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Posted: 2 years ago

Hello, Guys. I have started a story on our sizzling Prayansh. I know we all are dying to see some romantic moments between them so here I promise writing some smiley2


Two lost souls, one traumatic past. Pranati had tried her best to keep her daughter Jugnu away from Reyansh but destiny had some other plans. What will happen when Pranati enters Reyansh's life again holding the hands of the symbol of their once undying love? Will Reyansh be able to cross the thin line between 'Jugnu's father' and 'Pranati's Husband'? Will Pranati be able to accept Reyansh back? Is Reyansh going to accept them? Is Jugnu is going to unknowingly binds them together forever? 

Or is it the end of PraYansh?

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The most difficult part about coming back to the place you have been in for so long is the fear of seeing that your life has changed, everything has changed.

Udaipur, a place she had once lived, now looked so different as a whole. The small things hadn't changed, the busy roads which had seen their pressing traffic banter, the malls that had witnessed their reunions, even those tea stalls which were their favorite places to hang out, were the same. Yet, they're not!

Pranati was also changed a lot. Changed in a good way. She was not the timid, innocent girl that she used to be, she was more focused now, she had become decisive in these 5 years.

She saw a couple's cute banter over who ate the bigger slice of pizza to which she smiles as little Jugnu sat beside her to munch on her Vada Pao.

She believed that her love life has always been shattered. Though everyone thought they were a fairytale, only she knew how jumbled their relationship was. She had loved him with all her heart and soul- she thought it was their Shaadi wala pyaar. He promised her that he will stay with her forever. But he spoilt everything. He did what she never expected him to do. He left her unassisted, so she live without him, forever.

But today destiny was against her as it always was. And definitely not for the better in any way either. In a couple of minutes, she would finally have evaded all traffic to end up in doom, actually. 

Yes. She would be meeting Reyansh again. She never wanted to come back. But she had to. It was important for Jugnu for meet her father. It was something she couldn't avoid. It was something Reyansh must know too.

Reyansh Khurana. Her ex-boyfriend, who she had loved immensely and believed that somewhere he too had. She didn't know how would she face him but what she knew was she had to somehow. She knew his presence would make her nervous.

But nevertheless, she hoped their past would not affect their present and Jugnu's future. As now her relationship with him will be in terms of Jugnu, they're Jugnu's parents and there is nothing else between them.

She hoped he would understand that.

But will Reyansh trust Pranati? Will his heart bear witness that Jugnu is his daughter?

I hope that was good for the prologue. Don't forgot to hit the like button and comment.


Shiri smiley27

Posted: 2 years ago

Wow ! This is so interesting, I want to see how your take on Prayansh !! Waiting for the further chapters.

Posted: 2 years ago

Lovley❤ continue please😊

Posted: 2 years ago

Chapter 1

"Pranati Stop!" He screamed as he saw her going on another street , but the noise on the road was too much that his voice didn't transfer, he tried to run after her but couldn't, he screamed her name many times but she didn't turn once in his direction, today again he saw her going from his life, he crossed the road but till then she had left, again left his life, he broke on his knees on the footpath covering head in his hands.

"Please Pranati, come back I want you back please come back to me," he said crying, he knew this was his payback time, if he had trusted her, she might have been with him today but destiny made him suffer like this.

A cold breeze touched her as she was passing through the street like someone calling her, looking for her, a discomfort feeling, something unknown moving in her mind and with unusual feeling she kept on walking lost in her world, trying to figure it out what it could be, then suddenly one name played automatically on her lips. Reyaansh.

Her heart told her that if Reyansh would have been near he could have solved her confusion, she smiled on this thought if they have been together and next moment a lone tear fell from her eyes and then she shrugged, why does she still think about him? Why does she still daydream about him, he had given her so much pain, he should be all fit and leading a comfortable life without her.

"Mamma!" she heard Jugnu waving at her from inside the cab. She cleared her mind, smiled at him and then again started walking in her route.

It has been 5 years Reyansh has been fighting with himself, how did he ask her that? He loved her and she loved him more than anything then why on earth did he let her go? He would dream of her every day, would ask her to come back but she would stand silent with tears in her eyes. He dreamt of her today too, in the streets, he called her but she didn't listen as usual. He had lived for sake of his family, his parents, dadi and Vansh, his only companion in his empty life, many around him but no reason to live with. He sat on his bed, feeling the same bed he shared with her, at that time it felt empty now, it felt like it was all thrones over it.

He scrolled down his mobile gallery. He saw it again noticing every picture of her, his Pranati. They were much in love, so much into each other. He hoped he could change that inauspicious day.

Pranati was sitting in the hotel room lost in her thoughts, while Jugnu played with the remote controller Car she brought with her. She didn't know how to face Reyansh. Should she go to Khurana House? Or she should meet him at his office? Or should she call him to someplace in isolation? She knew it would be a shocker for him but perhaps it was just meant to be.

She had gone to pain striking efforts to avoid Reyansh. She moved to Goa and only went back to Udaipur when she thought destiny calls them to meet. But she was afraid of the family will understand her hesitation to see him again after what had happened 5 years ago. Things hadn't ended well and she had sworn to him and to herself to put as much distance as she can from him.

As she decided to leave for Khurana House, she quickly fixed her stole around her neck. She picked her favourite Blue dress and put a minimum of makeup. While she examined herself to make sure that everything was in place, she smiled at Jugnu who combed her hair excitedly, to meet her Papa. They both would be happy seeing each other, she thought while fixing her beautiful dress. That's when she realized that it was his favourite colour.

It doesn't matter she thought. It was simple, it was plain and she wasn't dressing for anyone but herself. She didn't want to think about him anymore, so she pushed her thoughts over to something better... Her daughter.

"Mamma, Pappa will be sufer-ised." she said excitedly.

"Not sufer-ised, baby. We would surprise him." 

"That's what I said, Sufer-rised."

Pranati chuckled and shook her head in Jugnu. She put her purse on her shoulder and pulled Jugnu with her after locking the door properly.

While they got into the cab, Pranati looked at Jugnu and her smile. Jugnu has already met Reyansh in Goa. Reyansh was there for some meeting and accidentally met Jugnu. Pranati never hide her father from Jugnu. She had showed her his photo and told her his name. 

But will Jugnu's dream of having a happy family ever come true? Will Reyansh accept her as his own daughter? Pranati gazed out the window at the sites of Udaipur lost in the moment, she had no idea about the storm that awaited her at the Khurana house that was about to bring her crashing back to the past she decided to leave behind for good.

Hola guys!
Here is the 1st chapter. Hope you guys like it and don't forget to like and comment!

Posted: 2 years ago

Wow nice. Keep writting😊

Btw How old is Jugnu in your story?

Posted: 2 years ago

Originally posted by asyaanu

Wow nice. Keep writting😊

Btw How old is Jugnu in your story?

She is 5 :)

Posted: 2 years ago

Hey.. hope ur working on the story.. eagerly waiting for the next updatesmiley42

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Pavitra Bhagya 

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