Together Again-A RoNakshi OS

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Sonakshi entered the room gulping down the crocin she found from vimmi, so much of things for the day starting from rohit being sick,to the fiasco at the auction and then police investigations and now it feels like she was about to catch a very bad cold. In fact she was already feeling feverish.

Remembering everything said in the auction,the usual hatred he showers upon her these days,she went to have a wash. Lost in thoughts she accidently turned the cold water on instead and before she could do anything,she was drenched in freezing cold water. Nothing seemed to work in her favour these days.

She returned to the room towel drying the hair fearing that her temperature might jot up. The chills that has started to trouble her already made her understand that it’s going to be a very bad night.Her innocent heart yearned to hug her rohit to sleep as she felt weaker every passing second,but it was rohit’s turn to stay back at hospital with paapa so he was not to return home tonight. 

She switched to a comfortable pair of pyjama shorts and its noodle strap skinny top, the one she used to wear whenever she had a fever that caused a resultant difficulty to fall asleep,a problem which she has experienced from her small days. She remembered mumma patting her to sleep while she struggled being sick,but today none of she wanted were near her.she took a deep sigh.

She suddenly remembered how inspector mentioned about an unknown but a family member being the one who attacked paapa and forged her signatures both,and according to him the next attack would possibly be on her. Though she was brave enough to face whatever that might come her way,still som unknown fear invaded her. May be since she is sick? She guessed so. Rohit will return in the morning so better lock the door and get to sleep. And after doing exactly that,she went to bed and dimmed all the lights. Plugging the earphones she played a soothing 70’s which might hopefully let her sleep tonight.


Nothing had been easy for rohit that night. He had gloriously messed everything up, and when he heard....well practically eavesdropped sonakshi’s and the inspector ‘s discussion backstage he felt like an utter loser. He had left to hospital that very instance, thinking about what sonakshi has been secretly doing for a family....his family which has given her nothing but pain. She made his family hers because she loved him,no doubt. But what has she got in her plate now?! A blame on his father’s alleged suicide which he now got to know as a murder, a blame on a changed prenup which made him lash out for a divorce from her and now she is targeted to be    attacked by a known yet unknown family member next. The very thought shook him to the core.

As he waited near his father,he called pooja to confirm that sonakshi is safely home but yet he felt anxious.who out of his family can he distrust? He felt so confused. That was when ajit came to see him out of the blue. He questioned him about not putting sonakshi bhabhi in a slot to look after their father and few exchange of words led to one another and a slightly heated arguement began. At the end of which in a fit of anger ajit blurted out that it was not sonakshi but he himself was the one who blurted out naren’s secret to suman aunty. Rohit couldn’t understand what happened to him the moment he heard it. He remembered dragging ajit from where they were to his cabin and slapping the hell at him in anger. He vented not only the anger he had for ajit but also the anger he had for he himself for telling those vicious things to sonakshi.the guilt of making her suffer this long started eating him up.he chased away a beaten up ajit to look after his father tonight,and decided to rush back home. Home? Isn’t it the same place which she is not safe at all right now? Suddenly the fear he had for sonakshi multiplied and He wanted to see her at the earliest possible minute.

By the time he reached home,his panic was at its peak and all he wanted to do was to see his sona,and to tell her that he is so damned sorry. The fever that got subsided this morning seemed to rushing up as he felt as if his body was set ablaze. May be it’s the troubling inner turmoil inside him.but if this affected him so much despite being the wrong person here,how would have sonakshi felt being tortured despite she being the right one? He wondered. 

Trying to open the door and failing,he frantically turned the door knob. He feared At this unusual situation and so many fears about sonakshi started rushing up and down his body. 

What if she had left him? What if I open the door and find all her stuff gone, what if she had left me. I am the one who said that I can’t share a life with her. No right? She wouldn’t break that promise.he knocked the door with his shivering hand.


he waited but got no response.

What if she had done something to herself? But no she wouldn’t do that to me. And she is not someone who would do that anyway. But I humiliated her past her breaking point.what if she got enough.

He crashed his palm against the door as his heart raced.

“Sona open the door...please....” he screamed but got no response.

What if sona has been attacked as guessed? He remembered the night that mahesh attacked her. He remembered how she shivered against his chest all in tears.his eyes filled up.he remembered how she looked unconscious in his arms on the day she got stuck at the fire in her room before they got married and how she bled and fainted in his arms on the wedding day.he wouldn’t be able to see her in that state again.He hit his fast against the wall. 

