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N A M A S K A A R !

Welcome to the appreciation thread dedicated in honoring the birth parents of Lord Krishna, who sacrificed everything in their lives to bring forth the Lord who would rid the world of the curse that was King Kamsa. Everyone knows about Krishna, the naughty and adorable butter thief who spread love and joy everywhere he went. But how many truly know about the two individuals who brought him into the world, who suffered the most horrific trauma no parents could ever think of imagining? How many truly know about Vasudev and Devaki?


Vasudeva was a prince of the Yadava clan Vrishni, the son of Shurasena and the naga princess Mareesha. He was the biological brother of Kunti, the mother of the Pandavas in Mahabharata. Vasudeva was clever, strategic and fought for peace among the Yadavas. Lord Vishnu chose him as his biological father, for he was righteous, truthful, peace-loving and had the mental stability to withhold the difficult tests God would later put him through.

Devaki was a princess of the Yadava clan Andhaka, the daughter of Prince Devaka, who was the brother of King Ugrasena of Mathura. She was the cousin sister of Prince Kamsa, who was the adopted son of Ugrasena. Devaki was shy in nature, but her righteousness and resilience were what caused the Lord to choose her as his biological mother. 

The Yadava factions were constantly at odds with one another. In order to create peace and unite all the factions, the marriage of Devaki and Vasudev was fixed by the elders. 

Everyone knows about the story that follows, but one thing important to remember is that these two characters teach us what it truly means to be 'strong'. These characters teach us that no matter how many trials and tribulations life throws at us, it is still possible to come out stronger than ever, when one's mind is fixed on God and we surrender at His feet. These characters teach us what it truly means to be devotional, to love and support one another in both good times and bad, and to never lose faith in establishing righteousness over unrighteousness.

Join us in honoring these characters and reliving the happy and tragic incidents in their life, as they give birth to their children, lose them, and get united with them again in the end. Let's laugh and cry along with them, and learn what it means to truly love and support one another during life's trials and tribulations.

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Thanks for the AT Janu di, and boy is it gorgeous! smiley42

VasuDevaki were the one of the cutest couples in SK! smiley27

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I just realised this VasuDevakismiley44smiley36smiley27

Beautiful AT!smiley42smiley43

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Thanks guys! Please feel free to join in the discussions, or start discussions of your own here. This entire initial portion of Shri Krishna is simply dedicated to VD.

Posted: 19 days ago

Thanks for the AT Janki

I liked the Jodi name vasuDEVki

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I'd like to raise one issue that has been debated a lot in the past, WHY did they not keep Poulomi ji's hair open, she did have beautiful locks! smiley8

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Originally posted by proteeti

I'd like to raise one issue that has been debated a lot in the past, WHY did they not keep Poulomi ji's hair open, she did have beautiful locks! smiley8

I think those days open hairs wasn't a trend. To give look and feel of Dwapar Yug

Shree Krishna 

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