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Episode begins with Police arresting Parul for conniving with Mehul in money laundering case .All are shocked but can do nothing to stop police . 

Abir Meenu fierce  confrontation follows ....Meenu is against Mishti n blames her for getting Mehul, for Ketu’s broken alliance n revealing Kunal’s truth .. Abir disagrees n retorts that it was because of Mishti mehul was behind the bars , Ketaki’s life was saved from undesirable alliance ..and Kunal was more confident n independent now . Meenu asks Zabir to marry the girl of her choice ... by a registered marriage the same evening if he wanted to see Parul out of jail . Abir is shocked .

Kuhu n Mishti keep waiting for non appearing Abir .. Mishti makes uo her mind energy again to wait for Abir ..she decides to go to NGO with Nishant instead .. there Nishant states that Mishti still loved Abir ..but she corrects him by saying it was no point waiting for something that’s no more available .. she assures she would never betray Nannu .

At RH all,family members try to persuade Meenu to change her mind but she remain adamant .
in Jail Parul pleads Abir not to give in to what ever BB was demanding n never ever tk give up loving Mishti . 
Kuhu berates Abir for his non appearance but later sympathises  with him learning what drama BB did with Abir n Parul .

She offers her full support to Abir to help him win Mishti  back 


At Mishti’s wedding she is dancing merrily at the beats of dhol when Zabir disguised as dhol waala confronts her n pleads her to give him a patient hearing ..she is angry n refuses .. Abir then threatens her of dire consequences if he showed his face to BP ...  Mishti gets scared .

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good morning girlzzzz smiley31

suta thank you for the thread smiley31

Naina wont be able to do LU today so i'll be doing itsmiley4 

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Morning/Evening ladies!

Diyu to the rescue! Yay!!!

Thanks Suta for the thread!!


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Originally posted by LetThereBeLight

good morning girlzzzz smiley31

suta thank you for the thread smiley31

Naina wont be able to do LU today so i'll be doing itsmiley4 

Thank you Diya...😊😊

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argggg hotstar is testing my patience still no update smiley7

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Meenakshi's shocking Ultimatum smiley36

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Originally posted by LetThereBeLight

Meenakshi's shocking Ultimatum smiley36

What's new smiley36

Meenu is so dramatic. Her regular tone of talking is also no less than an ultimatum smiley29

Related image

But I really want to see her choice of gaay bahu for Abir... comic relief in this intense episode smiley36

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Abir asks meenu what he needs to do so parul maasi doesnt go to jail but meenu asks police to take parul away, parul tries pleading to meenu, kunal n says only meenu knows about all this not her but meenu says she knows everthing about mehul kapadia n if enquired properly police will get the needed proof from parul... 

Abir "please stop it maa, i know you want something from me not parul maasi so say what you want"

maamu tries to talk to meenu but nidhi stops him n says bb knows what she is doing.. 

police takes away parul... kunal asks meenu why is she doing all this meenu replies she didnt do anything only mehul n parul did n stops naanu from going n says he cant do anything going there as its a non bailable warrant... 

kunal says he will take naanu n both goes out....

Abir asks atleast now say what is the bait what does he need to do... 

meenu "mai meenakshi rajvansh dont threaten anyone but will do things which will make my son understand everything... so meenakshi rajvansh is not pagal, if mishti comes to this house then" (she says something like khaj dilegi i dont know the meaning) Abir is shocked hearing it.. 

Rupal Patel Shaheer Sheikh Ritvik Arora Kaveri Priyam

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