“Sona open the door damn it.” 

He stamped his palm at the door anxiously,and he was already having his tears rolling down. There was nothing remaining but to force open the door. When he kicked it and crashed inside,everything was dark except for a mini light of a mobile screen and there was a complete silence. In a rush he reached the bed and saw her in a deep sleep while listening to some song. He practically held his chest,trying to calm down his erratically beating heart which almost suffered an attack owing to all the ulta seeda khayals he was having.

She has not gone,nor been attacked. She was fine and that was all that mattered. Slowly he paused the songs and held the wires and pulled to take the headset away  without waking her up. He stared at her face till the mobile screen went off and his heart made a tug of pain which told him how much this one has suffered,just and because of him. He felt uneasy and guilty way too much to stand there feeling that he has wronged her. 

While getting to his pyjama,he felt slightly feverish once again. He eyed the thermometer by which he checked for it and that showed him that his temperature has slightly risen.It was like he was sick in mind body soul all three.The splitting headache that has started from the moment he was screaming from the door troubled him and he applied some balm on his forehead.Leaning to the wall and staring at his sona’s curled form who was deep asleep under their blanket he remembered how they all recorded a family video and sent sona just before he married her. It was a welcoming video just for the namesake, none of his sippys properly accepted this innocence and they have just waited giving her blames and letting her take blames that’s it.

Pyaar kiya hein tumse. Koi doormat nahi hoon mein samji.

He heard her voice.again.why does he now find her pain hidden in that. Why not heard it before.

I shouldn’t have questioned why did I marry her. I should have asked why did she marry me. A loser like me. Useless so called cardio surgeon. Who had no heart to love her enough.

He went and lay down next to her but with a distance. He felt like he doesn’t truely deserve her. She was too kind too innocent too caring too loving for him. Haan toh prenup chupaayi usse lekhar naraaz tha mein,but mein bhi chupaya rani ke baat usse.naaraz thi lekin kabhi itna hurt nahi kiya hein mujhe ye. Ulta mein paapa ke raaz bataakar rote wakt har naaraaz chod ke apne baahomein lekar mujhe sambhali iss ladki ne. Sona. Seriously why would you do this much for me.

He wanted to hug her and cry till he fall asleep. He really wanted to. Slowly he crawled down under the blanket she was tightly holding into and sending his arm around her waist he closed their distance and placed his chin on her shoulder which was partly covered by her hair which seemed still wet. Suddenly he felt as if his body was set ablaze sensing the temperature she had on her. He jolted up wondering if it was his fever.but if it was his,he would definitely have felt her cold against him. Confusingly,he took off that wet hair from her shoulder and placed his palm on her skin and then quickly on her forehead realizing that she was literally burning from fever. He quickly switched on the light to see sonakshi who was shivering,facing her back to him and the view made his breathing stop.


her name escaped him even before he thought and cringing in fear he turned her to face him and cupped her sleeping face.

“Shit...Sona...hey wake up....please aakhen kolo.” 

He begged fearing and that fear was over the was a fever but he felt like he was soon going to loose her for something. He felt like a breath was caught in his chest.

Sonakshi didn’t respond in words,but a slight inaudible sigh left her lips as she unconsciously hugged him tight searching for comfort.her hands travelled inside his tee clutching him tight and she mumbled something against his chest.

“Haan? kya boli? sona....what were you saying.”

He asked as tears over flew his brims while his hands rubbed her back.she sent both her legs around his long frame and hid her feet among his. She shivered uncontrollably and he was in a stream of panic that seemed to not stop.

“Sona...mein aaya hoon,mein hoon tumare paas. Calm down.”  

He kissed her shoulder which burnt against his lips.he shut his eyes tight,his wife was dead sick and he had no f**king idea.he cursed himself mentally. Yahaan wahaan har jagha follow karke mere khayal rakhne keliye koshish kiye hue ladki ki khayal rakhne keliye mein nahi the. Damn.


She was whispering.

“Haan....sona.kya hua kab fever hue tume....mujhe call kyun nahi kiya...hey...”

He tried to hold her face and made her open her eyes to see him but she was too weak for that. Closing her eyes she whispered something which he couldn’t hear well so he bent over so that his ear rested against her lips.

“Meri....paas....mat raho...tume....bhi bhukar hojayega...”

She was saying. He cupped her head for both his palms and started sobbing against her hair.

“Hone do mujhe bhi bhi hoga hone do mujhe....hamesha mere baaremein sochna bandh karo sona....ek baar apne baaremein toh soch lo.kamse kam ab eisa karo...” 

she smiled weakly.

