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Posted: 2 years ago

Since Radha is already in Dwarika giving "How to be a good sakhi" lessons to all Dwarika women, I invited our Radharani to shine some light up here too!

So welcome to the


Sakha-Sakhi tuition classes!

Here on, Radharani herself will give you inside news on all that goes on behind the curtains of a seemingly normal world! smiley43

Does Krishna frequently change bodies with whoever he likes?

Does Satyabhama really bathe in ONLY the sun's rays?

Are Jambavati and Radha nose-rings buddies?

Janne ke liye keep following this thread and Radharani is coming to personally spill the tea and check the beans! smiley31

* Disclaimer: Nothing to do with the show itself, just a funny take on how the story is progressing through Krishna ki leela *

Posted: 2 years ago

 * Note: majority of posts from me in this thread will be from Radharani's (Swastik waali) POV, no offense to the real Lady intended, she's awesome! So here we go! *

Hello everyone! This is Radha. Rani of Barsana, currently one of the leading tutors at Dwarika!

My classes have just began, you know my Sakha Krishna right?!

He did me recommendation, and I'm currently on the top of the learderboard. smiley4

So today I came here to spill the special Dwarika beans. Not to brag or anything, but my pal is sort of a trikaldarshi, and he's got this cool super-lens that can see everything and anything! *whispers* There's where I get most of the juice! smiley15

SO today I am going to tell you about a very special ability of my dearest Sakha! You guys saw that portion right where he exchanged his body with our Dau bhaiya?! Yess....that's it.smiley33Our Kanha dearest can exchange his body with anyone he likes! smiley16

Unlike what you saw on your televisions though, he does it, without a warning! smiley14

He and I have this two-body-one-soul kinda connection, so it isn't that much of a problem for me but it's really fun to watch the others fall prey to his little schemes! You don't believe me, why would you?! Well, then let me give you proof! Bhama! Come here, look at the camera! Tell the people about that time when your Rajagopala exchanged bodies with your Jeeji Rukmani!

*POV: Satyabhama*

Oh yes! I remember. Quite vividly at that. smiley22

It was the second night after our wedding. We had just lain down when he embraced me from behind. I was blushing, as his hold tightened. smiley43 And then...he screeched. Frightened, I screeched too. For a good, solid minute we both screeched! smiley29

Then I heard it.

Rukmani jeeji was laughing, almost maniacally, leaning at the door of our bed-chamber. smiley23

Then I saw my Rajagopala, blushing into the sheets of our bed. I was confused to say  the least! smiley29

Then he said, in a low, low voice, "Hey sis!"  I almost screamed again, "Why do I look like my Krishna?! What happened to me, why am I standing at the gates too! Which one am I? What is happening?" I was dumbstruck, but the same questions ran through my mind!

*clack* Then it dawned on me! The chutki! smiley3 I turned to my Rajagopala, and now obviously he was chuckling. I asked him what he had done and this is what he said, "Oh, I just exchanged my body with Vaidarbhi for a bit. These things are normal, you guys should probably get used to this. Anyway, I'll get going, I need to think of something for Jamvavati too, or else she might feel left out! smiley14"

I couldn't believe my ears! I had heard the rumours that he was a magician but I was seeing it for the first time. On the other hand. Rukmani jeeji has regained her footing and was now angrily eyeing our Lord! smiley7 "So, Lord, this is why you called me here so late, huh?!"  But he left chuckling leaving the two of us to exchange looks of exasperation! You know, he did something like this with Dau also! smiley29

*POV back to Radha*

Oh yes, I forgot, wait for some time, I'll get a hold of our Dau bhaiya for you guys!


Sumedh Mudgalkar Mallika Singh RadhaKrishn 

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