Arjun/Arakshi FF: Pyaar-Zindagi jeene ki wajah (Chp-57 on pg-103)

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Posted: 2 years ago

Hello Guys.....New to the forum.

Hope you all welcome me🙂

I am big fan of Arjun.....

After much debate....I dared to post this.

This would be my first ever fanfic.


PYAAR- Kai roop mei hote....aur joh log pyaar se bandhe hain, unhe koi hila nahi saktha...kyunki PREM hih hain....joh sab ko ek saath baandhte hain.


A person in Twenties stood in the terrace, He looked up staring at the Moon.....With moon light, the person face was visible.....which had youthness but there is some unknow emotion in his eyes......slowly looking around he started saying.....Kehte hain.... Bada bhai, papa ke chevi hote hain. Aur Bhabhi ya Behen maa ki chevi.....mujhe bhi aisa hi mila....Do bade bhai-joh mujhe sabse jyaada pyaar karthe. Meri liye kuch bhi karnekeliye tyaar hote.....Ek badi behen aur ek Choti behen....Hum bahut khush tey, apne jheevan mei....koi nahi janta hum sab janemane logon ke bache hain....nahi koi yeh janta hum ek dusre se related..

Ek hadsa ne hum Charon ki dilon mei ek khalipan karke gaye....jiji ke maut ke baad sab thoot gaye, Bhabhi apni studies pura karnekeliye London chaligayi, Sameer bhai badal gaye...aaj kal unke mukh pe keval gussa aur dard dikhta hain.....aur Arjun bhai...woh toh ghar ana hih chod diya, yeh kehke ki agar woh humsab ke saat rehte toh humsab bhi khatre mei rehte...... Aur Jiju, woh zindagi jeena bhul gaye... phir bhi humsab ke liye khud ko sambhal rahe hai! Mom, dad, Chachu, Chachi sab humsab ko miss karrahe...kyunki mei bhi ghar se bahar agaya ....jaha mera bhai nahi waha mei kaise rehsaktha.....

Pas uss Hasdse ke hote do saal huwa lekin humare dilon mei uska aag aaj bhi nahi bhuja....aur tabtak nahi bhujega jabtak hum apne Roshini jiji ki maut ka badla na le....aur woh badla tabhi pura hoga jab uss Sikandar ko batarse bhi batar maut na mile. Usko haiwan ko apni jagah har haal mei paunchaunga.....Yeh Mera wada hain....aur Sreekanth Suryakanth Rawte...apne Wade se kabhi mukharta nahi.

Here is the Prologue....Say how is it?  Will the four people would get justice to their loved ones aur will other tragedy strike them....breaking them apart.

To know what happens, keep tuned to....

PYAAR-Zindagi jeene ki wajah

Prologue, CS: Pg-1

Chapter-1: Pg-1

Chapter-2: Pg-2

Chapter-3: Pg-3

Chapter-4: Pg-4

Chapter-5 : Pg-5

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Posted: 2 years ago

Character Sketch:

ACP Sameer Damnsingh Rathod: ETF Chief. Head of Mumbai branch crime investigation. Only son of Industrialist Rajveer Damsingh Rathod and Gayatri Devi Rathod. Love his family and would not hesitate to kill anyone. His life revolves around them and his friend Arjun who had gone into shell after that incident.

ACP Arjun Suryakant Rawte: ETF Second in command. Assistant head of Mumbai branch Crime investigation. Elder son of Industrialist Suryakant Rawte and Arpita Rawte. Love his family and can do anything for them especially his wife Sakshi, his friend Sameer and Younger brother. One incident changed him he only smiles of relax in closed environment when he is with his loved ones. Criminals fear hearing his name their is no case unsolved when it was taken by him. He is the nightmare to criminal world due to which he earned many enemies. For his family safety he left them to stay alone.

Sakshi Anand/ Sakshi Arjun Rawte: Soon to join ETF as crime journalist. Younger daughter of Late DIG Pratap Anand Verma. Arjun love and life from childhood. Bubbly, chirpy and innocent due to which everyone tries to protect her. Lost her sister and father, still the smile would not cease from her lips. Her aim is to give justice to her sister and her father. Love her devar cum friend to core.

