❝Hoping for Better; Happy New Years!❞

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Posted: 2 months ago

"Do not fear any calamity now, we stand by you allsmiley4."

"We know but, actually it’ll be still quite cool without the interferencesmiley24-"

*The Aliens, who have finally not only made contact, but are visiting  Earth to spend New Years with us, started to glow; the situation did look like a murder might happen*

CC Team: But the news report can happen more satisfactorily if you guys stay. smiley41

Good evening, morning, night everyone. You are watching news at IF

and we welcome you all to our special segment


It seems like most of us are stuck at home, still. And while there’s no way none of us is going out on New Years because that’s what GOOD HUMANS will do, here’s a little reminisce of how we celebrated New Years before the year that should not be named happened.




New Year in Asia is a big deal.  In  Japan for example, New Years is celebrated with family and friends with great pomp. On New Year's Eve, all Buddhist temples across Japan ring their auspicious bells exactly 107 times before midnight and exactly once more at midnight to dissolve all sins committed in the past year.

January 1 is the first public holiday in the year for Russians. Most people take a break from their hectic schedules and spend quiet times at home with families. On New Year's Eve the Russian president addresses the nation, and at the stroke of midnight all TV and radio channels broadcast the chimes of the Kremlin's Spasskaya Tower's clock followed by the national anthem of Russia.

In India several  cities hold localized New Year parties as well as fireworks displays. This being a public holiday is also a popular time for Indians to travel. Most people however end up seeking the comforts of a known restaurant or shelter of their homes and spend a quiet day away from work.



Large scale parties and get-togethers are organized throughout the states. The largest of these parties happen at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Sydney. The party goes on all night long as free food and beverages are provided throughout. The highlight of all such parties is of course the maginificent display of fireworks at midnight.



In Europe, New Year festivities begin as early as December 1, and is usually clubbed with Christmas Celebrations. The holiday spirit that comes with the onset of winter plays a major role in the enthusiasm shown by the masses. Grand feasts are usually prepared by families.

Most European cities hold beautiful displays of fireworks over the main landmarks that people come to visit from near and far. The most famous among such displays is probably the celebration in London and Paris.



There is no better place to be than Africa when it comes to extravangant New Years celebration. The diverse cultural experiences and a warm climate makes this place a safe haven. From Morocco's desert tours, to South Africa's carnivals and Kenya's safaris, the African continent is adventure every moment.



New Year in the USA is a grand affair. Huge parties are hosted and fireworks are displayed over the major landmarks. All public entertainment stations and restaurants are booked to the brim as people party through the night.

Families mostly spend the onset of the New Year at their homes in Mexico. Lentils play a huge role in celebrations with them being left at doorsteps or being made into soup for a midnight feast. This is because in the Mexican culture lentils signify good luck and abundance.
As for Canadians, the enchanting light show at Niagara Falls, the adventurous ski parties and the party held in L’Olympia de in Montreal are famous all over the world.

While we know Antarctica is missing from the list , it’s better to let the place be for we might need to rehabilitate soon. 🤧And for the next section our dear friends from a far far far away galaxy would like to address our audience. Hoping it’s their last request.smiley11


Graphics: 18shabbo, proteeti

WU: DreamyButterfly, Leprechaun, proteeti and 18shabbo

Titles:  MsChanadlerBong

Special thanks to: Koeli

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Posted: 20 days ago

Alien C001C: Thank you CC TEAM and welcome to all the nano-Aliens and spies in disguise from the Human realm...and to the humans toosmiley2To honour the coming year for EARTH, we bring to you:


Where I'd like to present to you all some of my knowledge about what 2021 has in store for earth and it’s parasites.smiley40

Alien C001C: To begin with a crisp introduction, 2020 for Humans was something like January, February, March, Blink, and December.

Alien C003C: That was pretty short! smiley3

Alien C001C: .... it's been said that the angel responsible for disaster management accidentally spilt all the contents into 2020.

Alien C002C: So what actually was 2020 all about? It was savage, classy, bougie, ratchet, sassy, moody and nasty! Ermmm, let me rephrase that, It was savage, wasted, fatty, reely(s), sassy, moody and Trumpet.

Alien C003C: Can we skip the most depressing part?

Alien C002C: You mean the messed up sleeping schedules and eyes glued to video games?

Alien C003C: Nevermind.... you ain't getting the joke.

Alien C003C: How are they killing time?

Alien C002C: Netflix is running out of shows and Koreans are running out of ideas.

Alien C003C: A friendly bat informed me they are 'popping tags' and carrying '20$ in their pockets'smiley3.