“S...tubborn B..achche...”

He sniffed up seeing her like that.

“Rohit....mujhe.....chod lo....mein chali jaungi...mujhse shaadi karke,tume bohot takleef hua hein....mujhe property yaa paise kuch nahi....chahiye.agar tume tasalli m....ile toh wahi...bohot hein....”

“Don’t say that...” he started sobbing loudly.

“Don’t say that sona...please.i am sorry for all that.I was an ass.I am sorry sona...”

He begged her loudly. She took her right hand off his back and still having her eyes closed,brought it near his eyes weakly.tracing her shivering fingers up his stubble,she wiped his tears.

“ mat.p...please.i cannot....bear you crying.aur rote wakt...tum bohot ugly dikte hein.” 

She stammered.he grabbed her palm and kissed it over and over again,as it to say how sorry he is.

“Pagal.itna pyaar mat karo mujhse,itna pyaar karte bhi kyun ho mujhse tum.”

She was silent. And immobile.


He panicked.

“Sona uto. Hey.hey. Sona....sun rahi ho tum? Hey....sona.” 

He tapped her cheeks crazily. 

“Tak....chuki hoon mein apne...aapse rohit. Tum nahi tak chuke ho....mere saat rehe rehe kar..” she whispered again oddly. He took a deep sigh of relief as he heard her voice but what she asked broke him.

“Tak chuke hoon mein? Sona wo mujh poochna hein tumse. Itna takleef deti hoon mein aur hum sab tume. Tum nahi tak chuki hoon mere saat? Haan?” He whipsered planting kisses among her hair.

“i....can never be thinking like that.....tumse zyaada pyaar mein kissiko....nahi karti....”

He gathered her to his arms and sat on the bed and leaned to the bed rest. Taking her to his lap he made her upper body rest against him and secured her head against his chest.

“Lekin srif pyaar kaafi nahi...hote naa rohit. I always.toh tum teek...kehe rahe the. You need...a bloody divorce...Tum mujhe chod hi lo...rohit. Mujhe divorce.....”  he covered her lips from his palm. He hated to hear that from her then how would she have beared it when he said that to her before. 

“Tume jo bhi kehena hein kaho phir mujhe tume chod ne keliye mat kaho,tumari bina jeenkeliye mat kaho. Tumse dhoor honekeliye mat kaho. Mein marjayenge sona. I will die. I will die without you.” 

“shh....eisa nahi kehete...teek hein?!” 

She tried to stop him.

“Mujhe sab kuch pata chalgaya hein sona. Ajit ne bataya....aur tum inspector ke saat baat karte hue bi suna. I am sorry for all the bullshit i did there on stage. Pagal hogaya hoon mein...i am so damn sorry sona....i am so damn sorry for everything.”

He whispered caressing her back and cuddling her to himself like a little baby.

She was too weak to talk but she sighed against him. A sigh of relief he knew that.

“Sometimes mujhe lagta hein sona ki mere pyaar srif ek lafzon se hein....kitna kuch keheke tume yahaan le aaya,kitna welcoming kiya....lekin sach much meri parviaar aur mein tumne kya diya..dhard diya? Thappad maara? Dhamki dediya? Blame kardiya? Aur tum sab sehen ke jiya. Tume eisa kyun kiya mein ne? I mean....this is not the way i should have looked after you.”

A tear rolled down his cheek.

“Agar....tume pata hota ki mein sahi ho....tabbhi tum mujhe eisa treat karenge?” She asked and he felt her lips moving against his collarbone.

“Kabhi nahi.”

“Toh....bas.yehi hein. Kabhi....kabhi cheezein hamare haat mein nahi hote. Uss...wakt hue galti ke baremein baat karke kya faida. Rohit...har ek din....ek nayi shuruwaat karo...kya hua hein ussmein atakkein mat jiyo,kya karna hein aage usske baremein soch kar jiyo.jab tak humare saas chal rahe hein tab tak sab kuch teek karsakte hein hum.”

She whispered as her hand rubbed his chest up and down slowly.he rested his head on hers and took a deep breath as he felt soothed healed and comforted by the soul which he had always taken for granted. Never he will ever do that again, he promised himself that moment and he knew he was going to keep that promise till he is alive.They stayed in each other’s arms in silence, her hands rubbing his back and his arms holding her tightly against his frame. There was solace among them both like they have never had before.