Shreekanth Suryakanth Rawte: ETF tech expert. Younger brother of Arjun and Sameer, who are possessive and protective of him, as he is five years younger to them. They treat him as their son. Most pampered in the house next to Sakshi. Both are together means it's a disaster to others...due to which both got punished many times by their elders. Innocent, naughty, crime partner of her friend cum bhabi sakshi. Possessive about her safety after the incident.

Ayesha Kapoor: ETF member, Inspector Ayesha. Iron lady in the books of ETF team. A simple middle upper class girl.

Chandrakanth Patil: ETF Commando. Everyone call him Chotu.

Riya Mukharjee: ETF Research statistical Analyst. Always try to prove girls no less than boys. Cleanliness freak. Haa crush on Arjun.

Liza D'Cruz: ETF forensic expert. Newly joined but mesmerized everyone with her adequate knowlege of victims and their deaths. Always fights with Sree and vice versa. Tom and Jerry of team.

Other characters:

Roshini Anand Verma: dead in incident before Arjun eyes. Elder sister of sakshi and friend to samjun. Was a secret crime investigator though her friends or family had no idea. Her death caused sorrow in their happy family.

Suryakant Rawte and Rajveer Rathod : Famous industrialists, Top bussiness man of Asia. founder of RR company.

Mrs Rawte and Mrs Rathod: lovely wife's of Suryakanth and Rajveer. Both are friends from childhood. Run a NGO.

Anand Pratap Verma: Late DIG. Roshini and Sakshi father. Friends with Suryakant and Rajveer.

The three families lived together. Their children love eachother but the death of Anand followed by Roshini had brought a distinct hole in their lives. The elders are worried for their children safety who are moving on to Revenge part. Everyone of their children are in dangerous position which is concern for the family every second. They are most worried about their Arjun, as he is the one who is actively targeted and as long as he is alive he would not let harm befall on others.

Plot: The story mainly focus on their love for eachother and how the four together give justice to Roshini. Other ETF members will have their role.

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Posted: 2 years ago

New ff smiley40smiley40smiley40

Nice prologue and character sketchsmiley20

Please continue soon smiley42smiley42

Posted: 2 years ago

Originally posted by sakijun

New ff smiley40smiley40smiley40

Nice prologue and character sketchsmiley20

Please continue soon smiley42smiley42

Thank you....

Posted: 2 years ago


Inside ETF building, girls were gossiping with eachother. They were joined by Sree and chotu.

"Subah subah...chalu hogai tumlog, Sir's abhi tak nahi aye kya?" Sree questioned taking place beside Riya.

"Woh kya haina, Specky sen....sab log tumhare jaise late todi na hote.....agar time pe athe toh pata chalta ki tumhare alawa sab time ke athe." Liza teased him while Sree glared at her. "Tujhse pucha ...nahi na, toh kyu taang adate hoh....jao aur laashon se kelo, mera dimag nahi."

"Aur tum apne gadgets ko repair karo...humhare paas kyu aye." Liza countered glaring back at him.

The other three shook their head seeing their fight, as it's normal for them. "Chup raho tumdono.....agar Arjun sir sunte toh subah subah sys session lenge tumdono ka." Ayesha interferred stopping their fight.

"Aur Sree....Arjun sir aur Sameer sir dono aye hain, apne apne cabins mei hain." Riya answered his question.

Sree nodded, "jawab aise dete." He said looking towards Liza who just smiled sarcastically.

Finishing their coffee, everyone moved inside while Sree moved towards his place. While there is no case, he helps other members with tech advices. He still remember how angry his brother got learning about his selection in department.


A slap echoed inside the mansion shocking everyone. "Kisne bola tujhe, Department keliye apply karne keliye....batao." the voice held anger and frustration.

"Kisine nahi Arjun bhai...mei khud apply kiya." Sree replied looking down.

