MiNeil Ki Manmarjiyan 💕 Arya ki Mann ka Haal 😱

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Posted: 13 days ago

OK Couple of Epis Passed smiley16After MiNeilsmiley42 I need hate U Hugsmiley9

After Hug Epismiley42it's Hospital Care Unitsmiley9smiley20 MiNeil smiley42 Light Convossmiley16 Oldies disperse to home after lambu entry smiley4 Bobby samjhafied himself smiley17smiley36Now Neil with Mini Side smiley4

Arnesmiley42smiley31Have A Scene smiley42Genie Display Noodles in air smiley17Arya taste it smiley9ishaaron ishaaro mein signals smiley27

Neil smiley42taken care Sleepy Mini smiley17wit his over coat smiley9 a bit hichkichahat given Sacks too smiley20 MiNeil lovely Moment smiley42

Doc discharge Arya smiley17 no worries no injuries smiley20take care it's happen by any scare smiley3 Mini worried and Relieved Aryasmiley27fine smiley4

Aryasmiley27 finally in home with Veerbalikasmiley17 they taking care each other smiley17 but Again Saroj mami started Dhoomtanana shor smiley3smiley29 

Mini left room smiley19

Neil is there when Biji daadi came smiley20Mini express smiley19saroj smiley15 

All pissed by mami smiley6

Biji dadi taken strong class to mami smiley16Round of Applause to Aryasmiley31smiley32whose Unshakable Love and Trust on Veer balika smiley42 

Mami ko dikhaya Dhoom tanana smiley37

Othet side Mini in same Sad mode smiley19want to left Home again for her incomplete to Aryasmiley3

Mini -Aryasmiley42 patch up Session smiley42 finally smiley41smiley40

Arya smiley27 follow Story route with Aata on Floor smiley37 Mini Follow and catch Chutanki smiley31 

Mini -Aryasmiley42smiley31 have heart to heart Patch up Session Talk smiley42 Arya smiley27Assures Mini smiley42So Earnestly smiley14

After this Long Emo phase smiley16Sisters Started Pillow Fight smiley17smiley37smiley41 Laughing Delight smiley41at Mid Night smiley37 Which Obviously Disturbed Their One Home Tenant smiley42smiley31 Who Love his own Sleep smiley17 more smiley37

Smarty Neil smiley9 Happy for MiYa patch up smiley42 Who end up in Pillow Fight Gate crash smiley37 

MiYa Laugh smiley37 Endlessly smiley42

Trio back to normal mode smiley42

MiYa tang kiching Neil smiley37 

Today Continue smiley42Mannmarjiyan smiley42smiley20

Owner Sisters smiley42 Hukum chalaying on Bechari Neil Oberoi smiley42smiley37 ek sofa mein baitke ek Bed pey laitke smiley37

Aadhi raat mein Chupa chupi khel conducted  by Aaryasmiley27

Arya chupgayi smiley37 MiNeil shuru hogayi smiley42smiley43smiley20

Baatho baatho mein Neil smiley42smiley14declare we Babes HS to Arya smiley42

Mini smiley3smiley9 MiNeilsmiley43 Neil proceed few steps more smiley20 Do u sense me mini Like I Do smiley2smiley27 

Mini -yeah 

Neil -No

Mini -Mad oberoi smiley42smiley43

Arya waiting for gamesmiley37

 MiNeil started smiley20 Mannmarjiyan bg smiley42

Neil sense Sounds of earrings, bangles catch hold mini to wallsmiley42smiley20smiley43

But Arya remembering her Scary school incidents smiley3smiley24 Shouts Cry for Mini smiley3 Neil too puzzle by Arya smiley38 assure her he is Genie don't worry smiley42

ArNe hand holdsmiley42 Arya trusts Genie smiley42

Mini -Arya bed convo smiley42 Slept happy smiley42

Morning on Chaat Area smiley42 Mini Remembers enjoyes MiNeilsmiley42moments smiley42

Preet came and A Teasing Session smiley37 information Of Oberoi interview going in down stairs smiley37

Neil interview by Dadu daadi smiley9smiley37

Mast epi today smiley42 ofc Every Day by Trio smiley20

Posted: 13 days ago

Two. Back to back mineilcious episodessmiley42

I always knew Neil bold Hai, it a bhi Sharif nahi smiley37 

Par it jaldi rang dikhaye yeh expect nahi Kia Tha smiley36

Posted: 13 days ago

Originally posted by SRJKiShraddha

Two. Back to back mineilcious episodessmiley42

I always knew Neil bold Hai, it a bhi Sharif nahi smiley37 

Par it jaldi rang dikhaye yeh expect nahi Kia Tha smiley36

Haan.... expectations se b zyada hot shock mila aajsmiley43smiley37

Posted: 12 days ago

You said to all.smiley36It was like quick recapssmiley36

Hospital scene was beautiful .Hug scene was one best . Ashnoor , Sourabh were just brilliant.

MiYa sisters patch scene was beautiful .Sisters teasing Neil was cute .Even he was enjoying it. Pillow fight and chicken and duck was cutest.Blindflod scene was Sizzling🔥🔥

Posted: 12 days ago

Main late hoon Vinnassmiley31

Mera favorite toh MiNeil wala hug hai smiley42

Execution se lekar acting tak sab top class tha smiley14

Uss type ka scene , performance milna mushkil hai smiley14

Aur hospital mein MiNeil ke baatiensmiley42

Aur finally Miya patch up smiley42

Posted: 12 days ago

Miya maalkin versus kirayadar smiley37

Mast tha scenesmiley37

Dono princess maalkino ne bechare ko pareshan kar diya haismiley37

Ye toh start hai aage chal aur b aayega smiley37

MiNeil Luka chupismiley43

Dono ne aag laga diyasmiley43smiley14

Catch catch khel kar smiley43

Arya baby ka problem jaldi solve ho 

Hume purani free pyaari  Arya chahiye .

Dadu grilling session was smiley37

Bechara abh dadu se bach kar rahena hogasmiley37

Unki tez nazar uss par hai smiley37

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Patiala Babes 

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