“Chalo hum hospital chalte. Tumare tabiyat bilkul bhi teek nahi hein....”

He tapped her cheek asking her to open her eyes after a while.

“Doctor..... mere paas hi hein....mujhe kahi nahi jaana....” she cuddled to him not opening her eyes.

“Toh chalo.Ye wet hair ke saat so nahi sakte,come i will dry your hair. Move. Mein dryer leke aate hoon.” 

He rubbed her back.

“Mat jao.abhi abhi kehediya ki....mujhse dhoor nahi ho sakte.Toh....ab kyun...”

She asked in a helpless tone.

“Toh chalo, har jagah tume utaakar jaate hoon.”

He said getting up with her in his arms. She hid her face in his neck and weaved her legs around his torso and clinged to his shoulders tightly. He walked to find the dryer and plugged it from his left hand while he held her single handedly from other side. Then he slowly made her sit on the recliner and then she hugged his waist and leaned her head against his body. He dried her hair quickly and properly like someone who looks after a baby.

“Itne tez bhukar hote wakt cold shower kaun leta hein sona? Har jagha mere khayal rakhne aati hoon. Thoda soch lena chahiye ta....nahi? Tume to aadat hi nahi hein khud ke baare mein saraaza bi sochna....”

He complained running his fingers among her long locks as he was drying them. Too tired,she didn’t say anything but her lips curved to a smile hearing all this rants. Finishing his work, he called YK to bring him crocin. And just as he unplugged the dryer off he heard the knock YK did at their door. He wanted to go quickly get the medicine but sonakshi clinged to him. Again he took her to his arms and she crossed her legs behind him the same way he had carried her earlier. Then only he got a little conscious about what she wore. He had never seen her in this before and he definitely didn’t want anyone else to see her like that except him. Hence he slowly walked and opened the door to a decimal like gap.

“Tujhe ab bhi fever hein?” 

YK asked worriedly.

“Mujhe nahi.Sona bimar hein.”



YK didn’t fail to notice rohit’s red eyes and half dried tears through the tiny gap.

“Ye darwaasa achche so khol. Mujhe dekhna hein kya hua hein.”

YK said remembering how rohit threw her sarees away and fought with her the other day. Has anything worse happened today.

Rohit asked not to, but too late YK halfway entered and then quickly backed off understanding what was on rohit’s mind. His lips made a happy smile seeing how he saw Rohit carrying sonakshi in his arms like that.

“Meri wife bimar hein aur tume hassi aarahe hein YK?” Rohit asked annoyingly.

“Nahi bimar hoke bhi sab kuch teek hone jaa rahe hein. Iss wajeise hass rahi hoon.”

YK said throwing the crocin for rohit to catch and he did. YK left happily knowing that everything is going to go well now.

Rohit locked their room door and carried sonakshi to the bed.Putting her down slowly on bed,he made her drink the crocin and she followed his orders like a little one who was getting on and off the sleep from time to time.then he made her lie down and  came around to place himself next to her.She was still sleeping in the same way he placed her awhile ago, her back facing him. He moved closer to her and drew her to his arms and placed his chin on her shoulder again. And he felt her taking a deep sigh feeling him next to her.

“I am scared.”

He said. He honestly still was.


She asked slowly.

“Tum...teek ho jayengi na?”

He asked in a voice that was about to break down.

“B...hukar se hein kya log?”

“Shut up sona.”

She weakly laughed and her shaking shoulder made him understand it.

“Sawaal bhi...tum karte ho.sawaal ke jawaab se naraaz bhi hote ho....”

“Wo jawaab nahi tha.tum jawaab ke badlemein ek sawaal hi kardi hein sona.”

He said cuddling to her.She sent her hand back and tapped her palm against his stubble as if to console him. After a little pause he planted a kiss on her cheek.

“Badi....pyaar aate hein aapko iss gandi patient se...”

“Haan aate hein aur tum gandi nahi ho. Ab Mere baat sunenge?”

He asked impatiently and she gave a nod.

“Kese bardaaf kiya mujhe aur mere harkatein.”

“Rohit....pyaar karne log.... ki har ek harkatein bardaaf karna...wo toh sab karta hein...”

“Sab nahi karta.srif tumne kiya hein.”

“Eisa....nahi hein.”

“Eisa hi hein....mujhe dekhlo. Tume bardaaf karne bagair ulta tumse naaraz hochuke hoon.aur humiliate kar raha thaa aur thaane mar raha tha mein ne tume bas.”

