Horrible Childhood

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I read the account of Duryodhana poisoning Bheema

How were these kids acting like adults? They went to Drona after this incident so they weren't old enough to get education but old enough to sketch out a plan for future where Bheema can be a problem between Duryodhana and his Throne? 

Also, Bheema was horrible to Kauravas - 

The second Pandava used to seize them by the hair, and throwing them down, to drag them along the earth. By this, some had their knees broken, some their heads, and some their shoulders. That youth, sometimes holding ten of them, drowned them in water, till they were nearly dead. When the sons of Dhritarashtra got up to the boughs of a tree for plucking fruits, Bhima used to shake that tree, by striking it with his foot, so that down came the fruits and the fruitpluckers at the same time. In fact, those princes were no match for Bhima in pugilistic encounters, in speed, or in skill. Bhima used to make a display of his strength by thus tormenting them in childishness but not from malice.

How is beating people till they are severely injured, drowning them till they are nearly dead, shaking the tree till they fall is considered childish and not malicious? 

If it wasn't malicious, why didn't he do the same with his brothers?

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Yep true. Whatever the Ks did were defo not justified, but Bheem did indeed start the aggression. smiley44

However for the sake of our heroes, we can consider hyperboles in these descriptions and honestly these sorts of violent games were a part of this "Kshatriya should not feel pain" narrative.

I think they were teenagers  at the point. Kripa had already taught them the basics of everything, and Drona was just the advanced ki coaching. smiley36

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What Bheem did was something like bullying the kids do. He used to bully his brothers. But poisoning can no where a proper punishment for this

Saying that, Kaurav kids did actually suffer a lot as kids. But why were they always divided is something I want to understand

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‘After observing all the rites prescribed in the Vedas, the Pandavas then began to grow up in their father’s house, enjoying a life of pleasure. When they played childish games in their father’s house with Dhritarashtra’s sons, they excelled over them—in running fast, in hitting targets, in eating and in raising dust. Bhimasena defeated all of Dhritarashtra’s sons. Playfully, he grabbed them by the hair above their ears. He caught them by the heads when they fought with the Pandavas.

^ The brothers used to play and the Pandavas excelled the Kauravas. Bhima's bullying was playful. He harboured no malice. The whole thing looks problematic to us but it wasn't uncommon in the Kshatriya class. Moreover, it's mentioned that Bhima caught them by the heads when they fought against Pandavas. 

Alone and with the least effort, Vrikodara oppressed those 101 sons, who possessed great energy. The strongest of the strong would kick them with his feet. He would throw them down on the ground and break their thighs, heads and shoulders. When playing in the water, he would sometimes catch ten of them in his arms and hold them down in the water, letting them go only when they were about to drown. When they climbed a tree to gather fruit, Bhima would kick the tree with his feet and make it shake. Shaken by the force, the tree would whirl around and swiftly fall down on the ground with its fruit, frightening the princes. In fights, speed and martial exercises, the princes were never able to get the better of Vrikodara in any competition. Thus, in any competition, Dhritarashtra’s sons began to hate Vrikodara, even though he bore no ill will towards them, since he was only a child.

Bhimasena’s great strength became well known. On learning this, Dhritarashtra’s powerful son revealed the evil side of his nature. He was wicked and inclined towards evil

^ Duryodhana and his brothers hated Bhima because they couldn't overpower him.  

Source: Bibek Debroy's translation of the BORI CE.

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I am just thinking that these kids were led to believe that they are against each other rather than nurtured to rule a kingdom together, a child knowing that he can kill someone by poisoning and sketching a plan to do so, is horrible on different level

Playfulness of something which is described escapes me, drowning people, shaking tree which could lead to their fall and ultimately death is not only bullying in my opinion, incidents described are of a criminal nature moreover bullying is a crime too, just sugarcoated with Bheema not harboring any malice, if there was no malice why didn't he do the same with Pandavas? If he was just bullying his brothers,Pandavas would have suffered the same

What I am trying to say is that these kids grew up hating each other, why were adults expecting them to run a kingdom together when they obviously didn't teach them that they are brothers?

Something which I read - 

"Having said this in affliction to her eldest son, she summoned Vidura, and said, 'O illustrious Kshattri, Bhimasena is missing! Where has he gone? The other brothers have all come back from the gardens, only Bhima of mighty arms does not come home! Duryodhana likes him not. The Kaurava is crooked and malicious and low-minded and imprudent. He coveteth the throne openly. I am afraid he may have in a fit of anger slain my darling. This afflicts me sorely, indeed, it burns my heart.'

This is how they spoke about other in front of kids, Bheema didn't consider Kaurava as his brothers, same goes for Kauravas which was result of their parent's talking like this

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Kauravas and Pandavas were in opposing camps since childhood. Since the latter group came later, the kaurava brothers who were born there mustn't have found them pleasant. Bhima's strength just added more to it. 

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I have heard  that bheem has itching on his back so  he  ask duryodhan to do itching on his back but duryodhan refuse to do itching on back of bheem 

Then bheem rub his back on trunk of Tree  . Tree start shaking and both duryodhan  and dussasan  fell down from Tree 

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Question -

When did Duty meet Karna?

'When that terrible poison intended for the destruction of Bhima failed of its effect, Duryodhana. Karna and Sakuni, without giving up their wicked design had recourse to numerous other contrivances for accomplishing the death of the Pandavas. 

This is after Duryodhana poisoned Bheema


This incident happened before they started their training from Kripa -

Meanwhile, the king (Dhritarashtra), beholding the Kuru princes passing their time in idleness and growing naughty, appointed Gautama as their preceptor and sent them unto him for instruction. Born among a clump of heath, Gautama was well-skilled in the Vedas and it was under him (also called Kripa) that the Kuru princes began to learn the use of arms.


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