Is it right to judge people based on their worst mistakes?

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Posted: 6 months ago

Endgame said it's not right.


But it's a human characteristic to judge a person on his/her worst mistake whom we don't know personally.

We use that one mistake to define their whole character. For example, we often hear news about common people committing crimes due to some reason. We know nothing about them other than that they committed this crime, and for us, they are nothing more than a criminal.

Do you think we should judge people based on their worst mistakes?

P.S. Let's see if this gets dumped to Hollywood forum or debate mansion.

Posted: 6 months ago

I wonder how this ties in to the latest trend of cancel culture. Honestly, I think it’s human nature but largely want to give people the chance to better themselves before writing them off. And not to be controversial, but yes we judge people based on their worst mistakes (or other actions we notice and then form stereotypes) but it’s actually a basic human defence mechanism.

And not to be extra controversial, but it’s also why I have a problem with what some religions preach. That you can run someone over a footpath, commit terror related crimes that cost innocent lives or commit a heinous crime like rape but don’t worry, keep praying and the Lord shall save you if you repent and do charity, and you may still end up in Heaven. Like spare me.😒

Posted: 6 months ago

I mean if the mistakes are unforgivable or if that person doesn’t learn from the mistake and continues to repeat it than yes people r right to judge it 

The way these lines are being said by scarlet Johnson & Jeremy Renner’s characters is irony at its best smiley36

Posted: 6 months ago

That is confusing tbh.

Agreed with the point  that we all tend to judge people based on their mistakes

There may be cases when you are forced to do something or you have no other way or temptation gets the best out of you .Or taking wrong decisions in the wrong moment.But that doesn’t take away the fact that a crime is a crime .Lives do get affected when you choose the wrong path:(

Depends on the severity of the crime.If it is murder or related to terrorism or on those lines,then of course there will be punishment and hatred since lives have been lost.

Also things like infidelity and bullying or sharp words(okay they arent crimes,but still they aren’t right either) breaks people and can make them spiral down and make them lose their confidence  .Maybe the main intention is not so,but yeah it happens:(

Crime is a crime,whether planned or done in a spur of a moment.Law doesn’t work on emotions.

But yeah the sad truth is even if you do a thousand good things,one mistake is more than enough to destroy your life.The moment that happens,people start questioning your intentions towards doing good things.Humans are mostly cynical anyways.We need to have some sort of control over our emotions to stop messing up.

It is better to be open about what you feel,instead of bottling up everything within and unleashing it in more severe forms towards others and yourselves.

Ok I know it sounds jumbled up,but yeah:(

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