“Sarroori....nahi hein ki both have... to have patience at once....kabhi mein kar rahi thi.... kyun ki meri jagah... alag thi. Ek din sarrorat padenge toh....mujhe yakesn hein ki....tum bhi karenge...”

He sent a leg over her body and locked her to his frame. And he decided to ask the question he had in mind from a long time.

“Mein jeise aadmi se shaadi kyun kiya hein tum sona....”

“ tum meri rohit sippy hoon. pyaari hein,nakhre bhi karte hein...gussa naak par hein...hyper hein....lekin jitna tez hyper ho jaate ho utna jaldi shaant bhi ho jaate hein.....dil ke bohot achche ho.aur tum tum hi ho. Kissike liye apne aapko badalte nahi ho....kuch karke kuch aur dikhaane waala nahi hoon tum. You are you....and i love that you.” 

He sighed at her weak voice.

“Itna hi hein?”

“Aur bhi hein lekin,chahakar bhi aaj baat nahi kar sate mein.... fever kuch zyaada hein meri issiliye...”

She made him smile.

“Mere taraf dekhengi tum?”

He begged.she slowly turned to him.

“Kuch hein jo mujhe badal sakte hein mujhmein? Tumare liye.”

He asked. She placed her index finger on his right side.

“Mere liye nahi.....apne liye,itna peena bandh karo doctor surgeon....liver ke liye....achcha nahi hota.” 

She started to smile and he followed, among the tears that had formed while listening to how much she had been loving him.

“Aur itna rona bhi...mat. You look sexy when you smile.” She said sending her hands around his neck and crossing her fingers behind his nape.

“Bolo ki tum mujhe chod ke nahi jaungi.” 

He pleaded her. She nodded.

“Kaagaz pe...sign karke dedu?”


“Kabhi nahi jaungi rohit.”

“Bolo ki tum ab bhi mujhse pyaar karti hein? Karti hein na?”

She drew her close to him.

“Marte hi dum tak srif aur srif tume pyaar  karungi.”

He rested his forehead on hers.

“Aur kuch bhi kehedu?” She asked.

“What?” He asked.

“har ek janam ek leech ke tarha tumse chipakke pyaar karungi.”

“Wo mere dialogue hein, tum kuch aur doondo tumari pyaar ki extent dikhaane mein.”

He complained rubbing his stubble against her yet warm cheeks. But he was glad that her temperature was going down.

He looked at those beautiful eyes she owned,the big brown eyes that could always melt him from within.

“Tumari ye fever attire hamesha peheno na....kaafi sexy lagti hoon.” He whispered with a smirk.

“Ek Patient ke saat ab flirting shuru mat karo.” She smiled rubbing her thumbs against his cheeks. Her smile was infectious. He couldn’t resist how beautiful she looked.

“Can i kiss you?”

He asked abruptly.

“What!?” She asked.

“Can i?”


“Lips. Aur kahaan? Oh.....wait you needed me to kiss somewhere else?”

“You are the should know where to kiss when your wife has fever taaki tume mujhse fever infect naa ho.”

“Baad mein gaye fever wo toh mujhe bhi already hein.”

“Kya?! Kabse.” 

He held her wrist softly,trying to take her lips in his but she covered his lips with her hand. And then placed her lips atop her palm and winked with a smile.

“You are a damn turn on.ek tho mujhe kiss karne nahi deti aur dusri taraf almost kiss karti.”

“we kiss the first time now and next day you are down with fever.not happening Dr.rohit.”

She said rolling her eyes.

“Toh kahi aur chalega? Not on lips but you know.iss strappy top se bohot kuch dekha jaa sakte hein.” 

He teased and earned a slight hit on his arm.he smiled and hugged her tighter.

“It’s cold.” She said.

“Laao AC bandh kar dete.” He tried to take the remote at her side but she held his hand.

“Can we cuddle and sleep?”

“Of course paagal.”

“Eise nahi....”


“Tee shirt utaro.” 

“What?!” He asked shocked at her bold words.

“Utaro,mujhe body heat chahiye,it’s a medical requirement.” She said naughtily and he smirked.taking the tee shirt off he threw it aside and she cuddled to him.

“tumari bhi utaardu? Mujhe bhi medical requirement lena hein.” 

“Rohit.” She threatened him falsely when his fingers ran up inside her strapp top from the back.

He kissed her forehead. 

“Get well soon,wifey.” He said.

“Get well soon,patidev.” She chuckled as her lips planted a surprise kiss on his chest.

