truth. 

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Our Viku, his bhabhi-sa's Lakshman and protector smiley27



She deserved a cap today! Kudos to Rajmata for dealing with the mad Rajawat men. Detective R smiley36


I laughed so hard at this scene smiley37 How Ranisa gave it back to DV was hilarious.


Veer is too happy, it's bugging me now smiley37



The only bit of anger we saw from Veer when his wife was being maniacally yelled at smiley1smiley21



Bro she was crying!!! smiley19 You don't deserve her Veer.Image


Our hero at the end of the day smiley27



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It was an okay episode. The things that were supposed to come out in a big way didn't and they hyped up the wrong parts instead. I felt bad for Rani, Rajmata, Kiara and Vikram. I felt mad at Veer and Digvijay.

Rani is so sweet man. I feel bad that she has to go through all this crap. Look at how lively she was in the village and now after coming back, she is again back to her quieter self. She was so lost and awkward after that dori tying scene. Now I feel like Veer should have told her and asked her first instead of showing his haq. smiley24 And heights was the Kiara situation. She said all that crap and yet Rani took it so lovingly. I hate her nature sometimes, I wish she would give it back to Kiara. But I can understand her perspective too. In a way she did come in the way of Kiara-Veer, regardless of whether it was a divine intervention. So I understand her. I just feel bad that she is always at the receiving end and her husband is bipolar.

I see Kiara's POV. I feel bad for her, I do. But I feel like this is where Veer really needs to step in. He should apologize for everything that has happened but tell her she has no right to yell at Rani like that. This is a situation that can be maturely handled by Veer but he keeps letting it go. I wish he showed more anger on his face when Kiara was saying all that crap. He just confuses me so much. I want to trust him and understand him but he just makes me mad whenever anything major happens. But that whole scene was executed badly, I agree with Shaila. Maybe everyone was tired. But apart from Vikram, no one else did justice to the scene. Vikram is truly the hero of this show. I absolutely love him. I feel bad for him too that he has to take care of what his brother can't. smiley11

The fact that Kumud is Veer's mother should have come out in a grand way! But it got lost amidst all the crap. Poor Rajmata has to deal with so much at this age. The Rajawat men are really all cuckoo. The way things are going, if DV admits that Kumud is Veer's mother and he is his father, Rajmata will not hide it. She has always advocated for the truth and I think she will bring it out. Even today she said "I didn't want to cause a scene so I called you here", which means that she will bring it out. This is where Ranisa will be checkmated.

DV-Ranisa's relationship is horrible. I honestly loved how Ranisa gave it back to DV when he tried to be romantic smiley37 She said it with a smile on her face, funny. But it demonstrated that their relationship is nothing but just a formality. There is no love. I feel bad for Ranisa so let me go look at the crying photos from the 5 mins separations scene. smiley37

Jai-Champa scene was unnecessary? Filler much? smiley29

CVs, please give Veer a spine and make him less bipolar. Also please don't do Padmini 2.0. BORING.

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Views on the episode 105 19feb21

Overall a light episode, the heavy stuff was actually did not really hype us up

They could have shown more Q&A VeeRani session so that the Love description by both would have given more push

Kiara scenes are all cliched and looked so terrible even in execution,   the whole cast looked already tired  of the V day shooting, so that could have skipped. 

Jai filler really made no sense other than if one of the servants tell someone as a waiter was misbehaving with Champa  and    Nandini hears it.

Rajmata scene they could have done a bit longer,  so easy to know Kumud as mommy dear of Veer by a photo.  doubt she is the mother

Rajeshwari really is not a royal, you do not give back in front of all.  She is a self-centric women,  the 28 years of hurt for sure all can understand to make a SWEET tamasha of it in public is stupid

Vikram our HERO,  Nandu is our HEROINE

Nandu also is in the convo to pacify things sweetly.

Sad if takes Vikram to marry Kiara as there was no alternative to save VeeRani  .........  is VeeRani so gullible that they need Vikram to protect them from Kiara

Vikram has given the LAST WARNING

Rani as you all say too much of a goddess image,, she should have looked at Veer and told handle your problem as I did for Birju 

Why does Veer need so much help  when all that love description he spoke how she adjusted,  now it is his time to at least come and sort crucial things.

The insult given was too bad,  sometimes i feel because Kiara already told all the things that RaniSa wanted to say,  somewhere the   precap scene is a dream of RaniSa, she may well not repeat the same in another form.  because then RaniSa has fallen into the league of Kiara

Till then Veer can use those Rani pictures as bookmarks for his Doctor Doctor books

Rose giving scene too, other than he gazes without a blink at her and she just breaks the gaze  and starts her shyness on how to handle there was nothing really catchy in that scene more of a cliched,  

Frankly Vikram lifted up the scene

Loved her expressions when she tries to scoot off after the dori scene

Pity her, 

Veer is so forgetful.  A discussion at the lawns of Balliya home was incomplete, and that is the crucial one for them to step forward in the physical zone.   Veer does not recollect that he needs to finish that convo  and there she had appealed to him that he needs to give the truth out

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Rajeshwari brings Rani to her room. It’s decorated with her photos. Rani says these are my photos from the party.

Rajeshwari says no one will look at these photos and say daughter celebrated, danced and wore given clothes here, and there, a father had to be hanged. Rani is shocked.

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Fahmaan Khan Megha Ray Apna Time Bhi Aayega 

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