•KSG/Mr BAJAJ AT20 Au Revoir•

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Kuch baatein aisi hai jo main aapse kabhi nahin keh paaya,

I know ab yeh baat matter nahi karthi, lekin agar main aapse kahoon ki

Main aapse pyaar karne laga hoon , I love you , Prerna 

Kyunki aap hi se seekha hai maine pyaar kya hota hai,

Kaise apne pyaar ke khushi ke liye, apni khushi Qurbaan kar dete hai 

Aap ne apne pyar ke liye apni khushi sacrifice ki hai 

Aur ab main aap ke liye apne aap ko sacrifice kar raha hoon , aapko free karke ,

Aapko aapke pyaar se milaake 

but, I Love you aur yeh pyaar hamesha rahega 

Bhagwaan kare ki aapke pyaar ko kabhi kisi ki nazar naa lage

A selfish man's selfless act of sacrificing his love.

Its not a farewell but Au Revoir.  

page is heavy let it load

Welcome to the 20th appreciation thread for the most handsome guy...


He has been appreciated for his mind blowing performances in shows like Dil Mil Gaye, Qubool Hai and many others. He has hit movies too like Hate Story 3 and Alone. With BOSS Baap Of Special Services, KSG debuts in the digital platform which has turned out to be a SUPERHIT, with Aadat in cards and BOSS 2 already announced we cant wait for his upcoming projects. Also Mr Bajaj grabbed him another feather in cap, The BEST VILLAIN, GOLD AWARDS.

He is a personality to remember smiley16





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Social Media

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Iamksgofficial/

Twitter - https://twitter.com/Iamksgofficial

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/iamksgofficial 

DIALOGUE Archive Thread : 

Mr Bajaj's Iconic dialogues Collection 


Rishabh Bajaj/PreRish Videos Library

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Karan Singh Grover

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