Alien C002C: Now that's awesome.smiley20

Alien C001C: smiley24Since the event is not getting on track with some disturbing bickering nano-Aliens over here, let's ignore them and begin our telecast of

2 1  a m a z i n g  e v e n t s  t h a t

w i l l  h a p p e n  i n

2 0 2 1 !!!



(image heavy gif)


Alien C002C: We lost all our data! Error 404!smiley3

Alien C001C: Don't mind him let me take you to the next session of our program.smiley4

Alien C002C: But my screen shows nothing.

Alien C001C: Introverts had the most fun during the pandemic. 

Alien C003: Tell me why.....!!

Alien C002C: Ain't nothing but the personal space!

Alien C003C: Tell me why.....!!!!

Alien C001C: I have muted both of their mics temporarily. In our quest to help EARTHsmiley14

below we have collected some proper advisories for all you humans to follow in 2021, if you all want to see the above events happening.smiley20

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Posted: 20 days ago

Alien C003: Mics don't stop us from getting the message across.smiley16

Alien C002C: Nope, we're talking directly into your brains.smiley15

Alien C001C: This is in No means a siege!!!smiley29

Alien C002C: It's magic.smiley2

Alien C003:  I’m sure we would have done marvellously in your situation,

but better late than entering a blackhole. And to be as cool as us, here's a list of rules that can change your universe:


Rule 1 : Wearing a mask will be compulsory anywhere and anytime. Any person who doesn’t respect that will have to pay 50 rupees ( + 10 rupees extra, for the ET tax) 

Rule 2 : Romance is not allowed in public places. If caught, ET Authorities will reveal the past of the concerned lover in front of public cameras… oops!

Rule 3 : Sanitizing hands will have to be done while you enter any market, any closed place. If not respected, you will have to wash your hands 5 more times with ET herbs product… well, be smart, sanitize your hands first ok ?

Rule 4 : Curfew will be put from 9.00 pm to 4.00 am accross the globe. The excuse of meeting your lover in secret won’t be accepted. No DDLJ mode on please ! 

Rule 5 : You must respect social distancing. If the one in front of you doesn’t respect that, you’re free to fight…in a friendly way (again be smart, don’t go in jail for ET years !)


Alien C001C: We hope with all these rules, you will become more close to Alien’s appreciation and recognition. We'll be wrapping up our chaotic yet not-so-informative session. It's time to say goodbye! Nano-aliens... where are you now? 

Alien C002C: Atlantis.

Alien C003C: Under the sea...!

Alien C001C:smiley24 smiley24smiley24smiley24smiley24

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Posted: 15 days ago

Welcome back everyone! smiley31Seems like tour dear extra terrestrial friends have gotten in a tussle.

We didn't know our cultures are so closely linked.smiley37

And before any other phenomena takes shape, here's wishing everyone



The year that has gone was as uncertain

as the one that is to come,

but 2020 did have some UPs to its many DOWNs.

To make going down the memory lane more fun, here's a small task for all:

Tell us about your 1 YAY! and 1 NAY! moment  from 2020 + RESOLUTION that’s always on your list but is never seen through.

And the most innovative, funny and not out of this world list will win our title for

T H E  Y E A R L Y  H U S T L E R 

With this, we hope tomorrow brings more joy , happiness, security to the world,

Wishing once again a happy new year,

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Posted: 15 days ago

Happy new year to everyone smiley31

Amazing thread guyssmiley40smiley40

Posted: 15 days ago

Happy new year everyone. May 2021 brings everyone positivity, joy n peacesmiley27

Thread is outstanding, CCs <33

Posted: 15 days ago

Great job peeps... excellent work...

The moment is emotional for sure because this is the last thread before I officially bid a goodbye from cc. It was indeed a great journey. I got to learn so much from cc wasis... ever indebted to jot for giving me the opportunity to work with such an amazing team... cc gave me friends like nabz, Zoah, Daya, megs, Kank, Sam and many more... I enjoyed each and every bit of it. 

Achha ab chalta hoon... duyaon mein yaad rakhna... Alvida 😍

Posted: 14 days ago

Originally posted by Koeli

Great job peeps... excellent work...

The moment is emotional for sure because this is the last thread before I officially bid a goodbye from cc. It was indeed a great journey. I got to learn so much from cc wasis... ever indebted to jot for giving me the opportunity to work with such an amazing team... cc gave me friends like nabz, Zoah, Daya, megs, Kank, Sam and many more... I enjoyed each and every bit of it. 

Achha ab chalta hoon... duyaon mein yaad rakhna... Alvida 😍

Appydi should sing:

Chalte, Chalte

Mere yeh geet yaad rakhna,

Kabhi alvida na kehna 


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