"Hum sab tumhe clg issliye nahi beja ki...tu department join kare, Sreekanth." Arjun shouted at him.

"Tumhe normal zindagi dene keliye hum sab tumhe yaha se dur Shimla mei padne keliye beje taki koi tumse mera relation trace na karpaye, issliye Sakshi ko bhi humne London beja....taki woh waha safe rahe....lekin tumne humse bina puche department keliye apply kiya aur select bhi hogai." Arjun fired at him, throwing the appointment letter which they got from higher authorities.

"Kyu kiya tumne aisa?" Sameer who was standing beside Arjun questioned him.

Shree still looking down replied, "Mujhe Rosh jiji ko insaaf dena hain."

Hearing it they both stood stunned while elders inhaled sharply.


"Nahi bhai...meri baat suniye....janta huh aap mujhe iss raate par kabhi jane nahi denge.....aur yeh bhi janta tha ki aaplog mujhe kabhi yeh karne nahi denge, issliye meine aaplogon ko nahi bataya....lekin pls bhai...mei yeh karna chahta huh." Sree pleaded looking at his both brothers.

Samjun glanced at eachother then back at their family. They sighed knowing their brother won't back out now. "Chote, hum nahi chahte ki tum iss dardal mei pado, department mei kaam karna itni asaan nahi....har roz musibaaton ka saamna karne padte, kai baar apni jaan ko bhi khatre hote.... yeh sab nahi hoga tumse aur nahi mei tumhe dard mei dekhsaktha." Arjun coaxed looking at him softly.

"Janta huh bhai....aur mei iskeliye tyaar bhi huh. I promise mei apna pura dyaan rakhunga." Sree promised his brother looking hopefull.

Sameer who stood aside, asked "Are you sure, Chote....kyunki department mei tumse humara koi relation nahi hoga. Aur tumhe pata haina.....mei aur Arjun dono ekdusre ko nafrat karne ki natak karrahe bahar duniya ke saamne."

"Jaanta huh bhai....aur mei bhi nahi chahta koi mera asliyat jaane. Mei Shreekanth Sen hih bankar rahunga." Shree replied asking to cave in.

Sameer glancing at Arjun who is in dilemma, said "Jaane de Arjun....karne de joh karna chahta hain woh. Na dad ya badepapa hume hum Shree ko rokhenge."

"Sam tu bhi..." Arjun asked increduosly...."Tu bhi iski baaton mei ayaga.....nahi dekhsaktha isko har pal apni zindagi ko daav par lagate." He said dejectedly. He already lost one important person and now he cannot losre his brother.

"Mom, dad...aap log kyu nahi samjathe apne bete ko." Arjun looked at them pleading with his eyes.

"Arjun...yeh sach hain ki mujhe ya humsab ko tumlogon ka department mei kaam karna acha nahi lagta....lekin phirbhi hum tumhe aur Sameer ko nahi rokha...aur na mei usko rokhunga.... Yeh apne bhaiyon ki raaste mei chalna chahte toh hum koun hain uspar rokh lagane wala." Suryakanth replied looking at the trio.

Shree smiled knowing his brother would accept now, looked at him. "Bhai...maan jayiye na...aapke ashirwaad aur saath ke bina mei yeh nahi karpaunga."

Arjun looked at his brother who is very important to him debated with himself. Once side his brother safety, otherside his brother dream.

Sam seeing his face, Placed a hand on his shoulder....."Arjun, jyada mat socho...maanja....hum dono hain na department aur coelho uncle hain na...hum baat karenege unse, aur puchte hain ki Shree ko mere under kaam karnekeliye appoint kare."

At the same time Coelho came inside...."Manjao Arjun.... Shree bahut important asset hoga naya team keliye..."

Arjun and Sam looked at him in suprise. "Apko pata haina...Shree department mei apply kiya...kyunki jaha tak mei janta aapke alawa yeh koi nahi karsaktha." Arjun asked knowing the answer already.

"Haa...janta tha, mei tumsab ko batane wale te lekin Shree mujhe rokh liya...." Coelho replied admitting what all happened.

