PreRish/KaRica AT #212|Dil Mein Base Kaise Yeh Pal Hain|

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I loved her against reason, 

against promise, against peace, 

against hope, against happiness, 

against all discouragement that could be.”

“What I need is the dandelion in the spring. The bright yellow that means rebirth instead of destruction

The promise that life can go on, no matter how bad our losses

That it can be good again.”


.212th Appreciation Thread.

Only time will tell if she was worth it.


Kabhi-kabhi do adhoore log ek saath mil kar ek doosre ko poora kar dete hain.




I welcome you all to the 212th  appreciation thread devoted to the discussions related to PreRish and KaRica.

Not an ordinary tale!

He’s a wounded man, an expert in hiding scars and donning a mask of indifference and meanness. She, on the other hand, is sensitive and indulges in a free display of emotions. She’s an open book to him, while he’s still an enigma to her, teasing, enticing her into the alleys of his dark and mysterious past. His maturity and restraint offer a stark contrast against her fleeting naivety.

Pieces of an incomplete puzzle, they seem fated to make each other complete and embark upon a successful journey until the very end, influencing each other into being better versions of their present selves.Theirs is a journey of two wounded strangers suddenly finding themselves parenting a child and then progressing into friends first, and lovers later.

He isn’t her first love, but he would definitely be her last, greater love born out of heartbreaks, bitter experiences, and realization.

A reboot of one of ITV’s most successful and iconic romances, Mr Bajaj and Prerna are strangers to none. 

Once again, welcome to the paradise of Rishabh Bajaj and Prerna Bajaj, unified as PreRish. 

If all else perished, and he remained, I should still continue to be; and if all else remained, and he were annihilated, the universe would turn to a mighty stranger.”


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.Guilty roads to an endless love.

From two strangers entering a deal marriage for their personal interests, the journey has truly been heart-warming with too many endearing moments and subtle nuances.


From the sarcastic and slightly mocking Miss Sharma uttered in a preying tone to the proud Yeh meri Prerna haiwe have beheld Mr Bajaj walking miles from a ruthless man to a selfless lover. Here’s hoping that Prerna walks towards him to balance it all. 

We saw how long this man walked without harbouring expectations. Maybe there’s a flaming yearning of being loved back in the deepest corner of his heart. There’s also a bit of anxiety that springs out of losing someone you love more than yourself. But that’s something which humanises him in the existence of those God-like attributes.

For 8 years he lived with a damaged woman and went extra miles to heal her…expecting nothing in return.

In his own words voiced in the first phase, “A husband needs his wife.” That depicted his demanding side. Though even then he never forced her to pay heed to his needs and always kept her above it all.

Now, 8 years later, he seems content watching her from a distance. This, is the highest form of love. It requires no loud chants or forced divine interventions to elevate itself because it’s already elevated.

he never chooses what she should do. He lets her elect for herself and gracefully steps aside. How can one not love his gem of a man? And for how long can one not acknowledge the selflessness and the immense love he possesses? Hoping against hope that her heart leads her to the right direction…where he has been waiting for 8 years!




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PreRish/KaRica AT #196|Tum Dena Saath Mera...O Humnava|

PreRish/KaRica AT #197|He Doesn't Express but He Loves You|

PreRish/KaRica AT #198|Our 30 Second Phone Calls|

PreRish/KaRica AT #199|Stay With Me Always|

PreRish/KaRica AT #200|I Loved Her Against All Discouragement|

PreRish/KaRica AT #201|Jeene Ke Liye Himmat Ki Zarurat Hoti Hai|

PreRish/KaRica AT #202|

PreRish/KaRica AT #203|The Song Stuck In My Head|

PreRish/KaRica AT #204|Unending Love|

PreRish/KaRica AT #205|One Step Closer|

PreRish/KaRica AT #206|A Sky Full of Stars|

PreRish/KaRica AT #207|I'd Prefer Mr Bajaj Because He has Guts|

PreRish/KaRica AT #208|Love that Elevates|

PreRish/KaRica AT #209|When the Heart Heals, It Beats for You|

PreRish/KaRica AT #210|

PreRish/KaRica AT #211|

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