A fresh start? (Pakhi/ Samrat T.S ) completed.

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Posted: 4 months ago

Hello friends ,

So this is my first fanfiction in India forums. I don't know if it's good or not. Hope you like it.



Pakhi looked at the scene before her. This was nothing new.

All the while her eyes were fixed on the person for whom she was here.

" Wow, my favourite gajar ka halwa. " Samrat said.

" Too much sweet is not good for health. " Samrat smiled sadly.

" Pakhi we need to talk. " Virat requested.

Friends please give me your support. 


Thank you

Posted: 4 months ago

Chapter 1

Pakhi looked at the scene before her. It was nothing new. As usual Chavan family was sitting on the dining table for dinner. She sighed and walked towards them and started serving food. While doing this her eyes were totally fixed on the person sitting in front of her.....the man for whom she was here.

But alas he was no more hers. 

Oh no. He never was. 

He was the one for whom her heart beats , but she don't have a place in his heart anymore. Atleast not like she wanted. His wife , his Sai rules his heart.

Ofcourse , Virat and Sai are made for each other.

She sighed in her selfishness she played with another's emotions and destroyed his life. How selfish she was to.....

" Waah. My favourite gajar ka halwa. Great. " 

A voice interrupted her musings. She looked up and saw her husband.... namesake husband Samrat sitting on his seat enjoying halwa.

It's been a month since he came back. That was the last time he spoke to her.

How desperate he felt when he confronted her. And she the selfish one decided to ignore his heart break and told him that her heart only beats for his brother.

" We know dada that it's your favourite. " Sai said.

" Mmm. It's very very delicious. " Samrat said eating more. " Thank you Sai for this. "

" Not me dada, Pakhi didi made it. " Sai answered solemnly.

Samrat coughed hearing this and by instinct Pakhi immediately forwarded a glass of water towards him. But ignoring her he filled another one for himself.

" Mast hai mast. We know that your wife is a good cook , but that doesn't mean that you eat it in one go. " Bhavani said.

" You are right Mami. Too much sweet is not good for health. " He smiled sadly " I am done. Good night. "

" Samrat atleast....." Pakhi stared but as usual ignoring her he walked away.

" Pakhi didi , you are wise and intelligent. Please think thoroughly and take a decision. Please. " Sai whispered to her.

Pakhi stared at her and nodded.

As she was walking towards her room, a voice interrupted her.

" Pakhi we need to talk. " Virat requested.

Pakhi took a deep breath and nodded .

So this is for now.

Hope you like it.

Please try it.

Thank you.

Posted: 4 months ago


Plz continue 

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Posted: 4 months ago

Interesting start 

I am glad Pakhi acknowledged that Virat and Sai are made for each other

Update soon

Posted: 4 months ago

Originally posted by luvzindagi

Interesting start 

I am glad Pakhi acknowledged that Virat and Sai are made for each other

Update soon

Thank you

Posted: 4 months ago

Originally posted by Dimagnehihai


Will read & reply soon

Thank you friend

Posted: 4 months ago

Chapter 2

Thank you so much for liking my story. This is the second part. Hope you like it.

" Pakhi we need to talk. " Virat requested.

Pakhi stared at his face and knew that his desperation is at the ending point now.

They moved towards the balcony.

" Pakhi I. .. am sorry for everything....."

" I know what you want to talk about.  I know that you are in love with Sai. Today I am freeing you from all the promises you made to me. My best wishes are with you and Sai for your new life. All the best. " Pakhi said blinking back her tears.

" Pakhi there is one more thing . You are and always will be my best friend. I want you to be happy. You and Samrat deserves happiness. Please give him a chance, he is a good guy. A lot better than me. " Virat requested.

Pakhi smiled sadly " that's my decision to make. Good night. "

Saying so, she hurriedly walked away from there. She sprinted outside and went to the garden sitting on a bench.

Once alone she let her tears to flow freely.

" Why??" She cried .

This was the first time she realised how lonely she was here.  Ofcourse she knew but always avoided it. But no longer that could happen. She shivered in the cold weather crying altogether.

" Patralekha... Patralekha what are you doing here?" A voice broke her trance.

She looked up and saw her husband standing in front of her. She hurriedly wiped her tears.

" Patralekha why are you acting so immature? It's very cold weather and you are here. " He scolded wrapping a shawl around her. " Why are you crying?" He asked in a softer tone.

" It's.... nothing. ." She choked.

Without arguing he led her inside to their room. Once inside, Pakhi sat on the bed and started crying again.

" Patralekha ....."

" He don't love me anymore. ....... actually he never did..... and in my selfishness I..... destroyed your life..  I played with your emotions..."

Samrat put a comforting hand around her shoulders " Patralekha.... please try to accept it. I know you were trying to ignore it.... but the truth is truth... Virat loves Sai. "

" I know that.... but what I did....I destroyed everything... because of me you.... and Sai I did wrong with her too...."

  " Calm down Patralekha.... everything will be alright... believe me..." Samrat comforted her.

Pakhi put her head on his shoulder and cried her heart out.

After crying for a few hours she slept. Samrat put the quilt over her and kissed her forehead.

" I .... love you... from the moment I saw you...I don't like it when you cry. " Tears glazed his vision and he went to the bathroom hurriedly.

After his departure Pakhi opened her eyes. 

" How blind i was to never see his love.... he loved me so selflessly and I....I don't deserve him. ....."

To be continued.

Please try it.

Thank you.

Posted: 4 months ago

Nice start !!!!!

Loved it smiley27

Hope they really have a fresh start !!!!!

Samrat is a nice guy he deserves happiness . Pakhi does too

Please continue

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 

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