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Hi guys! I am back with a new one! 


A new project brings in a familiar figure from Mishti's past. Who is that person? How will Mishti react to it? Will Abir and Mishti suffer another hit to their relationship?


Chapter 1: Reappearance (Next Post)

Chapter 2:  Biology Sucks (Page 3)

Chapter 3: Pain (Page 5)

Chapter 4: Strange Tides (Page 9)

Chapter 5: Storm is Coming? (Page 10)

Chapter 6: Broken yet Stronger (Page 12)

Chapter 7: Magical (Page 14)

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Chapter 1: Reappearance

Shekhar Kapoor was one of the most successful entrepreneurs who had moved to Rajkot from Mumbai, six months ago. After moving, he was looking for opportunities to invest and expand his base. Looking around for opportunities he came across various millennial projects but the one that he was interested in collaborating was with Abir Rajvansh. Being a software engineer himself, Shekhar took a lot of pride and interest in Abir’s company. What also impressed him was how dedicated Abir was in giving back to the community in any manner he could through his NGO’s. 

While Abir handled his company, Mishti took over  charge of handling the NGO. Hence, both Abir and Mishti had an opportunity to meet Shekhar for various projects. What they admired about Shekhar was even after so much experience in his field, he was open to new ideas and giving opportunities to new minds. He carried the same amount of enthusiasm like any young millennial. Not only that, he also made an extravagant donation towards the NGO when he learnt about the new project Mishti was working on. And in order to show their gratitude for his donation and support towards the NGO, Abir Mishti decided to invite him and his family over for dinner.

Mishti and Abir were looking over the arrangement throughout the day for the dinner party. They knew they didn't need to impress Mr Kapoor anymore. But they felt they did need to show gratitude for his generous donation and make him feel homely. Remaining members of the family also contributed in their ways and helped to make sure the arrangements were perfect for the night. Especially Meenakshi, who knew how much it meant to Abir and she didn't want to leave any stone unturned for him. 

Everyone was ready and everything was set. All they were waiting was for the guest of honor to arrive. As the doorbell rang, Mishti rushed to open it, followed by other family members. Shekhar was standing by the door, holding a bouquet for the family. While Mishti folded her hands, Abir shook hands with Mr Kapoor and hugged him. Shekhar turned to introduce his 16 year old daughter, Mishri. Mishri waved her hands to the family. Shekhar then turned to introduce his wife who was standing behind him, trying to fix her outfit. As she turned around to introduce herself to the family, Mishti's excitement turned to shock. She felt as if someone had pulled the ground from beneath her feet.

And that's my wife, Mrs Kapoor”, said Shekhar with pride.

Hello Aunty!” Abir greeted Mrs Kapoor.

 “Oh just call me K! That would be preferred more” said Mrs Kapoor as she felt uncomfortable being addressed as Aunty. Abir started introducing everyone to the Kapoors. Mishti stood still. She kept staring at the woman. Nothing was audible to her. Nothing made sense to her. She kept staring at the ground, finding it hard to breathe. As Abir pointed towards Mishti to introduce her to Mrs Kapoor and Mishri, he had to call her out multiple times to get her attention. Mishti gave a weak smile and folded her hands to welcome them. Kapoors gladly accepted their welcome. Abir directed everyone towards the living room. While they headed towards the living room, Abir noticed Mishti was still standing in the same spot. He walked towards her. She seemed lost. Mishti jerked as Abir held her shoulders.. Abir was confused with her reaction and asked her if she was ok. Mishti nodded slightly and gave a weak smile. 

Umm! I will just help Parul Masi to arrange refreshments for everyone”. Mishti rushed towards the kitchen. Abir wasn't sure if he should delve further into this. Nothing major had happened. There was no such fight between Kuhu and Mishti as well. At least after the resort incident, Abir had made sure that Kuhu and Mishti remained at arms length until their issues were sorted. Kunal and Abir had both given Kuhu a fair warning to mend her ways with Mishti. They were not really talking to each other after that but they weren't even fighting. He looked towards her in the kitchen again and she seemed fine. Abir decided to not delve further into this and talk to her once he is alone with her in their room. He went towards the living room to attend the guests.

Fine was the last thing Mishti even felt. She kept arranging glasses. Parul masi gave her instructions but nothing was again audible to her. Parul Masi had to call her multiple times to get her attention again. Even Parul Masi felt weird with Mishti’s sudden change in aura but she promptly concluded that it could just be her stress to make sure Shekhar and his family had a pleasant experience. She knew how much Mishti was dedicated to Abir and everything related to him. She would fight tooth and nail to make sure everything was set right and done perfect for him. She smiled at her and then instructed Jugnu and others to help her serve the refreshments to the guests.

As Parul Masi left the kitchen, Mishti closed her eyes and left a small sigh. “Mishti, you are ok. Just don't react. Remember, you are strong!” Mishti tried to self talk and encourage herself. She took a small breath again and walked towards the hall with a smile on her face.

As Mishti headed to the hall, Shekhar’s attention fell on her. He started praising Mishti for her amazing skills and intelligence. “Whenever I spoke to Mishti, she always reminded me of my wife and Mishri. You know Mishti!! You have this strong sense of professionalism and an amazing work ethic. That always reminded me of her”. Shekhar pointed towards his wife. “And you also have this amazing calmness to your personality…. A very approachable person type of personality, something my daughter Mishri also has. It was seriously a delight working with you and I hope we continue to” said Shekhar with pride. Abir felt proud of Mishti and looked towards her. Mishti smiled towards and gracefully nodded for the compliment. 

