Wth have they done with Kavya

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Posted: 12 days ago

When Kavya was first introduced she saw herself as Vanrajs equal in every way

We saw a confident business woman who didn’t hesitate to stand up for women’s rights 

We saw someone fall in love with a married man but still she had her identity 

What do we see now?

a complete pathetic loser that has no shame no game nothing to her name 

CV completely destroyed a potential grey character into an out and out loser 

the CV in ITV have zero respect for women in these shows

They are shown either as doormat goody bahus, vamps or pathetic losers ...

Posted: 11 days ago

Kavya was always shown inscure just that she now knws situation is  different everyone in shah family don't like her so she doesn't k w what to do so she is bound to behave like this I think it's because she didn't have any relationship with her own husband all these years and choose vee instead of him so properly she really loves him over jealous of anupmaa even before affair just that she wamst that insecure 

Posted: 11 days ago

Kavya came across like a total psycho in the last episode! And its not the first time the showed her insane, even the drama that preceded the remarriage she acted like a silly teenager, but now she is a total psycho. 

Posted: 11 days ago

All this is to show how Kavya came between bechara innocent pati and his glorified wife... Making her a villian😝! 

I don't mind Kavya being portrayed as a negative character... But atleast don't make Vanraj doodh ka dhulasmiley11... They need to show how Vanraj's actions led to Kavya's state... He never committed to her for getting this relationship a name or divorcing Anupama for good or even acknowledging they had a 'thing' till Kavya took matters in her own hands to reveal it to Anupama. That guy thought he would take things such that he could have best of both the worlds...

Had Vanraj really loved her, he would have taken care and nurtured their relations atleast.. Anupama had often warned Kavya to not trust Vanraj after he betrayed her that if he cannot keep up with his relationship for 25 years, what respect will she get with relationship of 8 years? 

If Kavya is stupid enough to not get the hint and see how disinterested Anupama is in mending her relationship with Vanraj... Too bad for her! 

Posted: 11 days ago

writers are showing how Anu & Kavya have basically switched their personalities bcoz of Vanraj smiley36

before the affair reveal, Anu was the doormat who didn't care about her self respect when it came to her lover for Vanraj while Kavya was the confident self respecting woman 

but after the affair reveal, Anu has turned into a self respecting woman while Kavya has turned into a doormat, who regularly gets shamed/insulted & yet hangs on to Vanraj bcoz she loves him 

Vanraj is bad for both Anu & Kavya, he, in his selfishness, turns them both into a weak crying mess who can't think straight smiley39

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Posted: 11 days ago

At a time when live in relationship doesn't raise too many eyebrows, Kavya keeps pestering for a marriage between the lovers though it cannot happen till both are divorced.

Kavya doesn't seem to have ties that bind her which is why she  thinks it is a simple matter. 

Despite claiming to be modern in his outlook Vanraj is steeped in gender stereotypes. He sees himself as a very devout son and a caring father.

He thinks the mention of Divorce would make Anu come begging behind him. The betrayal has strengthened Anupamas quest to understand herself. She does not trample over the others to prove her point which is mistaken to be her weakness.  Kinjal and to some extent Samar, Nandini  and Bapuji understand her present mental state. 

Paritosh, Baa, paakhi and  Raakhi are not perceptive to see the change and think she can be easily manipulated.

Kavya has been quite manipulative ever since she barged into the Shah house and seeing the way paritosh and paakhi were keen to pass her off as their mom assumes she can win over others in the family.

Her desperation is evident and Anirudh and Rakhi are able to play mind games with her.

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Posted: 11 days ago

they are showing her like that vanraj will realise kavya is not a stable person. The more kavya becomes crazy, the more vanraj will be pulling towards anupama. He will fall for her and repent for breaking her trust. So basically, the current situation of kavya will make her the ultimate villain and vanraj will hate her forever. smiley30

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Posted: 11 days ago

Kavya  pehle bhi vanraj ke toward  obbessed thi. Use acha nahi lagta tha  ki vanraj ke anupamaa ke saath  but diference yeh tha pehle ki kavya  bus sirf jealousy se sirf dekh kar hi reh jaati thi     khuch karti nahi thi

When vanraj dancing with anupamaa during lord krishna  janmashtami  kavya did feel angry  seeng both 

In school  when anupamaa won trophy and   after that   when both vanraj and anupamaa walking together holding hand each other  then  also kavya did feel angry 

When  anupamaa said to kavya   that she will sit beside vanraj in car and kavya had to sit in back seat of car  and anupamaa sat on front seat of car beside vanraj  at that time kavya get jealousy 

So there are many insident kavya was already obsesse with  vanraj right from Begininig  but  yes she has hide her obbessive feeling for so long  but feeling cannot  hide for so long  it has come out one day so it happen with kavya 

So cvs has not suddenly  destroy kavya character 

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