Dignified resignation than abrupt termination - Vidya - Unfair

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Posted: 3 months ago

Dignified resignation than abrupt termination - Vidya 

I have been off the social media and more so not seeing any shows after Udaan....

But have been reading updates of my favourites Meera and Vijayendra as they are the ones whom I shipped, ship and always ship as two individual persons and also as the best onscreen couple. 

First Naagin 4 was winding and next comes Vidya being terminated... Terminate or abrupt ending. Not fair at all.

Though I was upset with the producer writer Mr. Mahesh Pandey due to his turn of writing which set down Udaan (lets rest my case aside) but with Vidya I felt he was not given his due to even bring his show to a decent winding up.

Everything is blamed on COVID-19. 

Even in the worst scenarios in the corporates when laying off, the workers are given their due notice period and are always given the option to resign and not terminate as thats put off the worker in the bad light.

The tinsel world or the celebrity industry is filled with no warmth at all.

There are many discussions that the TRPs were low, tracks did not work out etc etc which leads to business decisions being taken but is it fair to terminate the show............. just call and say Hello!!! sorry for reasons abc the show is being called off...terminated.... like seriously!!

Why cant the show have a decent winding up... atleast respect the viewers who had invested their money in subscribing the channel, invested their time to see and support the show.

Why cant the story which was very innovatively going through shoot from home scenes, with special songs too respect the actors, who had put in their effort albeit the story etc etc or whatever be the reason be given a honorable ending.  

Pandemic is not our mistake but the way its being taken as a reason by many to end those livelihoods is absolute injustice.

Lastly and most IMPORTANTLY there is no respect or consolation or a word to calm those fans who have invested their time, love to appreciate and ship the jodi, the onscreen couple.  The fans sailed with them to see a happy ending even if not a happy going.  

Can there not be a way to go through and give a peaceful ending of the show... Only TRP, Money matters the most.............true but if viewers and fans are not there how will the shows run.   

I for sure donot see any show, but on the contrary If I will, then I may think twice to start to see a show as I see that there will not be a commitment from the Channel about the proper conclusion of a show.  Why would I invest my time and waste the money though even that Re.1/-

So the channel is taking for granted the viewers and the fans leave alone the actors and technicians.

Every show has to end but cant it resign with happiness in mind and not with sadness due to abrupt termination!

Vidya!!! The journey of a beautiful timid human being who wanted to turn into a tamed tutor has been brutally halted.. 

Jai Durga Maiyaa!!!

Prayers for the global wellbeing!!

Posted: 3 months ago

Actually I wish they could give another chance to atleast end the serial. 

Posted: 3 months ago

Originally posted by Padosan12

Actually I wish they could give another chance to atleast end the serial. 

Yes that's what I meant give a week or even two episodes to give a peaceful closure. 

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