He bent over removing one strap of her top and placed his lips somewhere at her shoulder. They cuddled tight and fell asleep as every misunderstanding came to a halt that night. Happy times were there again.

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Wasuuuu... smiley31smiley31

This was such a wonderful piece of work... smiley42smiley9

Right from their inhibitions to face each other to their cuddling and sleeping to the fear Rohit had of loosing her,to the sigh of relief he had after seeing her.....❤💘💕💞💞💕 

Everything was just sooo perfect...💞💕💕❤❤💘💘 

I sooo wish.. Serial mein bhi woh sun leta.. But nvm.. I imagined it here.. Nd it couldn't have been more beautiful... ❤💕💕💞😍😍

The last part where she asks him to remove his tee shirt and he does so.. Nd the kisss.. Hayeeesmiley42.. It wasss sooo heartwarming... smiley42smiley42smiley43smiley9

These two good balls... Nd stubborn bachas... 😍💕💞❤💘💕💕  (nazar na lage ❣❣) 

I wish I could pick up one scene... But there are several such scenes which was soo soo soo beautiful.. Nd picking one would do injustice to the other.. I thoroughly enjoyed it... It was beautifully captured... smiley42smiley42smiley42

What awesome piece of work! I loveeddd it.. 💕💕❤💞💞😍😍 

Dil ka dariya beh hi gaya.. Ishq ibadat ban hi gaya.. Khudko mujhe tu saunp de.. Meri zaroorat tu bangaya... 

This is what I had playing in my mind at the end of this story... 

Keep writing more such pieces... It's just marvelous!💕 💞❤💕💕

Love, hugs and tc ❤smiley31

Alu 😘😘

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Awesome os

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loved it smiley27

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I love you!!!! It was awesome! I hope you keep on writing like this! Amazing stuff. Emotions, angst,love.....aur kya chahiye Ronakshi sesmiley41smiley42smiley2

I had written a fic on Ronakshi long back in wattpad. It is named "Fallen Angels". You can get it under the Ronakshi tag. Because im a newbie i can't post the link. So please check if u want and comment....smiley17

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Originally posted by sohit-mishbir

Wasuuuu... smiley31smiley31

This was such a wonderful piece of work... smiley42smiley9

Right from their inhibitions to face each other to their cuddling and sleeping to the fear Rohit had of loosing her,to the sigh of relief he had after seeing her.....❤💘💕💞💞💕 

Everything was just sooo perfect...💞💕💕❤❤💘💘 

I sooo wish.. Serial mein bhi woh sun leta.. But nvm.. I imagined it here.. Nd it couldn't have been more beautiful... ❤💕💕💞😍😍

The last part where she asks him to remove his tee shirt and he does so.. Nd the kisss.. Hayeeesmiley42.. It wasss sooo heartwarming... smiley42smiley42smiley43smiley9

These two good balls... Nd stubborn bachas... 😍💕💞❤💘💕💕  (nazar na lage ❣❣) 

I wish I could pick up one scene... But there are several such scenes which was soo soo soo beautiful.. Nd picking one would do injustice to the other.. I thoroughly enjoyed it... It was beautifully captured... smiley42smiley42smiley42

What awesome piece of work! I loveeddd it.. 💕💕❤💞💞😍😍 

Dil ka dariya beh hi gaya.. Ishq ibadat ban hi gaya.. Khudko mujhe tu saunp de.. Meri zaroorat tu bangaya... 

This is what I had playing in my mind at the end of this story... 

Keep writing more such pieces... It's just marvelous!💕 💞❤💕💕

Love, hugs and tc ❤smiley31

Alu 😘😘


Mwaaaah first, since I cannot say thank you. Hugs and kisses for adoring my work and appreciating me so that I can push myself to do better.smiley9

Kaash eisa kuch serial mein bhi ho jaata. Something where he starts regretting and worries for loosing her. Not like I will enjoy rohit in pain,but still a little worry for her and an apology smiley42 dekte hein.

Nazar of course naa lage dono stubborn bachches kosmiley41

Arey wo song.the same that played when the tattoo scene came up.smiley43 I am touched remembering that now.

Again,pappis for loving my work.

I love you. Tussi jaa rahe ho aaj se? Time mile toh waapas aajanasmiley19 I will miss you.smiley10smiley6smiley1

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Thank you so so so so muchsmiley31

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Posted: 5 months ago

May I call you nimu smiley42

Thank you sooo much nimuuusmiley27smiley31smiley40

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Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 

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