Everytime Shekhar came home after meeting Abir Mishti, he would go on and on about them. He just wouldn't stop praising them. I have been wanting to meet them ever since. But I never got a chance! And now I am so glad that I was able to meet you” said Mrs Kapoor with excitement. 

Are you?” asked Mishti. Mrs Kapoor felt weird with Mishti’s tone of question but just nodded to her and continued her conversation with other people. Ketu accompanied Mishri just so that she wouldn't feel out of place in between the adults. Mrs Kapoor joined the girls in their discussion. She asked Ketu about her life and her goals and whether she was dating anyone. As she mentioned dating, the Rajvansh family felt uncomfortable thinking about Ketu’s past. Everyone was suddenly silent. She noticed everyone’s reaction and apologized if she had offended them in any way. Ketu nodded in disagreement. “Don't worry K! You have nothing to apologize to. My family is just worried for me and looking out for me. I have had a bad experience. I almost got married to a wrong man. But I guess I was lucky. An angel saved me from getting married that day”. Ketu looked towards Mishti with a smile and Mishti smiled back. “But I am fine K. Seriously! My family helped me through this. I am currently just focussing on my further studies”

“I am so proud and glad to know that you are handling it so well,” said Mrs Kapoor while putting her hand on Ketu’s hand.

Mishti bhabhi taught me that there is no point in crying over the past. It’s always better to just move on.” Ketu said with sincerity. 

I totally agree with you Ketu! You know what I will be honest with you. You are like Mishri to me and I will share with you what I always told her. I always tell Mishri to be very careful and take all the time in her world to decide who she wants to be with. I was in one such bad relationship. It was worse than a nightmare. But one day I decided. That was it. I wasn't going to stick to that good for nothing relationship. I said enough was enough. I realized everything about that relationship was a mistake. Every memory. And I wanted to leave it behind and just never look back. And that's exactly what I did. I left EVERYTHING behind. And I am so happy right now. I am so glad to see you are doing the same thing. Just keep going the way you are. I am so glad you have your family to support you through this.” Said Mrs Kapoor as she patted Ketu’s back with pride.

Mishti was carefully listening to what Mrs Kapoor was saying. She kept staring at her. Her fists closed. She gulped her saliva and looked in another direction. Mrs Kapoor then looked towards Kuhu Mishti and asked them about their family and if they had any siblings. While Kuhu nodded in agreement, Mishti said “No! I am my parents' ONLY mistake.” Everyone looked towards Mishti with shock. Mrs Kapoor again felt weird with Mishti’s coldness in her responses. Mishti realized her goof up and corrected her mistake, “I mean, I am an only child.” She smiled and excused herself to the kitchen to check on the dinner.

Abir followed Mishti to the kitchen. He knew what she said in the hall wasn't by mistake. Something was up with her. He realized he had to find out. He preferred to not wait any longer. He held her by her shoulders and asked, “What's going on Mishti?

What are you talking about?” asked Mishti as she tried her level best to not meet his eyes.

Really Mishti! Fine! You were all ok the entire day. And all of the sudden you are acting so weird. After they came? Did something happen? Did someone say something to you?” asked Abir with concern.

It’s nothing Abir. You are just imagining things.” Mishti walked away and turned on the stove to heat up the food.

And so is everyone. Everyone can see that you are acting weird. Even Kapoor’s for that matter. Are you going to tell me or you just want me to call badi ma. Because I know she can definitely get it out of your system” Abir took the plates off Mishti’s hand and held her by her shoulders tightly.

I think it's about Mrs Kapoor Bro...” A voice came from the back. As Abir turned to look behind, he found Kuhu standing.

Mrs Kapoor? What about her?” asked Abir with confusion.

Bro! I think she is Mishti’s mother…..” Kuhu looked towards Mishti for confirmation.

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This was something unimaginable for me... It's different..... Hope you pen down the next part soon....

Thank you

Posted: 1 months ago

This is so interesting. Please continue!

Posted: 1 months ago

Woahhh! Mishti’s mom!! What a twist. I’ve always wondered if she would make an appearance in the show, so happy to see her in your story! Can’t wait for the next part. You’ve written it so well smiley27

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Woah! smiley3

Mrs K aka karishma is mishti's biological mother!!

What a twist ! Can't wait to see the effect this has on mishti,  her struggles and pain that she had somewhere kept hidden in her heart all over the years!  I am so excited to see you take mishti on this emotional roller coaster ride and the impact that is has on mishbir and who knows even mishku! 

Wonderful write up , the detailing that you give to the characters and explain their emotions step by step is just amazing 

Eagerly waiting for the next part , update soon smiley27smiley27

Posted: 1 months ago

Perfect shonali 😍🙏 I think somehow Karishma n mishti confrontation was a very good or important part of misht's life....the hurt pain baggage of beIN left over needs to be addressed to the correct person.... waiting eagerly

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Originally posted by Mii5

This was something unimaginable for me... It's different..... Hope you pen down the next part soon....

Thank you

Haha! Thank you so much <3 <3

I will definitely to update it soon <3

Shaheer Sheikh Rhea Sharma Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke 

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