"Uncle, yeh naye team kya hai?  Aur Shree important asset kaise hoga?" Sam asked him with confusion. "Hum chahte ki woh mere team mei kaam kare....taki mei iss par nazar rakh saku."

"Aisa hih hoga....Sameer. Ek new force launch karnewale hum, isske baare mei kal subhah meeting hoga...tum aur Arjun waha pauncho." Coelho said and moved towards his friends who already left the conversation.

After his exit, Shree moved before his brother catching his ears, "Maan jao bhai...please." giving kicked puppy look which is impossible for them to resist.

Arjun pulled him into hug, "Theek hain...lekin apna dyaan rakhna. Mei tumhe dard mei kabhi nahi deksaktha aur Sameer ka har ek order follow karna."

Shree nodded promising them. He want to prove his brothers that he is capable of handling the job. The next-day, ETF came into force with Sameer as its chief. Arjun joined them after sheen case, as he had other assignment to do. slowly Ayesha and Liza joined the team. During these six months they solved many crimes. But still he fears for his brother saftey who jumps into missions without any regard.....


Shree came out of his thoughts sensing someone tapping his shoulder turned around, "Kya re chotu?"

" Kuch nahi....Sir sabko andar bhula rahe." Chotu informed him.

Sree followed him inside removing other thoughts. He saw everyone settled took his place beside Ayesha indicating what.

"Team...ek naya case aya, ek baarasaal ka bacha Kapil.... school se missing hain, humhe waha jana hai..."

The team assembled and everyone moved out to solve the case. They arrived at JPD international high school. All meet principal. "Sir, Kapil kabse missing hain." Sameer questioned him.

"Pata nahi, ACP Rathod. Bache kehrahe ki Kapil lo kal raat tennis khelke hostel side jaate dekha....uskebaad kisko nahi pata kapil kaha gaya, jab subah woh classes attend nahi huwa tab humhe pata chala ki woh missing hain aur hum turanth apko inform kiya."

Arjun was looking around the cabin. Ayesha moving front asked "Hosakthe woh bahar chale gaye ya koi isse kidnap kiye hoh?"

"Impossible hain Ayesha." Shree replied and saw everyone looking at him.

"Aise kyu dekh rahe...JDP international janemane school hain mumbai mei, yaha ka security bahut tight hain....bina permission ke koi bhi andar nahi aasakthe na koi andar ka Insaan bahar jaa sakthe." Shree gave his point.

"He is right....bina security checking koi andar ya bahar nahi jaa sakthe. Aur pura school ka ek hih gate hain...main gate." The principal replied.

"ACP Rathod....hum chahte ki aap jald se jald Kapil ko dhundiye.... kyunki agar yeh baat bahar gaye toh school ka reputation aur naam kharab hoga."

"Aisa nahi hoga principal sir, Hum Kapil ko dhundhenge.....uska class kaha hain, hum baat karna chahte unse." Arjun asked to which the principal nodded. "Class 8A"

Arjun nodded and moved out followed by his team mates. They talked with Kapil friends and classmates.

"Srhee.... security forage collect karo, Yaha har kone mei CC camera hain aur haa aise hih ek aur kaam karo....." Saying he sent both Shree and chotu to work while the girls went to interrogate few other students.

Samjun went to boys dormintary. They both searched nad had no clue, except few bullies who us eto bully Kapil. Arjun confronted them near the basket ball grpund, making them shiver in fear.

"Rawte, bache hain criminal nahi woh log...darane ki kya jarurat hain..."

"Aaj ki bache...kal ki bavshay hai Rathod....yeh bache nahi gali ke gundon jaise bartav karraha hain..."

By the next-day the team solved the case. "Hum school ko mandir mante lekin aap jaise log...chand paison keliye education ko bussiness bana rake hain....aap jaise logon ke karan bache joh humara kal ke bhavsahy hain woh desh ke virudh jaa rahe." Rathod addressed him with disgust. The team left from there.

Posted: 2 years ago

The story is on ariya or arasakshi

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