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And then “they” wonder why no “outsiders” are given a chance 😢😭

Of course. If theyre going to be this bland and horse-like then there is no point 

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And then “they” wonder why no “outsiders” are given a chance 😢😭

These "outsiders" are models not acting graduates.  good actors would have battered ugly untalented insiders in a jiffy

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Who was the choreographer? I think his choreography was better than Dil Bechara. I did not like kriti here. SSR stole the show.

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Of course. If theyre going to be this bland and horse-like then there is no point 

I dont think its outsider or insider. Its good and bad and then really bad 😆

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Weirdly choreographed. Dance kam, Abs show and leg show jyada hai

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If there would have been a poll for who gets the maximum hatred, Kriti would have definitely won it. The amount of hate she gets on IF is atrocious. 

She might not be the most attractive and talented out there, but she 's constantly been improving .

She's one of those actresses who are there to stay  and not fade away.

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What? I love this video, they both matched each other well, love Kriti's jean outfit in this video and Sushant looked FIRE. Yes the choreography could've been better especially for Sushant's calibre in dancing skills, but he still made the most of it. It's a very catchy, cute and fun video to watch. 

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I am not sure if it is true. But they said it was during Raabta Kriti and Sushant started hooking up. And he stopped answering Ankita's calls. Or that is what claims in one of her interviews. I hate to say it but that did pave the way for girls like Rhea to come into his life. Ankita would have stood by him his whole life. But oh well. We can't blame Kriti or Sushant for any evil done by Rhea. If it was done by her than she is to blame. 

Sushant started shooting for Raabta after the breakup apparently. However the timelines do not differ by months or years.. Sushant and Kriti had been hanging out together before the filming. Kriti was there at Sushant's birthday party on Jan 21 2016, which was hosted by Ankita. SHe did thank Ankita in one of her posts for being a good host. They appeared for a filmfare event where he talked about marriage in Dec, before his birthday. They were fine till here.Sushant posted some pics of his with ANkita on FB (twitter and insta posts are now deleted)as well till first or second week of Feb. 

Last event attended by the two together, in Feb  was A Zee Award show where they appeared a bit off, specially Ankita. Sushant was trying to appear a bit normal. BUt when the performance happened(Sush's performance he was dedicating it to people/organizations who contributed to his success, Shahrukh, Zee and Shiamak), Ankita was proudly clapping, like a mother watches her baby perform and Kriti congratulated her, holding her hands. 

Next appearance was for the Aligarh screening, where the duo were joined by Mukesh Chabra and Kriti for a dinner and while stepping out Ankita and Sushant looked absolutely not fine. It did appear they have had a major fight. Kriti looked somber too, who usually would give a few clicks to paps.. But then they left followed by Ankita and Sushant. We did not see the duo together making any appearance after this. Sushant started attending the shows alone. Ankita was not seen anymore with him and when after a holi party , the whole news of the breakup came out on 25 March 2016. Before this there were constant news on Ankita being alcoholic, slapping Sushant, being lazy, insecure and clingy. Sushant being over ambitious, wanting to be segregated from a TV girlfriend for shrugging off his TV image, being extra friendly/flirty with actresses, cheating . There was too many news and too much confusions  w.r.t. But I guess we did know that this time its for real. SOme of  these rumours had started long back when Kai Po Che was success, but the duo rubbished it posing lovingly for the cameras and saying we dont care or we laugh it off.. This time no such things happened. Sushant had left their home and staying at a hotel and then left for the shoots for Raabta.Ankita here kept on denying the reports of breakup while Sushant was away. She did reply on his twitter posts a few times and then suddenly one day in April , after too many speculations on why they broke, Sushant talked about them growing apart.And now as a fan I got to know the last they met and talked was in March 2016. This is how it happened.

Kriti cannot be held responsible for the breakup , but I do see even though she and Ankita gelled well in the beginning , they dont follow each other. Few months later there were rumours about them dating, which initially I took as a publicity stunt but then I realized  they were really dating, when they went to celebrate New Years 2017 together. They never admitted to it . However even SUshant  had mentioned how he would never be public about any of his relationships henceforth.

I dont know whether he was impulsive to have left a lovely relationship of 7 years (where he always said Ankita is my wife in my mind, marriage ceremony would just be a formality), a lovely house that they set together after doing good, all the awards, books, memories, lovely dog everything for just chasing success(he did say he cannot live without her). I choose to not believe that he left it all to become successful. What happened why it happened we would never know , out of the two Ankita stuck to it (the relationship ) a little longer. They both did move on eventually. Theirs was a lovely relationship and thats what I want to remember. What happened , why it happened probably is known to the two of them and we wont ever know. I dont really think even Ankita knows it clearly. That went away with Sushant.

 The Sushant I knew would never leave a relationship on an impulse, was not the one who would not stay in touch with his family for years, who would fight for a new girl with his soul sister.  The Sushant I knew would not get manipulated by a girl in his life and family. I dont know dont really know,. His attachment to Rhea seems to quick. He celebrated her birthday in such a grand way, where people are still analyzing their partners  . He gave her everything before he properly knew her. I did not know this Sushant. Was he so lonely, so in need of love, so vulnerable (which he was after all those allegations and continuous bullying by BW) that he chose this girl, that took away the permanent people from his life.  No No he did not deserve to die , he was the one who motivated us all. 

I relate to this Sushant more .. The boy with nothing but just dreams in his eyes and zeal in his heart..

"Fatela jeb sil jayega, 

Jo chahega mil jayega. 

Apne bhi din aayenge chhote, 

Achcha-khasa hil jayega."

I cry a lot now, the more I know about what might have happened to him. 

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About the dance part Kriti is not a great dancer , she does give some good expressions though, specially if you see the songs "lavang illaichi" or "sweety tera drama" .SHe is a fire cracker in these two songs..Stole away the thunder alone in these two , specially since the leads opposite her were not that great dancers. When opposite good dancers (Varun, Sushant, Tiger), she isn't that great.

 She is not really meant for these songs.. This was completely a Sushant's show... However Sushant was underused as far as his dancing skills are concerned in movies. 

Fortunately/Unfortunately he got to show  his dancing skills more on TV  shows than his movies. Sad but true. 

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